Amazon’s ?NEW WORLD MMO FULL COMBAT SYSTEM (Dev Diary, New Weapon Reveals, Progression)


\BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely beautiful. What’s going on folks and welcome back to another wonderful day in Aeternum. This time around it appears we have received ourselves another Developer Diary and this one is focused specifically on the combat aspect. As you may or may not know we had done an analysis on the combat system a couple weeks ago but it was a very basic one and it was related to the 2 minutes of footage we had received from the Gamestar interview. This one on the other hand offers us over 4 minutes of total gameplay with some brief explanations from the staff of Amazon Game Studios mixed in. We’ve got quite a bit to talk about today so without further delay, let’s go ahead and jump right into this.


[Break] The developer diary starts off with a hot showcase of the combat system, let’s take this right from the top. In these first couple of scenes we get to see these brave explorers putting the smack down on some corrupted fiends, however – and right here we get to see this amazing skill show-off of the greataxe. This appears to be some type of self-buff that this person is casting judging by the aura, but I must admit that at first I thought this was the healing staff that we had heard about previously.


We know so far that fire magic is in the game alongside healing magic but we haven’t seen any hints at the gauntlets yet, I’ve been seriously wondering if we’re going to get some sort of attack magic gauntlets to play with in addition to the older healing versions we had. This is also actually one of the first times we’re seeing the greataxe in action, despite all the carnage we witnessed in the gamestar footage, we hadn’t seen anything major from the greataxe aside from it being equipped on people’s backs.


So even though this brave warrior is probably about to die a glorious death to the corrupted bear, it’s awesome to see this weapon getting some love. Definitely one that I could see myself using as one of my own weapons! Also it looks like we are now looking at the newer types of corrupted here! We have seen these warrior types and corrupted zombies, both in the cinematic trailer and the dev diaries, but these creatures appear to be something else entirely.


And if you notice, right as the player does a 1handed sword and shield charge towards one of them, the other appears to throw a corrupted based javelin at him. If I had to guess I would say that this appears to be a corrupted dryad that originally comes from the angry earth faction, they look similar in nature but over time I could imagine that the corruption may have slightly changed their appearance, but I’m very confident that creature has to come from that faction just based off it’s look. Now this next part is the fun one, right after a couple more seconds of fighting we get a look at a corrupted entity, but not just any type. This one has got to be our very first look at a corrupted field boss. I mean look at this guy’s sword, you don’t give a badass flaming weapon like that to just anybody, and on top of that you have this guy zipping and diving around like nobody’s business.


These two players barely seem capable of standing up to it as it is. And if you hadn’t noticed, that corrupted character shares an awful lot of similarities to the explorer that lost his freewill during the new world trailer. Despite the character in the trailer having what looks to be a rapier instead of a one handed sword, I’d be willing to bet that it’s the same person. Or it could be someone from his squad that just decided to do a weapon change after a while.


One good thing to point out as well is that it seems this creature must come from the endgame areas of Aeternum, the reason I say this is because if you look at the gold when the creature isn’t attacking – and compare it to the one handed sword concept art – if you go left to right – the gold or copper looking one at the end is the highest tier. The player themselves seems to be holding this sword as well. During the previous alpha this was known as Orichalcum, we’ve also seen this sword being shown off in a couple other screenshots in the New World space. Be sure to keep tabs on this guy, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him just yet. The last scene before the diary starts shows off some of the magic and sword and shield buffing capabilities of the game, with the mage setting off a flame blast right next to what appears to be a corrupted breach.


But possibly a different type that we haven’t seen before. In previous diaries we have seen the portal itself along with the corrupted monolith but this one appears to be very different, and gives more of an alien vs predator vibe. In the corner we also see another corrupted mob but this one is a little harder to make out than before. This could be the warrior variant of the corrupted mobs we saw a little bit ago.


And now that we have those details out of the way, NOW we can actually talk about the beginning of the developer diary. This is the one known as Call To Arms. One thing I already love right off the bat is that we get to see different types of armor variants during this showcase, we get some more love for the 2h spear and other weapons while both Dan Henuber and Kim Wood talk more about the combat system we’ll be interacting with. They describe the combat as being 100% real time action combat, the way we move, the way we position ourselves or dodge and lunge, all matters. As we can see in several parts of the footage we get access to various different skills and combos and we have the possibility during fights of dodging both arrows or even bullets if we’re quick enough.


