New World Crafting – Engineering – Leveling Guide (1 to 100)


Hey everybody, welcome to our video number 8 on the Crafting Leveling Series, this time I’ll  be sharing my favorite way level up Engineering, from 0 to 100, so we’ll be going a bit further  this time, mostly because the items that we’ll be using, they are, like, interconnected to each other. So, let’s go To level up Engineering, we’ll be using the Workshop Station, and this guide will  be divided into two phases: The first one is to level up from 0 to 63, and the second one from 63  to 100.

And the item we’ll be crafting for phase one is the Gunpowder. So, in order to  reach level 63, you will need to accumulate 21,525 experience, and since each Gunpowder Recipe  gives you 96 experience, we will need to craft 225 of them, and for that you will need: 225 Saltpeter,  450 Flint, and 1125 Charcoal or 2250 Greenwood. For the saltpeter, the best place to get it is on  a cave located North West of Everfall.

There you will find over 10 Saltpeter nodes very close to  each other, and with a short respawn time, between 5 to 10 minutes. If you have trouble finding the  correct cave, I will have a link for a Guide on the description below. The Flints, you can collect from  everywhere, but I usually just grab them while I’m going from Everfall to the Saltpeter Cave,  and back. And for the Greenwood, you should not have any trouble finding it everywhere in the Everfall  region.

After you are done gathering everything, you just need to go to the Workshop and craft the 225  Gunpowder Recipes, that will result in a total of 1125 Gunpowder, since every recipe generates 5.

Now, you should be level 63 and we can move to Phase two. The item we’ll be crafting for phase  2, are the Iron Cartridges. The main reason we are transitioning from Gunpowder to the Cartridges,  is not because it’s more efficient in terms of Engineering experience, but because while  approaching level 100, you should also be thinking about getting some Refining Skills experience,  and by just crafting Gunpowder, you won’t be getting any Smelting or Weaving experience.

And that is also the $Money$ reason since Cartridges usually sell much faster than Gunpowder.  So, in order to get to level 100, you will need another 75,850 experience, and since  each Cartridge Recipe grants you 72 xp.

you will need to craft 1054 of them, and for that  you will need: 4216 Iron Ingots or 16864 Iron Ores, 1054 Linen or 4216 Fibers and 1054 Gunpowder.  The Gunpowder, you should already have from phase 1, and if you need help on where to get the Iron  or the Fibers, I will have links in the description for my Gathering Guides for those 2. All those  materials combined, are too heavy to be stored all at once, so you probably want to first get  all the Fibers, make them into Linen, and store them alongside your Gunpowder. Then, you go out for Iron  runs, and after every run, you smelt your Iron into Ingots, and use the Ingots right away to make a few  Cartridges. When you finish crafting all 1054 Cartridge Recipes, you will have a total of 52,700  Iron Cartridges.

By the way, that is heavy, you should consider selling some of them during  your leveling process.

But the important thing here is that you will have reached level 100  Engineering and can even start working with Starmetal, since if you follow the guide correctly,  you should have earned a total of 172,026 experience in smelting, and that should  also land you at level 100 Smelting. One note here before we end, if for some reason  you don’t care at all about your refining skills, there is one special item that you can craft, that is by far the most efficient if you only care about the engineering skill itself, and that is the  Weak Proficiency Booster Potion. It gives a low 36 experience, but it only takes 1 Water, 1 Soul  Mote and 1 Air Mote. So it’s very easy to make in high quantities.

But as i said, the downside is that  you won’t level at all any refining skill, and you also won’t find much use for this low level potion,  since they don’t really sell, and cannot be salvaged into anything. So, I do not recommend  it, unless you are already very high level on your Refining Skills and also don’t care about gold.

  So, that’s it this video was the last one for the Phase 1 of this project. For the second Phase,  we’ll be pushing every Crafting Skill to level 150, so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss  that. As always, thank you so much for watching, and I hope to see you all, on the next one!

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