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Best Ways To Farm Legendary Weapons in Amazon’s 🎒NEW WORLD MMO (2020 Preview Event, Max Gear Guide)


What’s going on sailors and welcome back to the party, this time we’re going into the deep hole of endgame progression. Topic for today, How to farm the legendaries. One thing to note right away, is that there are multiple ways to obtain them. And today we’re going to focus on breaking it down. So, you’ve finally reached level 50 or 60 and decided you want to be on your way to earning a legendary weapon. Currently there hasn’t been any implementation of legendary armor but that has been highly requested alongside possible PVP armor, with an honor system. So the first way you’ll go about getting a legendary is through the questline. It’s a simplistic method that guarantees that you’ll be able to get one if you complete it. Only problem with is it takes forever and was honestly was the absolute worst part of the game for me. That was a quest I felt was going to end about 4 or 5 stages before it really did.

But the questline starts out in Eastburn. This outpost is located in greatcleave and you should be able to accept it around the 40 to 50 range. Go ahead and grab the green quest from this location along with all the others just to be safe. This questline will take you from the bottom of greatcleave all the way up to the outpost of mountainrise. Then once you complete the pre-requestietes you’ll unlock the NPCs that give the questline along with a new entry in your Journal documents that shows the legendary weapons and the NPCs that give them. This method let’s you choose specifically which one you want to go for, so if you’re a hatchet user like a lot of people are currently, you can choose that or decide to go for a warhammer.

Once you’ve spoken with the NPC, this questline will take you all over the place, this is when the real – quote unquote, fun begins. You’ll take quests that have you take out like 50 mobs at a time, gather from chests of course, then you’ll go to places like mangled heights where Mr. Zinke The Obstructor lives. And even over to places like Edengrove to fight Baines, now the second method to getting a legendary weapon is through the corrupted breach train we talked about a few times. You could grab about 10-15 random players or guildies, and start running through all the level 45 corrupted breaches in great cleave for instance, to have a chance of getting t4 legendaries from the corrupted caches. You could do this pretty easily with a group of level 30-35+ people. But we’ll want to skip this one. What we’re after, is the T5 Corrupted Breaches, aka level 65 in Shattered Mountain. These are the big boys. Now the thing to keep in mind here, is that even though getting legendaries through this method is RNG, there are still ways to boost your chances, which is why I prefer this method any day of the week over questing, because it’s also way more fun! For example, if you guys remember, when I had gone over the different professions previously, you might’ve caught that I mentioned furnishing, would be an extremely lucrative profession.

Now the gear you want that has the perk to give you a higher chance at legendaries is the Luck perk. Just the regular one, so not the mining, lumberjacking, or skinning. You’ll find this perk on not just armor, but weapons too. And it’s important to wear all 3 weapons that have luck on them, because the bonus should stack. Pro tip is that if you gems socketed in your gear, even if you don’t have them held in your hand, as long as they are equipped on your back, you’ll still get the attribute bonuses.

Now guess what furniture makers are also able to craft, besides those cool decorations. It’sss the Trophies! And which one do we really really want to get in our house? Global Luck! You’ll always want to make sure you get the higher tier luck perks on your gear, but having this boy too is what’s going to really help you midmax on getting legendaries. Just look at this, I stacked up over about 40-50 corrupted caches the other day, I went back to my bank and equipped all my luck gear. And then boom, right out the boxes I get 2 LEGENDARIES. and not just any, the shieldss! Although I would’ve totally preferred the legendary sword known as isabella’s chosen. We’ll get it one day! But that just shows you how efficient this method can actually be. Wont happen all the time, but it’ll happen. This is also a really good way to farm not just gear and money, but both faction tokens and azoth that you can use for fast travel or buying faction gear.

Which keep in mind, you really want to gun for getting a full set of T5 faction gear because of the bonuses it gives you, they should also automatically come equipped with a t5 gem. You can’t go wrong with this, and the perks give you defense against exactly what you’re fighting. In regards to the breaches, you can actually run these with a group of about 5-10 level 50s. It’s also a pretty good way to level after 50 if the other methods are occupied. It’s important to make sure you bring corrupted tinctures that are crafted at campfires to defend against the corruption debuff. Also don’t forget that you can stack food buffs, I’ve talked about this periodically from time to time, but if you eat a health recovery food like the meager meal. But you also ate a crafting based meal like the cooked wild berries, you would get both buffs that will stack their health recovery. And then, if you got a third one there that is a warding food, like the honey glazed steak or fried egg, you get a third buff, that’ll stack your recovery by a crap ton.

This is a method to use not only in PVE situations, but PVP as well. While doing the corrupted breaches, potions also help a ton as well. Don’t forget to grab those. It’s also possible to do these if you’ve got a group of like 20+ level 40s . You don’t all have to be at level 50 to do them. You might also be able to get legendaries from the caches you get for participating in Invasions, as well as from the bosses themselves, but the loot tables on those are still pretty shotty so it’d probably take you a while or a whole lot of luck.

Speaking of luck though, make sure you wear your luck gear before you open the caches. And with that folks, those are the best ways of grinding legendaries aside from getting super lucky in the open world. Hopefully this helps you with mid-maxing the way you obtain them. Thanks so much for watching, have a wonderful night or day, and farewell..

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