6 Beautiful S Class Heavy Fighters in No Man’s Sky Origins with Upgraded Damage & Shield Bonuses


No man’s sky has some pretty great ships and ship hunters behind me are six beautiful, heavy s-class fighters in various colours that i’m going to show you how to get fighters have the highest damage bonus potential of all ship types and are frankly just the most badass. Looking i’ve gotten each of these fighters and manually upgraded them to s-class, so that we can see what max stats they have as some time ago, ballisticoller discovered that when you upgrade a ship, the bonuses it receives at that class will always be the same. For that model of ship, so let’s go through where to get them, who originally discovered them, then we’ll go over their upgraded stats in case. Getting that damage as high as possible is something that you’re interested in [ Music ].

Yes, i know what you’re thinking i totally built this stage just for this video, but that’s beside the point. We’Re talking about ships here focus this first ship is a fantastic red single thruster thai alpha heavy fighter with light grey secondary colour discovered by crazy native who shared it with the world on the neumann sky, quant exchange subreddit. This bad boy can be found in a tier 3 economy, so 2 chance of spawning as s-class, which resides in the ice and galaxy with how travelling in the game is these days getting to ice, and them isn’t that big of an effort so worth who bring Or other methods to get this ship, our second offering is certainly one of my favorites out of this lot. I just love me some blue. This fantastic blue, single thruster thai snow speeder heavy fighter was discovered and shared by sir nerdolotsky once again on the norman sky court exchange. I’Ll tell you now that sir nerdolotsky is a very prolific documentary of ships. The sheer volume of high quality ships, i’ve seen by cern nerdlotsky, is very impressive. This fight can be found in a tier three economy in the starting galaxy euclid. Very much looking forward to seeing these stats on this one. The next one is up so quickly, just because it is also found in the same system as this blue beauty. I didn’t see a pose by sen nerdelotsky for this, but he definitely requires some credit, as i found it, while waiting for the former i’ve personally seen too many yellow fighters like this and thought he definitely needed a spot in this video as it’s the same system.

A tier economy means two percent chance to get the s-class of either per spawning, or you could just grab it upgrade it and get the stats will go over shortly. Number four is a different animal to the previous, letting go of the thai wings for some commonly referred to as e-wings single thruster snow speed, a heavy fighter with a medium grey primary body, colour and red trim. This was discovered and shared by musician tt. If you are familiar with some of my old multi-tour location videos, you may remember this name as a bit of an og documenter of much in no man’s sky. This fighter can be found in a tier 3 economy for that 210 s-class chance in the euclid galaxy nice one musician, tt on to the fifth in our selection. We have another e-wing, only this time with triple thrusters, a dorsal fin and a jet body.

The colours are pretty swish, with dark, grey, primary and blue trim, but also some chrome finished parts on the body. This was discovered and shared by samsung 724 on the equivalent exchange and can be found in a tier three economy residing in the euclid galaxy. Thank you. Samsung for sharing i’m sure there will be a few viewers who will go straight for it. Our sixth, showing marks the return of sir nerdlucky’s epic, finds this red primary with orange accents and some bare metal features fighter sports of viper nose, tie wings, single back thruster and heavy side thrusters a very rare, looking fighter. In my experience, it’s pitted on tuition is obtained in a tier three economy for that two percent s-class chance within the euclid galaxy. Now before we get on to a pretty fantastic looking honorable mention, as i can only properly show six like this in these videos. Let’S get to their stats when it comes to bonuses for fighters at s-class, the damage bonus will be between 55 and 60 percent shield between 15 and 25, and no bonus for hyperdrive spawning in s class naturally will give you random bonus numbers within these ranges, but Upgraded manually using nanites you’ll always get the same bonus numbers.

These numbers are difficult to work out from the in-game view, but i’ve used the save editor to view the exact stats these ships have after i upgraded them. In-Game ship number one’s upgraded, s-class stats are sadly very mid-range, as are most of these, with 57 damage bonus and 20.6 shield bonus, but bear in mind that this is still higher than any other ship type for the damage. Number two has the best damage of the lot at 58 with a shield bonus of eighteen point, eight percent ship three’s damage is average at 57.2, but its shields are the highest of these six at 23.7 number four has the worst overall stats with 57 damage and A very low fifteen point: six percent shield burns fighter number five: has the lowest damage out of the six at 56.6, but slightly above average shield bonus of 21 and lastly, fighter 6 has a damage bonus of 57.3 and a shield bonus of 21.8.

In the end, the damage bonuses for all of these are very high, just not perfect, for a fighter, and if you don’t perfect, you can always go the old-fashioned route of waiting for s-class versions to spawn until you get those perfect stats. Now, for our honorable mention this beautiful, yellow and s-class orange triple thruster needle nose heavy fighter with the dorsal fin and what i believe might be shock, wave wings was discovered and shared by flowery squirrel and only didn’t make it into this video because it is located In the abducable galaxy, which is a 12 galaxy, so certainly worth dimension for those who may want it as it’s only two galaxy jumps from iceland, its economy is also tier. Two, so would have a one cent chance of it spawning an s-class per spawn, but certainly doable and could just upgrade, if you so wished. If you decide to go for any of these ships, please check out the original post by those who discovered them and leave a thank you. Links to these posts and the profiles of the posters can be found in the pinned comment.

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