Amazon’s ⛰️NEW WORLD MMO ALPHA 3 CHANGES BREAKDOWN #2 (Combat, Healing & Threat, Elite Mobs)


Well hello there, we are back again to tackle some news of Aeternum. to continue on trying to be more transparent about the game changes, today Amazon Game Studios has released another set of patch notes for the zone we recently covered – known as Reekwater. We got the chance first hand to experience a lot of this, but I still love doing a deep dive into each individual change. So let’s get right to this… Starts off of course by introducing the new zone, giving a brief description of what we can expect – it’s a level 58-60 zone which is also where I would probably get to before I entered, but you might be ok to travel in some parts of this as early as level 55.

Alongside the zone we also get the new addition of fishing, some new changes to the threat system, the AI in general, and more. The next part consists of a small spotlight of the zone’s lore. Reekwater is known as the place where Life and Death shake hands, considered by it’s builders to be the new Venice of the island. This area and the hope of it’s future were quickly shattered upon the arrival of the Siren queen. Her reach stretched across most of reekwater, even as her and the crew became lost. This entire spotlight seems to speak as if the Siren queen is still alive and active.

She must be. We didn’t get an opportunity to see her directly in the preview event, but there’s only a few places I can think of off the bat where she might be. As you probably saw, during the end of my time I was able to discover that there is actually an arena inside of Reekwater. Now it says there’s a spriggan in there, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that ended up just being a placeholder, and the true boss we fight is the queen herself. Now after that, a more likely area she might actually be is just below her giant statute in the spine. Just below where I was able to reach in the event, I noticed this wide open area that seems perfect for a boss fight.

I didn’t see any way to get to the very top of her monument, so I’m thinking they might just place her here instead, unless we discover her another way… After that though, we get a small update on the story quests that reekwater will provide. We’ll be encountering new quests and NPCs that lead us on a path to discover the origins of these Azoth infused waters, the cycle of life for Dryads, and the role that Ancient Guardians play. So far the ones we experienced during the event were pretty similar to what we’ve seen before, but honestly when it comes to questing, there’s not really a whole lot you can innovate on that other games haven’t already done. Other than cinematic storytelling which I would definitely love to see for New World. After that we also get a description of the new enemies. We have 4 different swamp dryads, including I would imagine the new dryad warrior and bowmen.

Then we have the undead brute which I was able to encounter and take down, but also got the chance to see the bigger version of it on my way up the spine. We also have 2 new swamp fiends, and the creepers. Which are those angry earth tentacles with some new mechanics of their own. Between the corrupted version and these, I kinda feel like these ones put up a bigger challenge.

Their projectiles can cause poison damage but also, they can burrow beneath the ground and travel close to you or right up on you. Meaning you gotta be super careful with these guys. Sufferance of the Elders is the swamp version of the beast that pulls minions from the ground. And they also added The Protector of the Source, which is the boss version of it. I don’t think I remember encountering this one to be honest, nor do I remember what the other version of this is. I’m drawing a blank on that right now but if anyone remembers, would really appreciate a comment on that.

Looking forward to fighting this thing either way though… The next part of the update dives into Fishing. The new mechanic introduced into Aeternum that allows us to finally have a way, to gather our own fish for cooking. Super glad we’re moving away from the provision chests being the main source. And I hope this continues, maybe even into real farms we can place outside our homes, and more static spawns of produce around the map. Especially the ones we’re still missing. But overall for the fishing, showcased the mechanic a bit in my previous video and I’m still going to pump out that dedicated guide for it, but the jist is that there’s now 40 different types of fish. Each region gets their own fishing spots and your chance to discover them is based around your fishing skill, but also you can fish just about anywhere if you want to.

We can craft the fishing rods inside the workshop which I did get a chance to see, and also there’s a total of 11 perks related to the fishing now. Plus. just like I was thinking, Fishing Quests will also be a thing in the game. I think I found one of the NPCs that’ll give us these, and I’ll be sure to showcase that in the guide, along with the location, if I have that recorded… After that we have the new changes to the threat system. Previously we saw how they were adding specific perks related to generating threat, now they’ve confirmed my suspicion that the charge ability for sword and shield would get it’s taunt generation back.