It’s more like an action RPG as opposed to a traditional MMO. We also then get some information from Scott Geiser who bears the title of Software Development Engineer, and he tells us that it’s going to be based way more on skill, positioning, and tactics as opposed to just gear, when it comes to being successful in the New World. I also wanted to stop here a quick second because I do believe congratulations may be in order, I’m not sure if this is related to him specifically or another member of the team buut, out of some of the job positionings that we’ve talked about in previous news, it just so happens that Software Development Engineer is one of the ones that was seemingly filled from the website.


It’s great to see more and more new faces on the staff team and whether that was or was not his listing, I truly hope that he and everyone else does enjoy their time there. We even get a look at some new skills as this player uses a warhammer to completely obliterate the corrupted in a straight line, this looks amazing and although I can’t tell if that weapon is magically imbued, the red glow effect that you get when using these skills looks incredible for the visual part of it. And oh my god the range and aoe on that move seems like it’s going to be crazy to deal with in PVP or even when you’re just fighting mobs.


If people with warhammers get to have a move like that, I think it’s only fair that those of us who use greataxe get some sort of demacian whirlwind. And that is totally NOT because I just want an excuse to gather up a bunch of mobs and start spinning in the middle of them, Now in this specific scene we get to look more at the combo system of new world, aside from the skills that we can execute, it’s clear to see that each individual weapon has their own fighting patterns if you just chain together normal attacks. This is important to note because the NPCs themselves as we know will also be blocking, dodging, and using skills to counteract our attacks.


It’s going to be important to know when to incorporate these skills into our fighting styles so we don’t end up getting knocked out while wacking away at a mob endlessly. And as we know, these skills also do share cooldowns with other weapons, so knowing when to switch bars and which skills to use at which times are going to play a very important factor in the combat. It’s also hard to see at first but for the bow we can clearly see how you have to arc your shots and how these arrows do seem to have a travel-drop off. Or travel distance. Whatever the right way to describe it is. But the aiming reticle seems to be good enough to allow us to accurately judge our distance as well as lead our shots on the enemy. Although I would definitely advocate for different reticle options for both bows and muskets, especially if we get different options and color choices built into the settings of the game.


Me personally I’d love to go for either a triangle or a single dot type of reticle with a red color to it. But first we’ll have to get a feel for the aiming system before we dive too far into suggesting that type of stuff, plus if they are planning to allow addons, although I’m not sure if they will, then players may be able to design their owns or design them for players in the community to also make use of. We even get a look at the musket aiming reticle a little later in this video which does seem to suit my kind of playstyle, and as this bowmen takes down this corrupted laborer, we get a look at the tooltip that shows us experience gain, gold gain, and also standing gain.


All 3 very important avenues that are going to help drive our progression in New World itself. One thing that I do hope for is that there’s a diversity of grinding locations that we can play in, ones that we might be able to go to for farming loot or gold, and ones that might even be more tailored towards farming experience. And one thing that I always forget to mention but I’d still love to see is NPC traders we can sell our crafted items and loot to, the game doesn’t have to be solely tied to this type of thing where that ends up being your only way of making money, because I’m sure people want variety. But having the ability to take your gathered resources or all the loot you’ve stashed after a hard day of grinding and being able to make a good sack of coin off of it, doesn’t sound like it would be too bad. One very very important thing to note is that right here we also get a look at the player’s standing level being increased, and if you didn’t notice – the location in question is actually called Mourningdale, which is yet another new area we haven’t seen before.


Alongside Cutlass Keys that was shown off in the previous footage. This is definitely a hat tip to their plans to expand the map, and as we discussed before, they are going to be aiming for around 40km squared which is higher than the size of Skyrim, but we can also expect that to grow as time goes on. One thing I wanted to touch on is also how one of the members of Amazon Game Studios describes the skill tree of the game.


This comes from Kelly Hecker who is also a software development engineer on the team, just like Scott, and as we see this character’s bow mastery level increase, she describes each weapon as having a different skill tree. As we continue to use that weapon we will start to gain more proficenciy and start to gain different skills and bonuses in the skill tree, we can either focus on specific type of weapon or we could spread out and look at all types. Scott Lane adds onto this by saying we could even combo this with different armor variations, so if we want to focus on being a frontline fighter, we could choose to go for a more heavy type of build.


