Amazon’s ?NEW WORLD MMO COMBAT TIPS For The 2020 PREVIEW EVENT (Beginners Guide)


Welcome back sailors to the world of Aeternum. It’s the day of reckoning and before we begin, it’s time to fill your mind with some combat tips to help you on your journey. Without further ado, let’s get to it. So first let’s talk about weapon recommendations. I would advise that you try not to go for musket right off the bat, it’s going to be tough to craft the ammo if you don’t have a good farming method let alone know how to make it and I think the gathering areas are going to be flooded early on.


If they haven’t changed the recipe, you’ll have to use fire motes from dragonglory plants you can find in places like the Amrine Temple north-east of windsward. These can also be found in chests or salvaged from fire staffs and fire essence. You wont start getting a decent supply of this until later on so I would recommend going throwing axe or sword and shield if you’re planning to have a dex based character. And speaking of, the throwing axe is actually pretty awesome early game. I used it a lot and the basic attack is very fast paced which will allow you to continuously stagger your opponent, especially in PVP.


It’s easy to chain the throwing skills into your attacks so if you’re good at dodging, this could be a really good weapon for you. Magic staffs might be a little difficult to use early on without any melee weapons to back it up, but I highly recommend at least leveling up the life staff to get the dash ability. It’s pretty much the only mobility skill we get and allows you to actually traverse over terrain, I used to use it all the time for dashing across entire mountain cliffs and onto other buildings or across the land in general.


It’s going to make your life a whole lot easier is what I’m saying. For the dodging side of things, learn to do it as well as you can. Sometimes there’s going to be an attack that you can dodge but can’t block, and vice versa. For example as you start fighting different creatures you’ll start to notice what’s called a Grit Attack. This is a special move that mobs will initiate when they start getting more invested in the fight, they vary from mob to mob in terms of what they can do and some of these will REALLY, REALLY mess you up. And in some cases even get you killed if you’re fighting too many at once. If you can’t dodge it, block it. Don’t just take it to the face and try to pop a health pot after. Also – when you block an attack at low stamina, your guard will break but your stamina will immediately regenerate to full if they haven’t changed it. This can actually be a good thing if you’re blocking a slow but powerful attack that takes time to recover from.


Keep this in mind in pvp as well. For your gear, aim for getting different sets of it. Think of this game’s combat system a little bit like monster hunter. There’s always something you can do to prepare for every situation. If you fight a lot of corrupted mobs or angry earth, get gear and weapons that give bonuses against them. If you plan on leveling up or switching between different weapons and attributes depending on what your group needs or for different situations, get different sets of gear. Long ago we talked about how gem slots will play a part in raising your attributes, it’s important that if you play as both a warrior and a mage from time to time, that you try to get a set of gear with either strength based or con based gems, and another with just intelligence. Keep in mind that it’ll cost about 2k gold everytime you respec your character, but being able to fill more than one role can sometimes serve you very very well. Like I mentioned earlier, don’t forget to level up and always carry a life staff, would recommend doing this early on because it can not only be used for traversing across terrain, but also cutting down on travel time, and escaping or repositioning in PVP.


Very good to have… Now lastly, make sure you aren’t forgetting your other weapon slots, after a point we should have access to 3 unless they changed it. Leveling up multiple different weapons can come in handy, and not just because of the life staff that I recommend you always carry. Since our cooldowns are chained together, Sometimes you can switch to warhammer if needed and execute path of destiny which is a ranged crowd control move, or pick out a sword and use the whirling blade if you have at least 2 or 3 enemies around you, you can use the different weapons and their cooldowns to your advantage if you do it right. Best thing you can do early on is read the skills and their passives so you can know which direction you’d want to take your character. For the last thing, it’ll always be important to make use of setting down your campfire for respawns. Register at an innkeeper in towns or outposts so you can either respawn there, or teleport back at any time which triggers a cooldown.


And definitely bring consumables like healing potions or weapon coatings like we’ve covered before. One cool thing to know is that in previous iterations, it was possible to stack food buffs if you ate different types, food that gave you bonus to engineering, and food that was specifically for health recovery worked together for example. And both trophies plus food buffs are going to help you even more to stay alive, alongside item perks, and also, if they haven’t changed it – mobs have elements they are weak against, and elements they are strong against.


the trophies you put in your house are said to be global as well so make sure you aim for getting some as soon as you can. Like I said, treating this game’s combat system like it’s monster hunter could be what seperates those who struggle, and those who can tackle any obstacle without fail. If there’s ever a situation in the game where you feel stuck, a quest you can’t beat, boss you can’t take, call for help, get some consumables, prepare yourself, and come back to kick it’s ass. I believe in you. With that folks, thank you very much for joining me, I hope these tips will help you at least a little bit, but I promise to try and expand on them later if any need more explaining. Have a wonderful night or day, and farewell.

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