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What’S up guys welcome back, and here we have the actual official patch notes, or at least the public ones, for the new world alpha, which is including the content we went over in yesterday’s video, the wreak water, endgame zone, the fishing and a whole bunch more tweaks. There’S actually more system changes in this video that are going to be interesting to you guys so definitely stick around for that and what this video is going to be. Is i’m going to give you the patch notes up front and then, after the patch notes, i will give you my opinion on what’s been said, what’s happening with the game and how i feel about all these changes.

So let’s get started first up we have some lore behind greek water. I’M not going to read it all word for word, because it’s probably not super interesting for everyone. But morally the story is it’s a densely worded supernatural swamp. It’S been called reekwater by the fisher folk because, as you would have guessed, it doesn’t smell very good. There’S a town called the bayou village, it was cool, then a siren queen showed up, and now it isn’t. Anyone who didn’t leave is now working for the siren. Queen and the siren queen is now looking at the angry earth and trying to regain her lost soul. So the difference here is that reekwater has an actual story associated with the zone and with that comes story. Quests. If you remember from the new world preview, quests were very much an afterthought, and mostly there just to give you experience and not to tell any kind of story. So this is a change of that original design and the first of a real narrative being added to the game.

Besides the subtext of the actual game world. In addition, the zone has newly added enemies, which is another thing. Many people criticized in the preview that being the low variety of enemies, the enemies added to the zone are as follows: there’s four new swamp triads. These are angry earth creatures that use the bog and magic to fight the players. There’S the undead pirate brew. It’S basically a blastoise, but a pirate, two swamp fiends, one chases players to explode and the other is a melee attacker creepers. This is basically what you see in all your favorite anime programs. Especia a special tentacle attack force. Sufferance of the elders is a swamp version of the beast that pulls minions from the ground. I have no idea what that means, but the protector of the source is a boss version of that sufferance of the elders. It’S harder, that’s what she said and it consumes minions to throw out homing spikes.

The new skill fishing has been added along with a blurb about it, claiming fishing is relaxing, which you know i tend to agree with. Fishing system notes fishing added wide variety of fish added to all waters; added fishing rod to the engineering trade skill as a new skill tree; five tiers of fishing rods and 11 unique perks available for them fishing hotspots added, which increase bite, speed and variety of potential Fish, increasing fishing skill increases the ability to find said hot spots, gather cook and loot to find bait, which will then increase your chances of catching rare fish and, along with the fishing system, they’ve added fishing quests.

They mention reek water by name, but i’m unsure. If this means it’s the only zone that currently has them it most likely will be for now, but i imagine they will add more later enemy updates. So this is the second part of the threat system. Just to remind you of part, one which came a month ago, i will go over that for context. So part one introduced a new threat system where a single threat value is calculated per player. Aka, an aggro system highest threat, increases the chances that the enemy targets you they created logic of how the threat is calculated for now, damage and threat perks are the main factors, but special attacks will add or remove threat in the future healing did not currently affect Threat in this system on the first stage, so that was the first one and the second stage in these patch notes is as follows: they say quote: we want it to be clear which player an enemy will target and provide more ways. Players can manipulate threat so healing and blocking now also generates threat.

The sword mastery tree has been updated to make two abilities generate threat. Additionally, other trees can be expected to have a similar update later added taunt to the shield bash and added an aoe threat bonus to intimidating rush as well as this system update. We have another system added called the elite enemy system, and this is also part one. So we can expect further expansion on this in future patch notes. They say specifically, they want their elite and champion enemies to be more of a challenge and offer more unique gameplay. So what they’ve done is added the elite system which allows them to assign one to three traits to enemies that vary gameplay. These can be specifically signed or randomized. The three trait categories that have been implemented so far are offensive, defensive and utility in offensive. They include elemental damage, increase damage, bonus, increase and block damage bonus in defensive. They have increased health, increased armor and increased elemental resistances and in utility they have explodes on death and frost aura. They note that this will be expanded upon in the future and they’ve added an inherent buff for the elites that all elites and champions will have.

The buff makes grit attacks unbreakable but reduces the block damage that they do, which will allow tanks to better handle multiple enemies and they do state. The difficulty for level 50 combat has been increased across the board and, as i know, they say that this will require much more tuning as they continue to work on the end game of new world. Next up is the weapons and balance update. They have added in a targeted healing system to make it easier for supports to heal their allies. So when healing pulse or divine embrace is activated, the friendly player closest to the caster’s reticle will be locked on pressing. The left. Mouse button will cast the heal ability on that target and the target lock will disable. After the cast is completed. You can switch the target lock by using your mouse wheel, up and down or by moving the mouse in the direction of another friendly player.

