New World Crafting – Stonecutting – Leveling Guide (1 to 50)


Hey everybody, LastOne here with another Crafting Leveling Guide, this time on stonecutting.  Technically this is a Refining leveling guide since stonecutting is a refining skill but  regardless, this is what I consider the fastest way to level your stunecutting from 1 to 50, let’s go! So, this guide will be much simpler than any of my previous ones since if you check the stonecutting  station you’ll see that the only thing that you can use to level up stone cutting from level 0  are Flawed Gems and Stone Blocks, so there is not much decision to be made here on what will you  use to level up at these lower levels, we will be doing it by just cutting stones. To get to level 50  you will need to accumulate 14065 experience and since each stone block grants you 36 experience  you will need to cut 391 stone blocks and for that, you will need to gather 1564 stones. Assuming you are low level and don’t have a bag yet and can carry only 200 kilos, you need to do two stone runs.

  Although you can do it anywhere on the map, where I recommend for you do it is around Everfall  the path is really simple and quick, therefore I will just leave it running in fast forward while  I explain it.

You will leave Everfall by the South gate and turn to your left, to the East direction  and then you just literally follow the city wall passing in front of the East entrance  the one with the stairs, all the way to the North entrance of the settlement. By the time you reach  the North gate you should be close to your maximum carry capacity with 800 to 900 stones.  So, at this point, you just go into the settlement cut the stones at the station: If you have a lot  of sandpaper and don’t care about burning some, you can store them since when you reach level 50 you  can turn them into stone bricks for some extra experience, but I usually just drop them on the  floor and run again to the South gate for the run number 2. Each of these runs will take you less  than 10 minutes to do so, we are talking about less than half an hour in a worst-case scenario.

  When you finish the second run and cut the second batch of stones, you will then have reached level  50 or even a few levels higher, depending on how many stones you got on the two runs.

A note here:  If you intend to level Jewelcrafting as well, be sure to do this before you do that since having  high stonecutting level increases your chances of getting an extra Cut Gem every time you cut a gem.  So that’s it, a very simple guide this time if you enjoyed this kind of content please  consider giving me that Like [ and Sub! 😉 ] and I hope to see you on the next one, take it easy!.

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