Amazon’s 👑NEW WORLD MMO ALL UPCOMING WEAPONS WE KNOW OF 2021 (Interviews, Dev Diary, Magic & Melee)


What’s up sailors – welcome back to the world of Aeternum. No official news yet surrounding  New World but this time around, I wanted to do a sort of recap about a subject that  I’m sure a lot of us have been pretty excited about for this game. And of course – it’s the  weapons. Specifically the upcoming ones we might see in 2021 for New World. Part of my reasoning  for this is because I noticed, some people were not aware that we have seen the spear  weapon before it was announced in this ongoing alpha. It’s one of the handful  that I mentioned were still being worked on when I made my New World changes video, so today I’d like to expand on that. First let’s start with all the weapons that have their own  skill trees, that we have publicly seen so far. Going off the preview event – we have One-handed  Sword and Shield, The Hatchet – also known as the Throwing Axe.

Bow and Arrow, Muskets,  The Fire Staff, The Life Staff, annndd the Greathammer. Recently introduced in this ongoing testing phase is the spear. This is a weapon that we have seen  footage for in this new iteration during the Gamestar Interview, during this we only saw  one skill in particular which was the spear toss. Before this point, in the very first alpha – spear  was also a thing. It had various attack animations including a sprint attack,  standing basic attack, alongside also being able to throw it here too.

Now an upcoming weapon that  is very similar to the spear – is the Halberd. This is one we haven’t seen any screenshots  of – or footage in the public space. But – during the corrupted breach dev blog, we caught a glimpse of this in the very first screenshot. Now I’m not sure if this will actually be it’s own weapon with  a completely different skill tree, but I hope that it is. Or they might throw it into the  spear class, and have it use the same skills. Some observations I’ve made against this – is that the  wielding stance of the halberd, differs from the spear. Comparing them side by side, you’ll notice how the character with the halberd holds it  at a downward angle. While the spear one faces upward, like a pike wall. Now this  could just be a freeze frame at a specific part in the attack or moving animation,  but I’m hoping this gives a clue that it’ll be it’s own separate weapon Now before we continue talking about the upcoming, first I’d like to jump into a  few that are still undecided.

Starting with the gauntlet. This is a weapon that predates the magic staffs and acted as a basic healing weapon in the first alpha. Since that point, the weapon  has been taken out and replaced with the magic staffs. So far we haven’t had confirmation that  it will be making a comeback, but this is a weapon I don’t think they should count out.  The form we had gauntlets in that alpha may not have been that exciting. But the idea of taking gauntlets and expanding them beyond being just a support weapon,  is what I think makes them very worth it. As a magic weapon they could even duplicate the  already existing schools of magic, like giving us fire gauntlets, life gauntlets, and give us 2  skill trees for each and I’m sure that would work just fine.

Give people some more to work with  on the magic side because currently it’s a bit lacking, but – that’s something we’ll be diving  into at the end of this list. Gauntlets could also be used for more than just schools of magic like  fire, life, lightning, earth based, etc… Maybe they could even be melee based if they decide it. but for now, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Next up – is the one handed mace. Another one  that comes from the first alpha, and although it hasn’t been mentioned as much as the gauntlets,  this is another one I’m sure people would love to see return. I think this could potentially be a substitute to sword and shield as a tanking weapon. I could see them putting in some minor cc abilities like short stuns,  damage reduction skills, and taunts. But this is definitely another one I hope they decide to  bring back…. For the third and fourth one – let’s start with the greatsword. The weapon that I would personally use over the majority of the rest.  I always love playing bruiser type characters in RPGs and for MMOs, one of my favorite things to  run with.

They never confirmed this – but aside from the screenshot we saw of the greatsword very  early on, there is a clip that seems to show this weapon being wielded against the corrupted.  You can still find this clip on the steam page for New World if you scroll down,  and open up the description. But let me enhance here – look at this right here,  from the front, on first glance, it’s easy to mistake this for either a sword,  or even a spear. But on closer inspection, and seeing it from a different angle,  I can’t think of any other weapon this could be – other than a greatsword. They never commented on this, and – come to think of it, I never thought to ask,  but this could be a hat tip towards the future. Greatsword as far as I’ve seen,  has been one of the more popular weapon requests, and there’s already a mini-boss  in the game that wields one.

