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Amazon’s ?NEW WORLD MMO FULL CHARACTER PROGRESSION SYSTEM (Attributes, Skill Trees, Trade Skills)


Welcome back yet again sailors, to the world of Aeternum. Looks like a new dev blog came a little sooner than expected, but this time around we get the chance of diving into New World’s full character progression system. Apparently after this one there’s still another 2 they’re planning to release, both for crafting AND the weapon mastery system. On top of that there’s multiple different upcoming media-related events that will also showcase New World. Amazon’s starting to bring out the big guns so without further delay, let’s go ahead and get right into this. [break] The blog starts off by stating that to survive and thrive in New World, we will need to overcome many challenges, this will include learning new abilities and skills as we venture forward into unknown. Characters progress across three major categories, Core Attributes, Trade Skills, and Weapon Mastery. Now like they’ve told us before, we’re free to master as many weapons or trade skills as we want, most games would make it where you would have to create other characters or respecialize to do something like that, and although I totally understand that a lot of people like that aspecet, one thing that I really like about New World and other MMOs that have practiced this is that we can cap out everything on one specific character.


But our core attributes will govern a large part of how powerful we are, in relation to other hostile creatures and players across the world of Aeternum. When we first arrive on the island, we’ll be given a total of 5 points in each core attribute to start with, and there’s no way we can drop below that. Each time we level up, we’re granted an attribute point which we can spend how we choose. Each attribute has a soft cap of 60 which means we can only allocate points up to that amount into any of the 5 main ones.


And since we know now that the max level is 60, this means we should have about 4 or 5 points left after we finish spending the points we get from just leveling alone. And that’s if we focus on just one of them to start with. Now we can respec these points by spending gold, and they haven’t said publicly if this cost scales as we get farther in levels, but it appears safe to assume we’ll be spending about 2000 coins per respec at level 60. It does say that we will be able to respec for free early on in the game though, so don’t be afraid to play around with different builds and combinations until you find one you’re comfortable with. And let’s continue by listing the 5 attributes confirmed for our progression.


First, we have strength – which ties into our power with melee weapons. Heavy ones such as warhammers, maybe the greataxe, and by the way we also may have already seen the GREATSWORD, all of these should be influenced by it to a certain degree. As opposed to lighter melee weapons like swords, and hatchets from what we can see, these ones scale primarily off strength but can also scale off dexterity, at a lesser amount. Dexterity being the second attribute, increases our effectiveness with ranged weapons. Bows, Muskets, Pistols most likely, all of these grow in power as our dexterity increases. Along with lighter melee weapons also seeing an increase but not as much as they would with strength. This part is very interesting though because what that means is that if your character focuses primarily on ranged combat, you can still have melee weapons to fall back on, like let’s say the spear weapon is based off dexterity too, that means you could use a bow for long range, pistol for mid-to-short as backup, and spear as a last resort.


This gives you the chance to get the full use from your build so you don’t just have something in your last slot taking up space, or no way to defend yourself if people get close. What I would love to see is weapons that benefit mainly off dexterity instead of strength that are melee based. Like let’s say the rapier goes off dexterity as it’s main and strength as a backup or just primarily dexterity, I think that would be really good for giving players a more flexible approach to customizing their builds. I think I’d personally enjoy using a weapon like that and respecializing from time to time. Intellegence is the third one which increases our power with magical weapons. Including any magical perks our weapons might have. So of course that’ll mean our fire staff, and our life staff, but also this one effects physical weapons with a magical perk, like a flaming sword. And in the previous blog we did see that ignited perk with a small showcase of where we’ve seen it before, this means for those of you who like to spec your characters as a battlemage, looks like you’re in a lot of luck today.


Focus is the 4th one, which we haven’t talked about yet. This one governs our mana recovery and our skill cooldowns. Higher focus not only means we can cast more spells regularly but also that we can use our abilities much more frequently. This gives us more to work with for not just mages, but also those of you who like to theory craft. A cooldown reduction attribute could be useful for let’s say, a fast paced weapon like a rapier or spears, and maybe even a heavier one like a greatsword for reducing something like a charging ability. Really excited to see what we’ll be able to do at beta and launch with this one. Then lastly, we have constituion. Just like in other games, this bad boy takes over your health pool. The higher our constitution, the more damage we can take before our characters get K.O’d. So far we haven’t seen any of these having any influence on stamina but I think either constitution or focus would be perfect for that in the future. Especially because we’ll be using it not only to dodge but to block as well.


Jewelry is also going to boost our stats past the soft cap of 60 so after you finish maxing your main one out, you might be able to get more points into a secondary, or keep stacking up your main. And with that out of the way, let’s switch the blog around a little bit and talk next about the Weapon Mastery. This system is our progression with each weapon we’ll have access to in Aeternum. Since New World features a classless based system, this is where we can pick our passives, choose our active skills, and morph them further on top of that. This system has been discussed before in previous media articles, including the MMORPG one that mentions that for the throwing axe specifically, you could decide to invest in melee based skills which make you powerful as a up-close warrior. Or you could choose skills that allow you to throw the axe, making you a dangerous ranged combatant.


