Amazon’s ??NEW WORLD MMO 7 ISSUES THAT MAY ARISE (Mega-Discussion, Beta & Launch, Expectations)


Alright, now it’s time for some tough love. What’s going on everybody and welcome back to another day in Aeternum. This time around we’re going to be having a very important discussion about what to expect from New World MMO. I just want to start off by saying as a disclaimer that nothing we talk about in this video is a gurantee to happen during the game’s beta phase and launch, but after so long of going through the same cycle when it comes to game launches where we will go into these with in-sane levels of excitement, I think calmly talking about this sort of thing and keeping it in the back of our heads will make for a much healthier approach into this game and might also assist with our gameplay longevity in it. And what I’m talking about are the issues that may arise when we finally get our hands on Amazon’s very own New World MMO. A big reason we’re going to be talking about this as well is because due to the changes that we’ve seen to the core functions of the game, whether it’s the PVP system or PVE and other mechanics we’ve learned about.


The shift in opinions about the game have been major, to the point of a lot of people either starting to get more interested in the game and dive right into it, or those that have written it off entirely because of what they feel it caters to. Because of this, it’s very likely that once we get into both the beta phase and launch, this game will be under a mega-huge microscope. And things that would normally be classified as minor issues in other games, could end up be judged very differently. For example on the very first day, games in this genre are notorious for having incredibly bad launch days and although we have seen some fairly smooth ones, it’s usually a roll of the dice whether game-breaking bugs, server crashes, or optimization issues might just rear their ugly heads.


In this game – because of the company behind it being Amazon, and how they’ve changed it from the previous version. Something as simple as multiple game crashes or the server being down for 6 hours could cause someone to write the game off for the next few years to come. And of course no one is obligated to continue to deal with issues of this magnitude but if you go into these titles with balanced expectations, you’re probably going to be easier able to hold out until these types of issues get fixed, or roll with the punches until a couple patches start rolling through.


Over the past few years, we’ve had numerous titles that have launched in very bad or semi-bad states, and quite a few of these never got fixed or even made an attempt to improve themselves based on player feedback, or maybe they didn’t have the money that’s neccessary to do so. But there were titles that may or may not have started out in a bad state that over time had completely transformed themselves into the Titans that we know today.


I can slightly but well enough remember the problems we had in Elder Scrolls Online when it came to Cyrodill pvp during it’s launch, whether it was the optimization issues or balancing, it definitely had it’s fair share in a few aspects of the game itself. And other titles were no different. Final Fantasy 14 originally started out as being a game that was largely dismissed by the gaming community, and yet they managed to conduct without any doubt in my mind, one of the best MMO shutdowns in all of our gaming history. And despite what praises or issues anyone might have with that game, it’s story-based content and player vs environment raiding experience has earned it’s place in many people’s hearts. And not just those games, guild wars 2, Albion Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, a lot of them have had both severe and minor issues during their releases that collectively drove many many players away.


And yet still they stand. And for me, Vanilla World of Warcraft was one of the first massively multiplayer experiences I ever had, after I had finished falling in love with Runescape back in the early 2000s, and decided to jump out there into the gaming space to see what else it could offer. During this time I heavily regard it as the golden age of MMOs because of the sheer amount of games we had in this genre to choose from, I remembered all my special experiences and all the people I met in games like Mabinogi, or Age of Wushu under leading the Hattori guild, the alpha, beta, and first few weeks of Archeage’s original launch or Pirates of the Carribbean Online even, and in between all of those there were countless more.


But overtime myself and a lot of others I’m sure had grown tired of how after all those good times, we started to fall prey to the worst experiences imaginable. Several different games with lazy development or heavy influence microtransactions or outright pay to win, they all started to show their ugly heads. And they took advantage of whole lot of players in this genre that were just itching for more of those good times. This left a lot of us in states of being pessemistic or distrust. It was harder to trust developers and sometimes, even after the game would launch and we would see the reviews, months down the line they could completely flip on their own heads and end up dying because of it. That’s why when we look at a game like New World MMO, that’s a big part of the reason why you would see all of these gamers act the way they do.


