NEW WORLD MMO ► Everything We Know So Far About Dungeons (Expeditions, Instanced Content, Analysis)


Welcome back to the regularly scheduled broadcast. So, today we got the announcement that New World  would in fact be delayed, if you haven’t heard the news already I highly recommend you go check  it out. But today, I wanna talk about what we know so far about these new Expeditions or PVE dungeons they’ve just announced. To start with, they describe these as five  player adventures that are instanced, and take us to the darkest corners of Aeternum.  We’ll be facing dire threats, learning more about the source of corruption,  expose the Angry Earth’s ulterior motives, which I did not know they had, and also reveal the deeper menance behind the lost.

 Which just recently we analyzed some lore that  pointed to the Siren Queen herself.

Now what might happen though is they could potentially  introduce this character as either an arena boss like we speculated before,  or they might develop their own version of raids, and put isabella in those too. Now this very first expedition is what they showcase during the developer video  and in the kit they provided. During the video we can see in the distance what appears to  be the shattered obelisk. Just judging by the terrain and location alone, this is most likely  located either in Everfall, or Windsward.

It’s on the south side of the obelisk so I’m betting  it’s around Windsward, and just north-east of windsward is known as Amrine Temple.  This is a location people spent some time around in previous iterations.

It was an area  filled with ancient guardians, and was pretty decent location wise for usually being surrounded by regular berries and corrupted breaches. And to close those,  we needed to use the Corruption Bane. Which is also a tool we’ll use during these dungeons too.

  We can see in multiple parts how it’ll be used to open up casings, some of the doorways sealed  off by the ancients, things like that. There even seems to be other devices like  this one, which is under the name “Glyph Gate” in the creator kit, and in one of the clips the characters are shown using this platform to activate a bridge. Which  is good to see that there will be different types of mechanics we’ll be encountering during  these dungeons, along with these sometimes we might need to translate text from another  language to progress, or even gather an item like this candlestick that we  need to push further.

It’s shows that these dungeons have a lot of effort put into them,  which is so often one of the missing things on this side of MMOs. This also seems like another  way they’re gonna deliver lore and the story to people.

In a recent interview it was confirmed that more cinematics or visual storytelling are on the table, but this will be a very nice addition  to that. For the enemies we’ll be fighting in this one, they seem to be exclusively from the  Lost faction. Specifically the Withered. We’ve seen the withered giants in here,  the wraiths, and even some of the withered ghouls. There’s also some resources being gathered in here  so in future ones, we might see other types we can make use of.

My only hope at the moment is that we get decent rewards for doing them. Like maybe  a small chunk of experience per dungeon, and maybe even gold too. Doing that would make it  a more lucrative piece of content. Plus since they’re designing more of these, this is an  opportunity to create a new progression method to enhance the leveling experience. So if they  have this dungeon at 25, then another at 35-40 that maybe focuses on the lost and undead,  then another at 50-55 for the corrupted, that would be really good.

And at this point I  have no doubt that they’re probably doing the raids in the future, but I’m still a huge fan of the idea that they could implement open world dynamic events. For the level requirement,  like I said a second ago, this appears to be minimum level 25. I say that judging off of the  character levels in the instance, but also because they actually show us the level of  these mobs in a few of the clips. So the rewards we get will probably be close to that too. During this I also noticed that we do have a whirlwind ability for the greataxe,  so I’m really happy about that.

Plus that the Ancients do have their own language as we can  see from the translation interaction. That’ll be nice to explore from a lore perspective,  but in the meantime we should keep track of this symbol above the door just in case they tease new dungeon locations in the future.

But with that,  that’s everything we know about these Expeditions so far, let me know if I missed anything and also,  I’m curious how you guys feel about this feature being added into the game. Leave it all in the  comments below, have a wonderful night or day, and farewell..


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