New World – Guide – How to Craft MAX (600) Gear Score Items


Hey everybody, LastOne here, in today’s video I want to show you what you need to do to be able to  craft weapons, armors, and tools with 600 Gear Score, the highest possible Gear Score currently in the  game, so let’s go! First of all, we are not talking here about the Named Items. Those are deterministic  items, where the Gear Score and Perks are fixed. For those, you just need to have the required level, and  the exotic materials to be able to craft them. What we’re going to be talking about here, is what you  need to be able to craft the generic Tier 5 items, things like Orichalcum Tools, Weapons and Armors,  with the 600 Gears Score.

As an example, I will be talking about Tools, but exact same steps applies  for Weapons and Armors, just with different names. So, when you are about to craft an item, the game  tells you the possible Minimum and Maximum Gear Score you can achieve, given your current situation.

If we had zero modifiers, a Tier 5 item would have both, minimum and maximum Gear Score of 500.  That means that every item you craft, would always have exactly 500 Gear Score. Now, the first modifier  we’re going to talk about here is the Crafting Skill Level.

If you check the experience table  in, you will see that for Tier 5 tools, it only contributes towards the Maximum Gear Score,  so by being level 200, that bonus is +25. So, now our Gear Score range is from 500 to 525. The next modifier we have, is the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary materials. For the best  bonus, you want to use their Epic variants, those that you need level 200 to refine.

So, Asmodium, Runic Leather, Glittering Ebony, and Phoenix Weave. Each of those add +15 for both minimum and  maximum, so by using all three, we get +45 /+45, raising our gear score range to 545 to 570.  The 3rd modifier we have is your Gear Perks. First, all your armor, that is: Helmet, Chest  Gloves, Pants, and Shoes, for our Tools example, needs to have the Engineer Expertise perk.  Each one of them will add +2 Minimum and +2 Maximum, for a total of +10/+10.

In  addition to that, your Earring piece can also have a Crafting related perk, that in our Tools example  is called Engineer Mastery. That alone, gives +5 Minimum and +5 maximum. So, all the gear  combined gives a bonus of +15/+15, and will raise your gear score range to 560 to 585.  Then we have the 4th modifier, Food. Each Crafting Skill has its own Tier 5 food,  in case of Engineering, you need to consume the Herb-Crusted Vegetables.

That will give you +15 Minimum and Maximum for 40 minutes, raising your range to 575 to 600. So, this is all that is  NECESSARY for you to be able to craft the 600 Gear Score items, but, you can increase your chances by  raising the minimum even further, for that we have the 5th modifier, Trophies.

Those can be added to  your houses, and each house can only have a single Trophy for a given crafting skill, but that is per  house. So, if you have 3 houses and 1 Major Trophy for the relevant skill,  in our example, the Major Engineering Crafting Trophy, you will get +5 minimum from each  one of them, for a total of +15, bringing our range to 590 to 600. But, it’s not over yet!

  There is one last modifier you can get, and that is the Town Project. If you are crafting in a settlement  that has the correct Town Project activated, in our example would be the Engineer’s Patience buff,  it gives you another +5 minimum, bringing you to the final range of 595 to 600.  So, that’s basically a 17% chance of getting that perfect 600. And that’s it, that’s how you craft  the best possible Gear Score items currently in the game. As always, if you found this useful please  consider Subscribing and Liking the Video, and I hope to see you all on the next one!

Take it easy!

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