Viewing this tree at a glance, we can clearly see the right side being the throwing based one with multiple skills for it, and the left one being melee based. They say that each weapon has their own skill tree with two different paths you can go down and if we need to respec, we can do it by spending the resource called azoth. The only activity I can recall that they’ve said publicly, that gives azoth is the corrupted invasions. Depending on how many waves were completed that is. If I had to bet, since the corrupted breaches are connected, these ones probably give us a little bit of Azoth too.


It’s also said that we wont be able to choose everything in the tree, so we’ll have to specialize in each one to a certain point. This gets further supported by the weapon level bar we see on the left side, it shows that the character currently has a weapon level of 13 out of 20. If we count how many points are specced into these skills and passives, we have 11 counted on the right side, and just 1 on the left. So most likely we only get one per weapon skill level and after 20 we can only respec to change it around. Leveling these up is done by using the weapon more so if you spend your time getting from 1-60 using only a fire staff, you’ll probably have it maxed out by the end. I’m also sure you’ve noticed on the left that we only have 3 ability slots to use, these appear to be bound by Q, R, and F by default. This is something we’ve seen in previous footage already, along with the fact that cooldowns are shared between weapons. Because of this, you wont be able to do something like stance or weapon dancing, like you might see in other games.


And you’ll also have to be very careful with the abilities you bring into battle. But this also could be where an attribute like focus comes into play, for reducing cooldowns. And now we can move on to the final topic, the trade skills. The main thing to help the economy go round. A lot of these we can compare to the previous alpha because although it doesn’t give us a in-depth breakdown for these, just knowing that these professions are in the game means that we can specualate what we might be able to craft based off previous information.


It starts off by telling us that these make up the variety of non-combat skills we can master, there are a total of 4 gathering skills, 5 refining, and 7 crafting ones. The 4 gathering skills we have are mining… skinning… logging… and harvesting… Leveling up a gathering skill unlocks the ability to gather different, higher tier resources. So in the previous alpha we would start off by gathering like iron for instance, and then we’d work our way up to starmetal and oricalchum as time went on. They say that miners gather stone and ore, skinners gather animal hide, loggers get wood, and of course, harvesters get fiber, fruit, and vegtables. And also, as our skills increase, we get the ability to detect nearby gatherable resources and find special resources that can modify items while crafting. Which does sound like we might be able to modify equipment to get our own choice of perks, maybe if we find a resource capable of putting a fire based or void based perk on our item, we can apply that at a crafting bench.


The 5 refining skills include smelting, stonecutting, woodworking, tanning, and weaving. During the previous alpha each one served their own purpose for meshing raw materials into resources we could use to craft. And for the crafting skills, we have the following 7. Weaponsmithing which focuses on making melee weapons, armorsmiths that focus on soft and hard armor. Which also might feature the craftable sets that we had access to in the previous alpha. Jewelcrafters is the third one and we’ve already seen a few of the trinkets we’ll be able to craft. These will be really useful for getting past that soft cap of 60 when it comes to increasing our attributes.


And also for being an important factor in how useful our builds are, Then we have the engineers who craft ranged weapons and ammunition, arcanists who craft potions, tinctures, and magical weapons like we learned about in the previous blog. Alongside the cooks who craft meals and drinks. And finally we have a new addition which I don’t remember seeing in the previous alpha, and this one is known as furnishing. I know we had building in the last one but apparently this one is going to focus primarily on furniture, storage, and trophies for houses. Which is going to be really really good for those of you who like making money. Because not only will we get access to food buffs that increase our ability to craft high end items, but also we learned during previous articles that housing trophies also give a give a buff to the quality of items we make.


So since we have instanced housing and everyone can purchase one at one point or another. Having the ability to make not just the storage items but these trophies that give bonuses to crafters and fighters, is going to make you a crap ton of money. We’ll probably find out what kind of furniture and trophies we can craft on the next blog they dish out but this profession is already shaping up to be one of the most lucrative. Leveling these crafting skills gives us the ability to unlock more recipes and even more powerful versions of them, along with other things they’re going to be going over in the upcoming crafting dev blog.


Very excited to see what comes from that one and I’m crossing my fingers we’ll be able to craft some really unique items, including legendaries. But with that folks, let me know what you guys think about the crafting system so far and which one you’re most interested in finding more out about. Or if you’re not going to be crafting, let us all know which ones you think might end up making the most money or being the most useful. Drop it all down below. And as always, thank you all very much for checking out the video, I hope you all have a wonderful night or day. And farewell..

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