Located in greatcleave in this narrow pass, I’ve shown myself fighting this boss a few times, and I come back to visit it every  time a new test opens up. It even has skills of it’s own which I could see being added to the  greatsword – if they give us one in the future. Fourth one – would be the tower shields,  funny enough – this one is also in that very same clip I mentioned, but instead of being on the left  side, it’s on the right. Of course this probably will function the same as any other shield.

But currently, we’ve only experienced the kite shields and round shields,  so in the future they might just implement tower shields. Which they haven’t confirmed yet,  but this is another one that would be really good to see.  Continuing on the upcoming weapons we have seen, let’s start with the pistol. During the third developer diary of New World titled call to arms, we first had a showcase of a couple  different weapons. One of them was the pistol – in 2 different scenes we get a look at this weapon,  but without the UI showing, we don’t get a chance to see potential skills, or what the aiming  reticle looks like. The only thing we do see, is that it does appear to be a main hand weapon,  but also that you can at least reload it while moving, just like the musket.  No idea what the skill tree of this one would look like, but I would imagine a more mobile and fast  paced version of what we get with musket.

The next one is the rapier, this one is interesting because during this dev diary we see it being used in multiple ways. If you look here when the character’s using it and about to be attacked by the greataxe,  he holds it up to his face in a completely different animation than we’ve used before.  However at other points in the video it’s being held like a one-handed sword in combination to  the shield, it’s hard to say if this one will truly end up being it’s own weapon,  similar to the halbard situation, but I really hope that it does. We talked about previously how great it would be to get more melee weapons specifically built  towards dexterity, to allow more diversity between builds.

So far we’ve now got spear in addition to  the hatchet, so that’s already a great start. Let’s cross our fingers for the rapier as well, For the last two, let’s start with the greataxe. This one we see in multiple forms  across different dev diaries and footage, We could use it’s basic attacks, heavy attacks, and even 2  of it’s skills. One of them was a small spinning attack ability, while the other was a damage buff. You even see this being executed at a couple points during this same diary.  I don’t know when we’ll get this one, but it’s probably my most anticipated melee weapon right  next to greatswords. So far they haven’t really talked anymore about it, but I would imagine  it might be farther along in development than some of the others, .

But just like the others,  we’ll have to see what they decide… For the very last one that we know should be upcoming,  we have an off-hand weapon. Specifically, the torches. This was when the Combat Unleashed trailer had it’s debut during the PCGamer  livestream back in June. For just a few seconds during this, we get to see a character wielding  one alongside a sword. Other than providing a light source, we don’t really know what purpose  the torches will serve, but – maybe, just maybe we might get the ability to do a melee bash move  with it to set enemies on fire. Probably too much to hope for it’s own skill tree, but I think it’d  be cool if at the very least, we could do that… One of my most favorite things about new world is  that it doesn’t limit itself to classes… Not saying it’s a perfect system but just think about it.

We don’t have to worry about gender locking – something that’s plagued  eastern MMOs to no end. don’t have to worry about class limitations, we can use whatever we want.  From a design perspective I’d imagine this is easier for Amazon – because all they  have to do is design the weapons plus the skills and their animations. They  don’t have to worry about other systems slowing that down. They can just do it all in one go.  And this is something I’m hoping allows them to add new ones faster than other games could. Now although that’s all the upcoming weapons we’ve seen footage of, or ones that existed  in the past that are currently undecided, there is one more that potential weapon — Ladies and gentlemen, future Medieval here, I’ve received some new information  and I’m actually gonna have to cut this portion out.

Some of you already know half of what I’m  talking about, but if you’re not understanding, I can’t dive deeper, I’m so sorry Instead – let  me leave with two quotes regarding New World’s future weapon development. First – earlier this  year there were multiple media events with press groups. One of these was,  during an interview they were told that players would be able to join different schools of magic,  as in plural. So far of course, we only have fire and life that we’ve seen and used publicly, so far. But now… Next year I might strongly consider becoming a mage. The  second quote I’d like to bring to you, is about weapons directly.

One thing we have to keep in mind, even though the playstyles we have access to  are not a huge amount right now, they’ve even said in previous interviews – they  will never stop working on the combat, and adding new weapons into the game. So 2 years  from now, we could be up to 20 weapons total for all we know. With that though, that’s all I’ve got  for you today folks., thanks so much for watching, have a wonderful night or day, and farewell..

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