Whether it be in a very hopeful or hyped manner, or even in one that may seem hostile to the naked eye. And even if they’re new to the genre entirely it could be very hard to tell the difference between them and the rest. But the first part of the truth is, those players that have spent years hoping for something more, or to get that golden age back, AND the players that might look at a title, and bash it or write it off without trusting the game for one reason or another. There’s a lot of different justifiable reasons for both sides of these. And after all this time I feel like I can truly understand that, because I’ve also been on both sides of that front, maybe not as actively on one side or the other, but I’ve been there too. But the other side of this truth like I mentioned in my 2020 upcoming MMOs video, if we want to be able to trust these developers again or we want a shot at getting the golden age of MMORPGs and MMOs back, then every single one of these upcoming titles deserves a chance from us.


And this should be something we should strive to give them. These games are supposed to be here for our enjoyment, that’s the most basic reason why we all became gamers. Whether it was to escape our own realities no matter how bad or good, or if we just needed something to fill the hours of our days. That’s what these games are supposed to be here for.


And the developers that make them are people who either wanted to capitalize on that, or these are people who want to do everything in their power to continue to provide that experience for us. And it will be very important in these coming years for us to remember that. Just as food for thought. But the discussion we’re going to be having today will solely be tied to New World. At this point we’ve received A LOT of different details about how the game and it’s mechanics will function. I know that some may feel that we still don’t have enough or they are simply hungry for more, but me personally I feel like we’ve received more than enough information to know what we’re getting into.


And because of that, we’ve had plenty of discussions of how the game will work, and how great it would be to see certain features that have worked in other titles in this game’s future. But the one thing I feel we also need to talk about, is the issues that may arise. These issues will be viewed differently by everyone, some may not find them as detrimental to the game’s future as others, or may even consider them minor. But in other people’s cases they could very well be game breaking. And ultimately if we jump into this game knowing that these are possibilities that could in fact take time to tweak or fix or might effect the game, it might end up being much better as opposed to not expecting or thinking about them at all. So from what we know so far from public information, it’s time for us to dive into these topics. Without further delay, let’s go ahead and talk about the 7 minor or major issues that could arise during the game’s beta or launch phase. [break] The first and probably one of the most important topics we’ll cover in this video is going to be – Balancing Issues.


This one right here is probably one of the worst of the bunch. Probably one that both players and developers hate just as much as one could possibly imagine. The thing with balancing is that it ties into not only PVP content but also PVE. And not only is this something that you have to worry about when the game first comes out, but this bastard of an issue will stick with the game throughout it’s entire lifespan and throughout a lot of our playtimes. And on top of that – sometimes changes that are made to balancing for Player-Vs-Environment based content, might just end up messing something else entirely on the Player-vs-Player side.


And vice versa. That’s why this one seems to be one of the hardest to get right. And Amazon’s New World MMO will probably be no different in this regard. Especially because – and we’ll touch some more on this later, when you have people testing your game, whether it’s in an alpha state, or you have teams of Quality Assurance, or even Beta phases. Having 10s or Hundreds of players testing things out at any given moment can end up being massively different from having thousands. Especially when all of those thousands think in different ways and break or explore options that you may never have thought of. And from what we’ve seen from New World’s combat so far, we know that it’s action combat, the aiming system for the bows and muskets will come down to skill just like our melee based counterparts.


