New World Ultimate Crafting Guide | Fastest Way To Level 200


Hello, everyone, my name is founder and in this video i will be showing you the fastest way to level arcana engineering, weaponsmithing, jewelcrafting, armoring and cooking in new world i’ll, be teaching you the best item to craft in each respective crafting skill line. To save you, the most time spent farming and i will be breaking down exactly how much of each crafting resource you’ll need in order to reach max level 200 and these crafting trees, using only the lowest level resources possible and skipping anything that requires solvents sandpaper weaves. This guide will cut your leveling time in half and will save your higher tier mats for later use. Please leave a like if this video is at all helpful and, of course, subscribe to see more of my future new world content now onto the guide itself. The fastest way to level arcana is going to be crafting weak health potions or weak mana potions find a good source of briar buds or a hyssop near a fresh water source such as a river or lake.

You can then set up a camp to craft, as you gather no need to travel back and forth to town using this method, which will surely save you time. It’Ll take three hundred thirteen thousand five hundred seventy one week: health potions or mana potions to reach level. Two hundred and arcana needing three hundred thirteen thousand five hundred seventy one hyssop or interchangeably, briar buds and, of course, three hundred 313 571 fresh water to do these potions moving on to engineering feathers may be the hardest to come by for this, however, if they’re cheap On the trading post, buying them and crafting iron areas will be the best way to level engineering, and you can sell these areas to buy more feathers, to create a loop it’ll. Take 17 421 iron arrows to reach level 200 in engineering needing 69, 684 iron, ingots, 34, 842 timber and 52 263 feathers. However, if feathers are too hard to come by on your server or if you just simply want to skip this option, you can craft spears and be sure to salvage them to gain timber back to feed your crafting it’ll take 9223 treated wood spears to reach level 200 in engineering needing 92 230 timber, 46, 115 iron ingots and 18 446 coarse leather, now with weapon weaponsmithing crafting tier 2 weapons will be the fastest way to grind to max level.

Gathering solvent sandpaper weave makes crafting anything above tier 2 much more time consuming, use the table to see which weapon requires. What amount of resources to reach max level in weaponsmithing keep in mind that crafting something specific levels it up, allowing you to gain more gear score from it from future crafts, for example, only crafting long swords will level long swords up giving you more gear score from Its crafts versus something like a gray axe that you’ve never crafted before already then jewelcrafting power leveling jewel crafting, is best done by crafting a tier 2 amulet salvaging a tier 2 amulet will then return an uncut version of the flawed gem used to craft it. You can then create a loop converting the flaw gem to a cut flaw gem at the stone cutting table. This means you really only need one flaw: gem motes and heaps of silver ore. It may be more practical to have one of each flawed gems so that you can gather or buy all the moat types, such as air death, earth, fire life, soul and water.

Now the amount of flawed gym ambulance, you’ll need to craft in order to reach level 200 in jewelcrafting will be 97999, taking ninety nine 9799 gems, plus thirty nine thousand one hundred ninety six moats and nine thousand seven hundred ninety nine silver chains. Again, nine thousand seven hundred ninety nine silver settings. Yes, that is indeed a mouthful moving on to armoring light and medium warmer, look like the most efficient way to level up armoring, but it will likely depend on node mob respawn rates on launch. Please look at the table for resource numbers. Here are some notes to consider when thinking about what you want to spend your time gathering when salvaging crafted linen gloves, you actually get so much linen back that leveling with light armor requires more skinning resources, rather than gathering resources and opposite to linen gloves when salvaging Crafted coarse leather gloves you actually get so much coarse leather back that leveling with medium armor requires more gathering resources and, lastly, when salvaging crafted plate, gloves you’ll get so much iron ingots back that leveling with heavy armor will require much more skinning and gathering rather than Mining resources, this simple approach to cooking means that you just need to stand in one spot and fish there’s actually no need to go chasing fishing spots, as only tier three and tier two flits are required.

Alternatively, you can just go. Hunting. Wolves bears cows, sheep, goats, cats, alligators and bison, put up a camp near where you’re going to be grinding and cook the traveling rations as you go either fishing or hunting will require 22 522 travel rations to reach level 200 cookie and now, with this last little Bit of information, this will conclude the crafting guide of how to just max yourself out the fastest way possible. Thank you for watching and, of course, subscribe to see all my future content such as more guides like this one pvp and pve build creations of mine and legendary weapon, armor accessories, showcasings and walkthroughs of exactly how to receive these items in game. Keep the grind going strong, founder out: [ Music ]!


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