New World Crafting – Cooking – Leveling Guide (1 to 50)


Hey everyone, LastOne here with our 7th video on the Crafting Leveling series, in this one I’ll  be sharing my favorite way to level up cooking, from zero to 50, Let’s go! To level up cooking we’ll be using the Kitchen station, and the leveling process is very simple, first of all you  need to already be level 1 cooking, but if you did the game initial quests, on the beach, you should  already have cooked at least one Light Ration recipe and that’s all you need to reach level  1 and unlock the recipe we will need, the Travel Ration. If we check the Travel Ration recipe you  will notice something interesting, and that’s the fact that you can use many different resources as  both primary and secondary ingredients.

So, out of the options that we have for primary ingredient  the ones that I like to use are either Carrot, , Corn or Squash. Mainly because they are very  easy to find in high quantities on farms around most settlements.

Like near First Light, Monarchs  Windsward, and Everfall. As secondary ingredient, you can use even more options, 141 according  to, but the one I prefer, by far, is Honey. Mostly because honey can be found in huge  quantities near Kutlass Keys, and each of these Honey Trees will drop you from 11 to 40+ Honey,  so in a single gathering run, you will probably stockpile enough for an entire week of cooking.  So, considering you are level 1, in order to reach level 50 you will need another 3447 experience,  since each Travel Ration gives you 24 xp, you will need to craft 144 of them, and for that you  will need: 144 of any combination of Carrot, Corn, Squash, or any other item on that list really.

  and 144 Honey. A note here, if you prefer to diversify a little bit, once you get to level 2,  you can also craft some of the Energizing Travel Ration, that gives you mana instead  of health.

The recipe and the experience are exactly the same, so it’s totally up to you. once you have all the required ingredients, you just go to the cooking station, and craft  144 meals, either all Travel Rations or a mix of that and Energizing Travel Rations.  And there you, go level 50 cooking!

As always, I hope this was helpful to you, if you are interested  in more guides, you can check the one on Weapon Smithing, from last week. And be sure to subscribe if  you don’t want to miss the next one, on Engineering, Alright? Take care, and see you guys on the next one..

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