But anytime you’re dealing with an attribute system like this game does have, or you have skill trees or weapon trees to be exact, there’s always going to be combinations that are much more powerful, and those that are much much weaker. Whose to say for instance that a humongeous ground pound like this from a warhammer wont one or two shot you, or getting a spear tossed at you wont leave your character feeling like a stuck pig depending on the person’s attribute build. There’s a lot of possibilities that could happen here and we might even see things like builds that are completely unkillable due to tankiness or skill choices. In PVE there could be weapons that are completely useless for fighting in comparison to others, and it could be to the point where every single person disregards one choice of weapon in favor of that other. And as a result it could end up cutting the grind time down by a whole whole lot. This is something that we will have to watch out for because with all of these new weapon additions that we’ve seen and from what we’ve learned, when these weapons are first coming in and still being tweaked, there’s no telling which ones will end up performing the best, or worst, or even having ridiculous results to the point of being overpowered.


The next one is probably one that could be in the middle between major and minor, depending on whose looking at it. But it’s just as important as the rest of them and in some cases is very much expected from newly released games. And that is the amount of PVE and PVP content. Now it’s true that we already know of quite a few different content pieces we’ll be coming across in this game, to name a few – we’ve seen on the PVE side – the Arenas, the Corrupted Breaches, The Questing, Town Projects, PVE and PVP Faction Missions, and more. And on the PVP side we will have the territory war and open world opt in PVP but it’s no secret that on both of the game, that many people feel like it might not be enough. We are now in an age of gaming where some players have more than enough time in their day to max out their characters in the span of a week in most MMOs. And with what’s going on currently in the world, having the time to do this will be a lot more likely than before.


And what that means is the game will need to not only have enough content to supply the players at end-game, but even to get to that point it needs to be something that offers variety and enjoyment for the player the majority of the way through to it. On the PVE side you can certainly expect it to be a grind, most games in this genre are made up of repetitive grind or at least have some sort of repitition during the leveling process. And with sandbox titles this is something that should be expected even more. Take a game like Eve Online, Mortal, Albion, all these games and if you were to jump into them right now, on a fresh character.


The time it would take for you to cap out on progression in a modern traditional MMO would most likely pale in comparison to something you would see in games like those. So far Amazon Game Studios does seem to want to hold true to the sandbox elements of the game which is great to see, but what this means is despite what you may have seen or experienced before, the leveling process having a lot of grind in this game might just be something you should expect to happen. When we get into the game there’s no gurantee if we’ll have access to the Invasion System right off the bat or some of the other features that we’ve talked about previously, those might take time to implement so this is something that we should keep in the back of our minds as something that could arise. And it’ll be important to find things to do in game to continue being productive or having fun, or at the very least I would try to keep looking back if this game turned out to not have enough for you to enjoy right off the bat.


For PVP this will be just as important. We already know that the PVP system has in fact been changed to now feature open world OPT in PVP. And that it’s no secret that there are players who are okay with the changes, and also those who are against it. But all in all, there will be people that will look solely for the PVP experiences in this game. And we have talked about speculation or suggestions for the future that Amazon Game Studios may be able to take despite the open world PVP aspect being no longer apart of their vision for the game. We’ve talked about them implementing things like PVP arenas, PVP Battlegrounds, Leaderboards that offer rewards to the players with the best stats for player vs player fighting or even something like an honor vendor. And the reason I suggest this is because even if you don’t have open PVP in your game, there will still be players that would love nothing more than to log on at 8 in the morning, and fight other people till 8 in the evening on that same day.


Even if you put PVP objectives in the open world that players could fight over in their respective factions, it could be just a circle on the map that turns into a deathmatch once you enter it and players have to fight for rewards or just fight in general with their factions or teammates. Even that would be something that could satisfy that side of players. And ultimately how they’ve described the territory wars thus far, I don’t believe that everyone will have the opportunity to experience these at all times. Especially if the attacking company is on your same faction and the slots are full, since it’s only 50 versus 50 total after alll. And for quite a bit of people this might end up being very crushing to lose the opportunity to participate in what seems to be the best part of the PVP experience for New World.


