Howdy Folks and welcome to the Monday show, the day of the week I release a new guide and or tool and this week I have something pretty darn cool for yah faces. It is a brand new tool filled with annoyingly exhaustive mathematics behind the scenes that you don’t have to worry about, you just input some info and BAM!, you have a personalized plan to make units by the millions. But real quick before we get into it, a subject I’m sure everyone is tired of, that I am tired of myself, but I’ve come up with a plan to combat it, this is the demonetization thing that plaguing youtube atm.

Youtube themselves gave a somewhat ridiculous but valid solution when replying to the big players, this was to upload early, keep the video unlisted while the algorithm flags it, then the creator requests a manual review, it gets reviewed and unflagged at which point it is safe to publish. While this is ridiculous, it seems the best option, so that’s what I’m going to do, I’ll be uploading early, I’ll be aiming for a week early, which will be fine once I’ve gotten ahead. And I thought as they’re just sitting there able to be viewed with direct links, I may as well put them up on Patreon for any and all that support on there to see as soon as it’s uploaded. I never wanted to hold back content for Patreon, but as youtube is forcing me to hold it back I may as well put it on their while it’s being reviewed for those who wantem right away to see.

I’ve completely reworked the Patreon, I’ve removed the stupid joke tiers and there is now a single $1 or more a month tier which gives you early access. The schedule for release on youtube will not change, no skipped videos, I’ll just be putting them up early on Patreon And that’s about it. Now back to the tool! This ladies & gentlemen is the ultimate Farm Planner, this tool simply requires you to input the biome of the planet where you want to build the base, pick any extra things you want to build, like a Galactic Trade Terminal, the storage containers, exocraft pad, stuff like that, that is step 1, it will process that info and suggest a type of craftable trade good to produce, this takes your biome into account, so if a hot planet, it’ll suggest circuit board as you can plant solar vine outside on those planets. If you do not wish to produce the suggested, there is an override next to that, just type 1 to select one of the other trade goods to produce, even including things like Stasis Device, you can’t grow everything for them, but some of it can be and that’s what it will work with.

Once you’ve decided what you’ll be producing, look at step 3, the final step, where it will tell you the harvest times, this is how often you will be harvesting the base, this is important as for example, Frostwort only takes 15 minutes to mature and while gamma root and coprite take 30, if you’re harvesting every 15 minutes you only need half the frostwort than if you harvested every 30, meaning that you can produce more in 30 minutes if you harvest every 15. To simplify this whole thing I refer to Harvests and Cycles, a harvest is when you harvest the crops, a cycle is anywhere from 1 to 8 harvests depending on the produce and crops where you complete enough harvests to produce a full order of the craftable trade good you are producing.

For living glass, the harvests can be every 15 or 30 minutes, and the cycle will always be 30 minutes, for circuit boards the harvests can be every 15, 30 or 120 minutes and the cycle is always 120 minutes. So pick how often you will harvest and the calculator will work with everything you’ve put into it, considering any extras you’ve asked for, and give you a lot of information. It will tell you a list of buildings, tech items, and crops needed to build this base as well as a full list of every base resource you’re going to need to build it. It will also tell you how many of the trade good will be produced per cycle, the length of the cycle and how much each cycle is worth in units based on the Galactic Average. If you have chosen to produce items like Stasis device and Fusion Ignitors and such, it will tell you any other items you’re going to need to collect per cycle to complete that cycles order.

I understand that you may not screenshot this result, so don’t worry about those extras you’ll need to gather, you can use the shopping list calculator I release a month or so ago and just put in the item and quantity and it will tell you the base resources need for it, just ignore the crops in that list and you’ve got your shopping list per cycle. This bad boy caused some headaches, quite literally, eye strain has been present, but I think it is definitely worth it.

Let me know what you think about this tool in the comments and drop a like if you like it. Subscribe if you haven’t already and maybe think about checking out that Patreon for early access to the Monday, Wednesday and Friday shows. Above all, have an awesome day folks..

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