For backline rangers we might elect to go for more of a lighter set of armor, and for – oh my god YES we have pistols. Everybody better get their three musketeers outfits ready because it’s time to go red dead redemption on the world of Aeternum. And with this system we might even be able to mix up our armor choices, maybe we could go with a more nimble frontline fighter build where we can wear medium armor and use spears or maybe even use dual-wielding swords or axes if that becomes a thing in the future. Hint hint. But one thing I would also love to see if they are ever looking to add new types of armor, is Templar Armor. Maybe it could even be a heavy type of armor that gives more benefits for magic based users, This would also fit the lore because we’ve already seen different civilizations visit Aeternum, including Roman Centurions.


But what we haven’t seen it, is the chosen warriors of god, and my oh my, whereee are my vikings. I could see the templars stumbling across Aeternum in pursuit of holy land crusades maybe or maybe not making sense. But you can’t tell me that the sons and daughters of odin, the children of the sea, didn’t see it. Now a little later in the video we do get information from David Verfaillie on both the magic system and how we gain experience with the weapons we’ll be using.


For each and every weapon, we will gain experience by using the weapon in combat so when it comes to how we progress, that will be done as we level up and do activities out in the world. Now one, VERY important part I’d like to point out here, is that when they showed us this amazing flaming greataxe being swung down on these new corrupted types of enemies, along with all of these other absolutely sick looking showcases, that they were going to distract us. But no way jose, I saw that. Guess what this man is holding and what this confirms, and no that’s not a mob. Not a corrupted, not an angry earth or a lost, that is a real person taking the beatdown. And he’s holding in his hand what all mask of zoro fans and probably the only thing Syrio Forel would have needed to survive season 1 game of thrones, a RAPIER! So far that’s two new weapon additions in the form of this here amazing pistol, and this bad boy itself.


Which makes total sense because we have in fact seen other mobs that were carrying this exact same weapon. It only stands to reason that we should see this added to the roster at some point, and I’ve been keeping my eyes very peeled for the greatsword. Don’t even worry about that. And the last two things we get to look at are a deeper look at the magic system along with a little look of how the open world PVP is going to go down with the flagging system.


I’ve been getting a lot of dragon age inquisition vibes from the magic system so far and it really seems like they’re going all in on expanding the system of it past what we’ve seen in the alpha. So far though we’ve only seen the fire staff in terms of offensive magic and they have to know that we’ll be wanting more when it comes to the final product, really cool ones to see would be staves that can do Ice Magic, Lightning Magic, Earth Magic, and there’s so many other ways they could go with that.


Even if they just started with the magically imbued elements we’ve seen already in the footage, which does include void or darkness magic. And oh man oh man I almost missed this one, you see that creature right there? That totally reminds me of another beast we had talked about previously in the New World arena video, it looks like the angry earth beast version of the boogeyman is making his special debut. I am so so interested to see where they go with this system and I’m also so glad that I’ve had the opportunity of seeing it grow into what it is now. There still are improvements to be made of course, like the missing skill icons for the greataxe skills from what I can see, but from what we’ve seen so far, I am so down for seeing where the game goes and what it turns into.


For me this is already starting to feel like one of the sandbox MMOs I’ve dreamed of for the longest times. Like I said in response to the community letter that they put out a few days ago, it hasn’t been an easy road for the game. And even though they don’t have any intention to put back the open world PVP aspect, if they’re able to supplment that to the point of providing a really good MMO experience, that’ll be way more than we’ve been getting in the past few years. And for that alone I would be truly grateful. Speaking of which, if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to check out their community letter, I’ll leave a link to it in the description below. It goes over their vision for the game as well as what to expect from it’s future and even some details about the status of the alpha test, which does include mention of the horde mode as well as more magic additions and quests. I can’t confirm or deny if I am in the alpha test but what I can say, is that it’s great to see this type of information being relayed to the public.


I really hope it continues. And as always, let us know what you think about this deep dive into the combat system they’ve provided to us, and thanks very much for taking the time to check out this video and I hope you all have a wonderful night or day. And farewell..

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