Which I’m really happy to see because that’s going to be perfect for tanking these bosses, along with the fact that blocking generates taunt too. Wouldn’t have expected that honestly, but thank god they did it. That’ll give us multiple ways to properly manage threat on boss mobs. Now all we really need is world bosses on this front… Healing generates threat too now, And also the shield bash ability as well. For their enemy elite system, they wanted them to be more challenging than before, and offer some unique gameplay twists. To accomplish this, they’ve started to add some traits to enemies that can vary. These traits consist of 3 different categories, offensive, defensive, and utility. Keep in mind, this shouldn’t be something you’ll see all the time, but you’ll probably come across this in areas like Mangled Heights, and the newly added Eternal Ponds in reekwater. The offensive trait focuses on providing element damage, damage bonuses, and block bonuses to these mobs.

For defensive, it’s increased health, increased armor, and increased resistance. For utility, they might explode on death or even cast a frost aura. They’ve also added an inherent buff on all elites and champions, this makes their grit attacks unbreakable but reduces the block damage they do. Now I like the fact that they’re making these mobs more challenging in more than just a statistical way. I don’t like it when games default to just increasing health or damage on mobs and call that harder, but don’t try and introduce any new mechanics along with that.

I hope in the future they default towards doing that more, give us some mobs that set themselves on fire and try to hug us, or ones that can teleport, ones that have some kind of pull or hook ability that they to attempt to throw and we can dodge, stuff like that would be really cool. Some of these mobs are nice so far, but we will need some more variety when they start adding in new zones.

Then we’ve got the weapon and balance updates, starting with targeted healing. Now for these changes specifically, I’m not feeling too comfortable about all of them, but this one I definitely love. When using healing pulse or divine embrace, the friendly player closest to the caster’s reticle will be locked on, pressing left mouse button will then cast the healing ability on the target. Which is nice, but I think we need this for Siphon too. Would really help out in territory war… Target lock can also be switched to other friendly players via the mouse wheel, and you can switch it to manual targeting by clicking the middle mouse button. We can also self cast healing spells by holding CTRL, this one is a lifesaver right here.

Even during that event, I was trying to land Divine Embrace because of how good a heal it was for my dex build, and oh my god it was a nightmare trying to get that circle telegraph to move under my character. Completely forgot to talk about that but hell yeah, I’m sure healers are going to love this. Now this next one, I have a pretty big feeling is going to be controversial. Before I even talk about it, let’s skip past it and cover the last few changes really quick. I wanna end on this one. For the musket, they’ve taken the trap skill that previously had a 21.9 second cooldown, and increased that bad boy up to 30 seconds. On the life staff, the smite skill had it’s morphs changed just a little bit. Bonus damage from Empowered smite has been reduced from 25% down to 15, and Ultimate smite has been reduced down to 25. Which, does make sense because quite a few cases, the smite spell was insane for chunking your health in PVP. Was kind of fun to use though. And for sword, the intimidating rush has had it’s slow increased from 3 seconds to 4.

After that we get some quality of life changes like being able to change the visibility options for nameplates, letting us pin 6 different questlines instead of 3, and additions to the weapon mastery tutorial. Okay now that we’ve covered these points, there’s one change specifically I want to tackle directly. And that’s the critical hit system that’s now been added. Now if you don’t remember, when we were talking about the last changes I said I was still on the fence regarding the shared cooldowns being removed from abilities. Since then and being able to do some testing, at least on the player vs environment side, I’ve grown to be a little more comfortable with it. It could still be a disaster in PVP, but that’s something we’ll have to find out. This seems like another one of those situations. I am extremely curious to see what happens here because with a game like this, I feel like it’d be difficult to incorporate a crit system and have it actually work. Now that being said, if the build we played on during the event already incorporated the critical hits, then even though they don’t get called out in orange text like these notes say…

I barely even noticed any difference. So honestly it might be just fine. But right now they say that currently the crit chance ranges from 3-5% depending on the weapon, but to expect more variation and, weapons focused on critical hit in the future. This part is a nice tease because they might be talking about weapons like dual daggers. Especially with a backstab mechanic. Something that I would love to see make it’s way into the game, alongside the upcoming rapier. The critical hit chance itself on the other hand and how much damage this does, is a different story. It says all weapons have a critical modifier on them which determines the extra damage they do when they crit. What I want to know is how much damage we’ll be taking, and how this effects not only the PVE experience, but PVP especially. With the other changes it does seem like new world is shifting more towards the traditional MMO side, and I do have an opinion on how this could either go good, or how it could go bad, but I’d rather hear your guy’s thoughts on this.

What do you guys think about these changes so far and how they might impact the game’s future? Let us know in the comments below. And with that, thanks much for joining me for this breakdown, have a wonderful night or day, and farewell..

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