And this also ties into what I talked about in a previous video on how you should never time gate PVP activites, by basically requiring that players be on at a certain time to be able to experience them. This is an aspect that should be going on all day long if your game caters to both sides. Because since anyone can just go out and experience the player-vs-environment side of the game anytime they want to, isn’t it fair for the people that like Player vs Player content to be given that same opportunity? But no matter what, whether we do or don’t get a lot of options on both sides of the content. This is something that can always be added over time. And it’s going to be very important for us as the players to suggest improvements and additions to these types of content until they happen. Make extra sure to keep this in mind. The next topic will probably sound like a no-brainer to some people and might even easily fit into the minor category since it’s almost a gurantee with launch and testing phases.


But this one is – The Bugs and Glitches. In this one I wanted to also expand over the optimization and server performance because this one seemed to be the best category to throw them in. Now like we said before though, even though games in this genre are notorious for having issues during their launch and testing phases with server performance and things related to it, it’s no secret that Amazon has access to some extremely powerful hardware on this front. So it’s hard to say whether we can expect frequent server crashes but it’s something we should never rule out because yet again, hundreds of players testing this game is going to be far far different than thousands being in it.


And that could also effect the optimization overall. Luckily though we wont have to worry about terraforming because in some sandboxes when you have all those players queuing up all those different interactions at the same time, it could end up putting a super heavy strain on the game and it’s servers as a result. Saw a lot of this happening with Life is Feudal. It did happen a lot on the survival game version of it where player servers were smaller and with less power. But even in the MMO version we had entire server grids going down and sometimes a really good amount of lag because of stuff like this. The previous alpha of New World ran pretty well though for myself and a good chunk of others, so all things considered, hopefully they’ve made improvements or kept it running in about the same place once we get into the beta phase of the game.


The bugs and glitches on the other hand, that’s just something I feel is bound to happen. We might get stuck in rocks or have a tough time with monsters glitching out or our own characters, might see UI issues pop up or camera based ones, maybe even ones that effect our gameplay. Even though there is currently a closed alpha phase going on and I’m sure they’re getting a lot of feedback from it, when the actual game comes into play with all the huge amount of us running around in there. I have no doubt in my mind that a lot of us might end up breaking something here and there, or that new bugs and glitches will pop up as patches and content gets added from that point on.


But just like any game, this is yet another one that can be resolved given time, and hopefully with enough dedication and skill from the dev team, this might even be one of the least things that we’ll have to worry about. For the fourth topic we start to get into a bigger discussion on the game’s mechanics and how we might be impacted by the new system we’ll be experiencing in New World. And this one has to do with a possible imbalance of the Factions.


So what we know currently is that there’s 3 factions we can choose between, and we get the option to join one upon reaching level 10 in the game. The faction system ties heavily into the territory war system and allows us to fight with others in our faction to claim settlements and set taxation accordingly for the players. When a territory is not already claimed, we can visit the location to pay a fee and obtain it but anytime a company or guild gets made, it gets solely tied to the faction that the leader is apart of. And everyone that’s interested in joining that company or guild needs to join that faction as well. And in terms of attacking other territories, we’ll need to do what’s called PVP missions to start gaining influence for our faction in the region so it can be thrown into a state where we can attack it.


The part where this could get a little messy is where the sizes of the factions come in. Factions being imbalanced is something that seems like it’s bound to happen at one point or another for games that offer this system. You’d see it of course in a game like World of Warcraft with Alliance vs Horde. Or maybe even in one like Blade and Soul or especially Elder Scrolls Online. Maybe one month down the line the Aldmeri Dominion capitalizes on their sheer numbers and takes over all the keeps in Cyrodill, and then claims emperorship for their top player as a result. In these scenarios the other two factions will usually band together to take down the top dogs or maybe the top and mid faction may ally to bully the lowest faction into submission, or the tables turn by natural means.


