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New World Crafting – Armoring – Leveling Guide (1 to 50)


Hey everyone, welcome to our 6th video on the Crafting Leveling series, in this guide I’ll be  showing my favorite way to level up Armoring from 0 to 50. Let’s go! To level up Armoring,  we’ll be using the Outfitting station, and the item we will be crafting is the Linen Shirt.  Although most of the level 0 armoring items you can craft here have the same experience to raw  material ratio, this one has the highest Fiber to Iron ratio, and considering that it’s much easier  to get 1 Fiber compared to 1 Iron, this will be our best option. In order to reach level 50  you will need to accumulate 11 125 experience, and since each Linen Shirt gives you 420 experience,  you will need to craft 27 of them, and for that you will need: 27 Iron Ingots or 108 Iron Ores,  324 Coarse Leather or 1296 Rawhide, and 594 Linen or 2376 Fiber.

For the Iron Ores, you only need  3 to 5 nodes, and the initial zones have plenty of them, but if you need help, I will have  links in the description for 2 of my Iron Ore Guides.

The Rawhide, comes from any skinnable  animals like Bunnies, Wolves, Boars, etc, and they are spread everywhere as well, you should not have  trouble finding them and collecting the required Rawhide. Finally, for the Fiber, a great location to  gather it, is in the region between Cutlass Keys and Windsward. In case you need help with that  I have a very detailed Gathering Guide for that region. It is a 30-minute Route that can yield over  3400 fiber, the link for it will also be in the description.

As soon as you have all that material  collected, it’s just a matter of going to the Outfitting Station and crafting the 27 Linen Shirts. And there you go level 50 Armoring! After you’re done crafting, since those will probably be very weak  Linen Shirts, what I recommend for you to do is just salvage all 27 shirts.

They should give you,  on average, 4 linen each, so around 108 total. Before we end, there is something I want to bring up here.

  For those who saw my previous guide on leveling weapons meeting by using the holding stone,  you may be asking why we did not use the similar item here available for Armoring, the  Weak Oakflesh Balm, after all, the recipes are quite similar. So, there are plenty of reasons  why we don’t want to use this one: First, it uses Oil that is much harder to get compared to stone.  Second, it does not require any refining skill, so no double-dipping on the experience.

And Third, the  final product is way less desired, so you are going to have a hard time trying to sell it. So those  are the reasons why I don’t recommend using this one.

And that’s it, thank you so much for watching,  if you want more crafting leveling guides, be sure to Subscribe, and check out the playlist over here,  that has guides for all other Crafting Skills. And I hope to see you all, on the next one. Take it easy!.

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