New World Beginner’s Guide | Tips and Tricks to get started!


I have been playing New World this week and for the last 10 to 20 hours I learned a few tricks that could benefit everyone. These go from combat to traveling so I’m sure there is something in here that will help you get along. I divided the video into three parts; combat, inventory management and traveling and questing. Want to support me and my content? Don’t forget to subscribe, give the video a like and watch it all the way to the end. Hey guys, it’s me Kyo and without further ado, let’s dig into the video. The first trick is about combat. Combat in New World is in my opinion similar to the combat in the Witcher 3 and the Elder Scrolls online. A bit of both really. To my enjoyment, combat is not just mashing the left mouse button to kill an enemy. This simply won’t work. At first, you only have a sword and a shield to attack and defend yourself with. And along the along the way, this will prove to be a very effective weapon set for at least the the first 10 to 20 levels. Whilst fighting, the enemies, at least for the first 15 to 20 levels, have a very similar fighting pattern.


If you initiate an enemy, you can get about 3 hits in with your sword before the enemy attacks you back. So, after you land three hits, it is wise to put your shield up and block the chain of attacks coming your way. When your enemy stops, after one or two hits, you want your hit twice before putting your shield up again. This way, you can kill enemies without taking damage. Also consider using a stun trait for your Shield. You can select it from your Weapon Mastery trait line. This way, you can extend and follow up your attack chain with a heavy attack to do more damage. There is also a trait that increases your damage after you successfully block an attack, this is very beneficial if you use the tactic I described before.


So, to summarize, attack three times, block the enemy’s attack and then attack twice and then your average enemy is about dead. But what if you did take damage? When you are out of combat you might notice that your health does not simply regenerate. To regenerate the health you have lost, you must eat or rest at a camp. If you are in enemy territory, it can be quite hard to move away from enemies or to set up a camp. Therefore, I’d make sure you have enough food with you to survive. I found myself dying a lot because I ran out of food or I could not set up a camp.


*waaaaah* The best and easiest food you can get is by killing boars and roasting them. I know this might not be preferable for the vegetarians out there but it’s the easiest food you can get in the game. Want to avoid taking damage? Consider choosing the right weapons before you engage in combat. I know it is very tempting to start shooting an enemy with a rifle and finish it off with a fire skill. But, I’d suggest to take another approach to combat in New World. So, for your first set, take whatever you want.


You want to use a rifle and shoot enemies? Fine, use a rifle. You like shooting fireballs at your enemies? Go for it! But always make sure you have a sword and shield as a backup weapon set. Why you ask? Once you have landed a hit on an enemy from afar, it most likely comes rushing for you. You can then get like 1 or 2 more hits in before that enemy reaches you. When that happens, it becomes really hard to aim and to land your next shot or magic attack from up close. So, what you want to do, is hit an enemy two or three times from afar and then swap back to your sword and shield. You can then block that first attack from your enemy, follow up with an attack or stun and then finish him off. Next up, inventory management! You want to start salvaging your obsolete items, it?s super important! Eventually, you will find better gear than the gear you are currently wearing.


So, you exchange that old piece of gear for a new piece of gear. It’s smart to salvage that old piece of gear for materials and repair parts. You can easily salvage obsolete gear by holding S on your keyboard and click that old piece of gear. Once you have done that you can find your repair parts in the bottom right of your screen. If you die or your armor gets damages after a good number of fights, you can use these repair parts to repair your armor. This way, you won’t end up in a sticky situation where you are in enemy territory and your only have broken gear! Next up, splitting your stacks! Along the way you collect a lot of materials and gear that you want to take with you. However, New World has an “Encumbered” system where you start moving slower when you have reached the maximum capacity of your inventory.


So, you got to drop something if you want to walk and act normal again. But what if you don’t want to drop everything of a specific material? Then, it’s best to split it into a second stack and drop that one. You can easily do this by ctrl clicking an item, decide the stack size and then drag it out of your inventory. It’s a pretty common thing in MMO’s but I found it a little counterintuitive in New World. Hopefully, they fix this in the future. It sure came in handy for me a couple of times. Now, let’s talk about questing and getting around! Ever seen these supply crates? Yeah, those! Do you loot them everytime you see them? Yes! Good! There are a ton of materials and weapons in there! But what if you have just looted one of these supply crates and then you get a quest where you have to loot the same supply crates.


Confusing right? You return to the scene and see that you cannot loot them anymore and there are no crates left. No need to disabandon your quest my friend! Just head somewhere else for now and return in an hour or so! This is what happened to me and I was afraid I was only able to loot these crates once. So, this way I would not be able to complete the quest I was doing. Luckily, returning after a while makes eligible to loot them again! Don’t be afraid if this happens to you! Now, do you ever feel like going Yolo? Yeah, me too! This does not always end well, so, make sure to set a checkpoint for yourself.


Can you do that? Yes you can! Remember I talked a little bit about camps at the start of this video? You can use these same camps as a checkpoint if you die. The only thing you have to do is set up the camp, no extra configuration required. Ff you are up against a tough enemy or a number of enemies, consider setting up a camp near that area so you can quickly get back into the fight.


Make sure you have enough flint and wood on you to set up a camp. Also, if you happen to see another person’s camp along the way and you have lost some health, consider resting at their camp. This way you can regenerate your health without eating or setting up your own camp. As of right now, there are no mounts in New World. Is this a good thing? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I like it without mounts for now! Good thing is that there is fast travel in New World.


You can travel from Settlement to Settlement for 100 Azoth. Azoth is a resource you collect from killing enemies and specific quests. However, the amount of Azoth you get is limited, so don’t expect to fast travel all the time. And, it only works from Settlement to Settlement. Meaning that you must be inside a Settlement before you can fast travel. So be careful when you are spending your Azoth. But did you know that dying is actually faster than walking? If you are off in the wilderness and you want to go to a settlement, consider dying and respawning at a settlement. It feels a bit counterintuitive and I assume that this will change in the future, but for now, use it to your advantage. Also, don’t forget to set a recall point at an inn while in a Settlement. This allows you to fast travel for no cost and gets you to the Settlement without dying and thus damaging your armor. That’s all I have for you guys right now. Did the video help you? Consider supporting me by subscribing, liking and sharing this video.


It helps more than you think. Stay tuned for more New World and Guild Wars 2 videos in the future! PEACE!.

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