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Fast Ways To Hit Max Level in Amazon’s ❗NEW WORLD MMO (2020 Preview Event, Leveling Guide)


What’s up and welcome back to the videos. This time around I’m jumping right into the leveling guide that I promised you. I wanted to make sure I listed all the steps that would help you level to 60 the fastest during this preview. Let’s start with the beginning, you create your character, go through the tutorial of course, and then you wind up on one of the random shorelines in Aeternum. Your spawn location is random and if you’re playing with another player, you’re going to have to rush through the intro quests before you meet up with them.

Otherwise one of you can attempt to restart your character, but this might take too much time. Start immediately going through your intro questline, this will take you from 1-10. I know it might drag on at some points but you need to make sure you get through it as fast as you can, and don’t stop. Once the intro questline is done you’ll be choosing your faction. Choose whichever one you like and then listen to these next instructions closely. The fastest way I’ve seen to get from 10-20 or 10-25 is through the faction PVP missions, because they automatically flag you, they seem to give a lot more experience than the regular if you complete them. Go with the ones that just want you gather or kill a few mobs, keep running those, stay away from the delivery missions that bring you to other towns. Also remember to take the ones with the shortest distance requirements. My absolute favorite place to run these is Monarch’s Bluff, nice secluded location and if you take the ones that leads you to the pirate fort or the mines, those seem to be the quickest.

Now if all the faction mission areas are flooded and you can’t do pvp or joined late, I’d recommend two alternatives. Either try and run some of the pve based missions to see if that gets you leveled up quickly, or if you have a group, start group farming at Amrine Temple. Keep in mind if you are doing the faction missions, this gets you the currency and some gold so that you can buy faction gear to keep up as you go. Once you get past the 20-25 threshold, you can either keep doing the pvp faction missions, or you can go ahead and start doing corrupted breaches. By this point you should have enough currency to outright buy the staff from the faction vendor, or just go run the quest.

Corrupted breaches are really good if either you have a group, or people are running a train. Think of a train like in guild wars 2 when the community would get together and run all the dynamic events in an area, and you just have to tag along. For breaches – you just need to make sure you get a hit in on a few of the mobs, this way you’ll get credit. Healers should get credit as well, but I would hit stuff just to be safe. Do one of these methods until you get to at least 50. And all the while, as you level your territory standing, don’t forget to prioritize the experience gain perk, and if you don’t see that, go for storage space, it’ll help out later. After 50 you have a couple of options, either keep doing faction missions for that last stretch which is my preferred method as a solo player, the higher level corrupted breaches in a group or a train, or – if both methods are too crowded, there’s a couple areas you can group farm.

If all else fails, head to mourningdale as soon as you can and start rushing out missions over there. Group farming can also be done from 10-50 or 60 just fine if need be, but as solo it’ll just take too long. First place I’d recommend for groups after 50, the corrupted mine in edengrove. This place is one of my favorites for gold farming by myself, it’s filled with corrupted miners, doesn’t have a lot of annoying mobs like corrupted shieldmen or muskets, and has really good mob density to keep rotating between the spawns. This is where it’s located. And this one alone should get your group from 50-60 no problem.

Make sure you’re always tagging the mobs or you might not get credit. If this is flooded, the lower leveled version of this will be the mines and lumbermill in B rightwood. Second recommended area – svikins stand. This was one the best areas for farming money before people started doing max level corrupted breach trains, the area is filled with level 50 corrupted, and this does feature some of the harder mobs, but in a group you should be just fine. For farming method, if you have any mages, round up all the mobs and flamethrower them down, mixed in with any AOE your party has.

Other weapons that can help are bow and arrow with their arrow rain, warhammer with their crowd control, and sword and shield with their aoe. Last recommended areas would be mourningdale, up near Scorpius tower in the north-east, this area should be fairly underpopulated because people don’t go there, but it’s one of my favorites visually. This area consists of level 35 to 45+ mobs. Should get you to 60 but it’ll probably take longer.

Very last area is in the south part of edengrove. Should have a decent amount of level 45+ dryads you can farm on. Keep in mind that once your group gets to about 30-35+, if you want to, you can go ahead and jump into group farming if one of the other methods isn’t possible. Keep in mind that this will all be situational depending on what’s available at what time, but make sure you consider all these options. In order of importance – With that folks, have a wonderful night or day, thanks for joining me, and farewell..

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