The target lock can be switched to manual targeting by pressing the middle mouse wheel, and you can cancel the lock by cancelling the heel ability. Users can also self-cast heels by holding the control key and then pressing the heel ability and in a future build. They will further refine targeted, healing and modify the hud to identify healing targets in and out of groups. Additionally, they’ve updated the critical hit system and added more ways to diversify your builds, which include all weapons having an assigned critical hit chance. Currently, this ranges from between three to five percent, depending on the weapon variant and then expect more variations and weapons focusing on criticals in the future. All weapons have a critical hit, modifier also, which determines what multiplier of damage is done when a crit occurs and critical hits and backstabs don’t currently get called out in a damaged text with orange color just like headshots, but they will in a further release, they’re also Planning on adding perks that modify crit chance as well as critical and damage modifier in the future, individual balancing the musket has had the trap skull. Skill cooldown increased to 30 seconds, the life staffs might upgrade.

Changes decreased bonus, damage to empowered smite to 15 and decrease the additional bonus damage of ultimate smite to 25, and then the sword has an increased slow effect, duration from the intimidating rush up to four seconds and then at the very end, the user interface experience update. Talking about nameplates for characters, they have now three levels of details: the full which shows everything the medium, which shows name and guild crest, behinds, other non-key info, such as chat bubbles and then small, which is just the small diamond version. The new default setting displays 5 full 10, medium and 31 distant. Previously, this was limited to one full, four, medium and 15 distant nameplates at once, and they’ve also added a setting for number of nameplates displayed. So you can adjust this yourself depending on what your pc can handle and what you want. Pinned quests have been updated, so you can now pin six up from three and then the pinned quest, icons on the map are indicated by pinned icon, making it easier to navigate and then finally, the weapon.

Mastery tutorial for new characters has been tuned to make it more clear how ability slotting works and visual effects have been added to abilities when they are slotted into the mastery screen, and that’s it for the patch notes for this update. So what do we think about it? So call me crazy, but a month ago, when the patch notes came out before and they talked about the changes to stats and they talked about changes to the ai and the aggro system and actually implementing one. I did feel like, and i did say that they are turning this game into more of a trinity, focused tank, healer, dps game and going to more theme park route and had a whole bunch of people that were like. Oh, you jump into conclusions just because they’re doing that doesn’t mean that they’re going for a trinity system. I think anyone looking at this right now and not seeing that they’re going for a trinity system is ignoring the clear signs. So i don’t bring that up as like a negative. I think that it’s not the direction. I wanted the game to go but at the same time it’s the direction that makes the most sense for what they’re trying to do.

We need to start looking at new world as what they want it to be and what it’s going to be and not what we thought it was going to be or what we wanted it to be. It’S just unreasonable it’s going in the this direction. Now it looks like they are pulling out all the stops and adding in systems that actually make sense, and it does seem like they are addressing the problem, which has been the overall problem for new world this entire time. The game had no direction, it didn’t know. What it wanted to be, it seems that it does know what it wants to be now and it seems to be leaning more towards, like trinity style content, and we can expect there to be bosses that matter now and have mechanics that we can actually work around And play around and and will make sense within this style of game, and i think this is nothing but positive in general. I think the new zone doesn’t really do much for me. It doesn’t really address any problems, but they are from these other patch notes.

Addressing problems the elite system seems a little bit poor right now. It seems a little bit under underdone, but obviously this is the first iteration of it just giving things more damage and more health and more armor or more resists, just kind of feels like you’re. Just making you know, content that you’re gon na repeatedly do and it’s gon na just be like bullet sponge getting bigger and bigger. Hopefully, that’s not the case, but world of warcraft uses this in their mythic pluses. Then it seems to work totally fine. So if done properly, this can be another extension of of the gameplay loop in the late game, which obviously is something that new world drastically needed. As for everything else, aldo’s pretty much standard affair really stuff that we would expect to be seeing just little tweaks, uh ui changes which were drastically needed, and that’s about it. That’S this patch.

To be honest, there was more stuff in this patch than what i expected and looks good for new world. It looks like they’re actually making progress and i look forward to see what they’re gon na add in the next few months. Hopefully, there’s some changes to how the factions work and and changes to the territory, control system and stuff like that and yeah. That’S it for this video. Thank you very much for watching i’ve just set up my ps5 19th in the uk, so we got it got my demon soul, so we’re gon na be playing that on stream later so come check that out the link is in the video description and stay safe Out there, as always guys.

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