It’s an endless cycle for the most part but one thing to note about New World is that this might actually have a bigger impact on the players than expected. And just in case you didn’t remember, we will in fact have a tax system available for the settlements where we will pay regularly for a few different things. One seems related to crafting, another for refining, and also of course housing. And the last one appears to be related to trading. These are set by the governing companies and those companies act as proxies for the faction as a whole.


One of the concerns that have been brought up in the community is the fact that we can live together with enemy faction players but this may end up proving to be something that’s not as worrisome as it may sound. But taxation might play a big part in this because if a faction gets too powerful and decides to attack a specific area or set of them, there may not be anything to stop them from inflating the taxes to hinder the residents that live in that area. And they could equally refuse to continue the upkeep for those lands along with letting the invasions of the horde waltz right in. And normally if you were to let the horde win, this would be very bad as it would incur real penalties for your territory just like crafting benches or crafting levels being downgraded. But for an enemy faction to do it to a settlement that you live in, this could be used as a tactic of war.


And since we only get roughly about 1000-2000 players per server, depending on how many territories we get at the start, one faction may be able to easily multi-attack different ones and mass-downgrade the one they get to hinder that faction down. It has been said though that there will be systems in place that will work against that where the most underpopulated factions will have bonuses that make them feel more like underdogs as opposed to being out for the count.


And on the other side of that, the more territories a faction has means that they will also get bonuses or rewards that may give them an edge in one way or another. This is something to keep in mind though because there will be many ways to combat this like players banding together to fight against the oppressive tactics but from what they’ve described from this system, early on it could very well be vulnerable to abuse while they’re working these systems into place.


And if we’ve learned anything from the past, the history of sandbox games gets built over months if not years at a time, and the stories for those who rise up to take on the mantle of tyranny a lot of times don’t end so well for them. And whether it’s in real life or in an online game, if you believe in something or want to protect your virtual way of life, sometimes there will be a need to fight for it. From what I’ve seen so far, I haven’t really seen a lot of Advertisements on Youtube or Twitch when it comes to this game. They have had a lot of media coverage of course but it feels like they haven’t even scratched the surface of what they could do to push this game as a product, out to people. So what I feel like is going to happen is that when the beta comes around or launch even, a lot of the people that go live on that specific purple platform are going to come over to this one. Even if they don’t know what it is, I’ve got a feeling that just by the look of the game alone, it has the potential to pull a lot of eyes to it.


And because of this, you’ll see the servers get flooded upon flooded with people running around and interacting with the game world. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about mob density in the highest level zones but I have a strong feeling that the newbie zones and even the mid tier zones are going to be getting torn up constantly. Even with a server cap of 1000-2000. I do hope that Amazon has prepared for this sort of thing and so far, it does seem like they are taking precautions such as showcasing new territories that we haven’t yet seen before in previous diaries, like the region Mourningdale and Cutlass Keys that we saw just recently. One thing that would help with this if they haven’t done it already is setting up multiple spawn zones so that everyone isn’t all crammed into one area. But overall, we’re just going to have to see where they decide to go with this one.


But if it starts getting out of hand, I suspect they’ll be working fast to tweak this system so that players can have faster respawns or more mobs to work with. And for the second to last one, this is the other side of density issues that you would see in games and that is Resource Density. Now this one I feel might have a slightly bigger impact at later levels than the mob density, and this is because when it comes to resources, usually at higher levels you’ll start getting into the territory of witnessing some pretty long respawn timers for these things.


Some games might put a system in place where you have to compete with other players through the form of open world PVP to secure the end-game resources, and that gives you the opportunity to defend the spawns of them if you have the power and time to do so. But for various reasons, New World does not have this feature. And sometimes, even as little as 1-4 players could make a big enough impact on resource density in an area to completely wipe out all the nodes until the next respawn. So even with only having 1-2 thousand players per server in New World, if the game ends up pooling everyone into the exact same places when it comes to the highest leveled zones, it’s possible that we could see huge droughts for quite a while when it comes to securing the materials we need to support the crafters.


