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Hello, everyone, my name, is founder and in this video i’ll be showcasing every datamined, legendary accessories such as necklaces rings and earrings found in new worlds code. I’Ve already made videos featuring both new worlds: legendary armor and weapons, which you’ll be able to see at the end of this video and in the description below as a disclaimer, this state of mind information may be subject to change some aspects, such as the perks of These legendary accessories that you’ll be seeing may be different or may even be a part of the random role category to clarify random rules are when an item always has different stats and perks when looted in future videos i’ll be covering natural perks of all legendaries, such As making a loot table of every possible role outcome for every legendary item in new world and where to obtain these items at be it questing crafting or any other means new world decides to throw at us now getting back to the legendary accessories.

You’Ll be seeing this datamined info in a rough image format that contains the perks and stats of each accessory, as well as the names relating to each piece, and just let me add that some of these perks are very overpowered and directly affect weapon abilities. I truly feel that new world’s item perks are going to be the true end game for everyone to farm people will be striving to target farm the perks that match their billet as soon as they hit level 60 to give themselves a huge advantage in pvp, which New world is definitely centralizing around in my opinion, especially with level scaling being as strong as it is in new world. The only true advantage for players being max level will be the consumables and the item perks that they have, which again will make item perk, farming and crafting even more demanding.

This is going to lead to some interesting builds that i’ll be sure to cover for both pvp and pve, with the goal of this channel just being to make people’s experiences in new world that much easier and more fun to have. That being said, please leave a like if this video is at all helpful and, of course, subscribe to help. My small little channel grow that much bigger and, of course, to see all my future new world content to come now. Here is every legendary accessory image that you’ll be able to see [ Music, ], [, Music ]. It’S not a game.

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