Howdy folks and welcome to the Penultimate farm build in this series of, well, farm builds, today we will be looking at the 2nd Part of the Atmosphere Harvester Farm. The first was an Acid farm that produced 28 Acid per harvest, it’s not built for pure efficiency, so does not require multiple harvests to get a huge amount of the craftable item, instead, it produces 28 and only requires a single harvest. Well, with Atmosphere Harvesters, not only do you need 2 Acid per, you also need 1 Heat Capacitor, but as you only need 1 of those, I’ve made this farm to accommodate the other, so this farm will produce 14 Heat Capacitors per harvest, allowing you to just go to both farms and be able to build 14 Atmosphere Harvesters provided you have the 28 Voltaic Cells needed to.

You may be thinking though, that a max complexity farm could easily make far more than 14 Heat Capacitors, and yep it can, so I’ve gone full efficiency mode and made this farm also create 22 Lubricant. Lubricant is required for building Autonomous Mining Units, 2 per with 1 Heat Capacitor, so if all you want is Autonomous Mining Units, you can visit just this farm and pick up enough to make 11 Mining Units every 2 hours, with a few spare Heat Capacitors.

Let’s take a closer look; The Solar Vine takes 2 hours to mature, and while Frostwort only takes 15 minutes, the farm is built to accommodate a single harvest and so unless you want a lot of spare Glass, just come every 2 hours for the Capacitors. The Lubricant, however, can be harvested for 22 every 30 minutes as both the Gamma Weed and Coprite Flower mature in only 30 minutes, so if you’re building just the mining units, coming for an extra halfway between the Heat Capacitor harvests every so often will give you the extra Lube to catch up.

As far as Units go, as with the Acid farm, this is a utility farm and is not made for directly making Units and is instead built to aid you in your future far higher goals of making your billions. Out of all of the things grown here, Gamma Weed is by far the most numerous, so this base must be located on a Radio-Active planet. The full list of Buildable Items for this farm is; 1x Galactic Trade Terminal 10x Bio-Domes 1x Ladder 9x Doors (These can be Normal or Holodoors) 56x Solar Vine 28x Frostwort 44x Coprite Flower & 176x Gamma Weed This will create a perfect 2000 complexity Farm The Resources Required to Build this Illustrious example of Industrious…ness, you will need; 500x Emeril 5x Circuit Board 6x Voltaic Cell 20x Living Glass 50x Glass 800x Titanium 230x Iron 9600x Carbon 12160x Thamium 5600x Solanium 2800x Frost Crystal 2640x Coprite & 17600x Gamma Root If you want Holodoors instead, you will need a further 450 Carbon, 2250 Radon & 2250 Sulphurine or 9 Organic Catalyst if you already have them crafted.

If this is your first farm, then you may not already have some of the items listed, like Living Glass, Glass, Voltaic Cells and Circuit Boards, so here are the base resources required to craft them; For 5 Circuit Boards you’ll need 500 Frost Crystal, 1000 Solanium, 500 Cactus Flesh and 1000 Star Bulb, make all that into 5 Heat Capacitors and 5 Poly Fibre and make those into the 5 Boards For the 6 Voltaic Cells, you will need 300 Marrow Bulb which can be gathered in caves from glowing Marrow Bulb plants. The 20 Living Glass will require 8000 Gamma Root, 5000 Frost Crystal and 1000 Coprite, make these materials into 20 Lubricant and 20 Glass, combine those to make your 20 Living Glass.

And finally, for the 50 Glass, you will simply need 12500 Frost Crystal which you can craft into 50 Glass. As for building it, start off by putting your Galactic Trade Terminal on a wall in the Default Circular Building. Then start placing the Domes, due to the existence of 5 empty plots within the domes, you can place them all freestanding and it will still work, though if you do, you will need to swap out the ladder for another door and require 30 less iron, otherwise, as Normal, place your first on top of the Default Circular Building then the other 9 freestanding anywhere within the Circular Base Building Restriction.

Then start putting in the access, put your ladder in the default circular room to gain access to the dome above, then add a single door to all freestanding bio-domes. Next is just a case of planting the crops, I prefer to make my surface crops super neat and looking nice, so I do those first so I can use the complexity points temporarily to build corridors as a guide, the corridors are then deleted before filling the Domed crops. So 176 Gamma Weed are to be planted on the planet surface, this can be anywhere you wish within the circular base building restriction. Then 56 Solar Vine, 28 Frostwort and 44 Coprite Flower are to be planted in the domes, depending whether you put the dome on top of the default building or not you will have 2 or 5 empty plots, I personally prefer to have them filled so would fill them with the surface crop, whether you do or not makes no difference to the complexity point levels.

Then you’re done. There are a lot of resources required here, expecially Carbon, Thamium and the crops, get carbon super easy from flora, buy the thamium at trading posts in Opulent or Affluent systems, or just obliterate a few hundred asteroids and use the Farmers Market linked in the description to find fellow traveler bases and harvest the required farmable resources from their farms, they submitted their farms for everyone to use so go ahead and usem, though remember that you should never claim a habitable base on the same planet or even system as someone else, you will render their base invisible to other players and ruin the social aspect for them, so please respect that. The Farmers Market covers PS4, PC as well as all Difficulties and Galaxies so go ahead and use it then maybe submit your base for others to use. This farm we’ve built today can be visited by anyone playing on PC, in normal mode and based within the Euclid Galaxy, the portal address and galactic coordinates can be found on screen now or in the video description, it is roughly 15 minutes on foot from the gate or 4 minutes via Nomad.

So thank you, everyone, for watching this video, Mondays will not be the last farm but will be working toward it so keep your eyes peeled on Xaine’s World at 8 pm GMT on Monday. If you liked this video, please be sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already for more NMS epicness, and maybe think about checking out my Patreon, a dollar a month is a great way to support the channel and my work while also giving you early access to the videos. But above all, have an awesome day folks..

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