There are some solutions however on how they can work to resolve an issue like this, and one of them is allowing us to farm crafting materials off of mobs and monsters themselves. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of course, because that might make gathering the resources feel almost non-important at that point. But being able to gather a good chunk of our resources and money through grinding mobs could alleviate the stress it would put on gatherers. And just like with getting to end-game progression, it’s better to have multiple ways of getting to the destination, even if some are tedious and boring, than to have just one single method of getting to it that some people may or may not want to do.


Hopefully this will be something we wont have to worry too much about and if they needed to, I would be glad to see something along the lines of being able to buy materials from NPC merchants, even if it’s a limited feature. It seems like we will of course have access to a trading market that we can probably buy and sell these things from, but making use of NPC traders could also help further alleviate this concern.


And that leads me to the final issue that may arise during the game’s beta or launch phase, and that’s the economy issue. And unlike the last two topics, this one has to do with just about everything. The money, the resources, the gear, all that fun stuff that’s going to build the backbone of our experience. And this one could certainly be as important of an issue as any other. One thing we’ve touched on many times already is how because the game is now going a different route when it comes to the open world PVP, we are going to be stepping into an alltogether different environment. One of the reasons for this is like we said before, a lot of these resources will now be uncontested.


So players will be able to safely gather everything whether it’s a simple node of iron or an endgame node of orichalcum. What this means is that players could potentially reach that peak of endgame crafting much faster than they could have if they needed to fight for these resources. And my biggest fear if I had to talk about at least one for this game, would be what happened when Legends of Aria went down this same route. Granted this is a whole other game, dev team, and beast altogether, but what happened in that one is that at almost the last minute, the open world PVP aspect was changed. What followed from my eyes as one of the people that played that launch, was that a whole lot of people were able to skyrocket in progression almost to the point of it being scary.


I saw house plots being bought almost the same day that it was launched and people being able to farm and grind endgame resources within the span of 24 hours. Fast forward a week from that point and houses were being built like crazy with resources in the starting zones being incredibly scarce while players were selling almost any and all gear pieces you would need on their plots of land. Because of this, market prices started to shoot down because players will of course always try to undermine other people’s pricing to make a sale. Just like they should. But the rate at which this all happened seemed like it did a lot more harm to the game than good. And this is something I would certainly not want to happen to New World. There are of course ways to help with this like making the progression enough of a grind so that not everyone will have the patience to reach those heights, and therefore reaching that max level of progression will take longer.


But I’m sure there has to also be better ways to go about balancing the economy part of this. I do think players should progress through these professions without feeling like it’s too tedious even for someone who enjoys that kind of thing, but I would hope that they have systems in place or a content plan laid out so that we don’t run into a stopgap almost right away. And as we talked about in the beginning, these are all issues that can be fixed with a little Tender-love-and a whole lot or a little amount of patching.


But I wanted to make sure we had this conversation before the game went into it’s testing phase, it’s important to be prepared for these scenarios so that we might be a little bit more patient with the devs so that they can take what they need to fix from our feedback, and do what needs to be done to make this game capable of becoming something more than we’ve had in the recent years. And these are things that I would love to not happen at all, and that goes for all the upcoming titles. But these are the harsh realities of MMOs and if we want that golden age back, it’s about time we started doing our best to help deal with them. I don’t want us to continue this cycle of hype after hype and game jump after game jump, if it just means that in all that downtime we feel empty or envious of those who have already found their favorite games of this genre and are able to stick with them for months or even years at a time.


Or just be able to have fun with them. For me personally, I’m ready to break that wheel within myself. And stay focused for once. In conclusion though, please let me know how you feel about this discussion and if you think any or all of these issues are minor or major ones. Let me know if you think these are issues that could arise or if you don’t expect them to happen in the slightest. I’ll read through as much of it as I possibly can. And with that folks, thank you all again for taking the time to check out this video and I hope you all have a wonderful night or day.


And farewell..

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