Best Refiner Recipes You Probably Don’t Know | No Man’s Sky Origins Update 2020


We just got 150 chlorine out of 25 just by mixing it with oxygen. Welcome back to no man’s sky, everyone jason here and today i have a whole bunch of secret refiner recipes for you, because the origin update changed everything. So before we get into those details, i just want to give a huge shout out to all of you out there 97 000 subscribers. That is ridiculous. You guys it is awesome. You guys are insane but we’re trying to get to a hundred thousand subscribers.

So if you haven’t joined the channel or you haven’t, subscribed to the channel and you love no man’s sky, i don’t know why look down there below the video that red subscribe button click that thing for me we’re trying to get to a hundred thousand, and i Promise you, if you love no man’s sky, you’re gon na love, my video, so let’s just jump into these details for the uh refiner. Now, with the origins update, they changed a lot. They removed some items.

They gave us some more items like you can see. We have some recipes for items that we didn’t have before quantum computer magnetic resonator. I mean a solar mirror. We didn’t have any of these things before, and so we have new items, but they also changed a lot of our recipes in the refiner. Now there’s good old, reliable and i know you guys love it. It is going to be the uh chromatic expansion thing right. Remember. We said you put chromatic metal in there and, if you put in i don’t know, let’s say: cadmium cadmium was my go-to, because it was really easy to get and it made a whole. You know a whole stack of it. Well, look at that. It only goes one to two now, so you can make double your amount of cadmium, which is awesome right. So this is what we would normally do.

It used to be one to four. They cut it down to one to two which kind of sucks, but hey they wanted to balance it out. That’S fine! Now the issue comes up with it used to be cadmium, used to make two chromatic metals. Now it only makes one. So if you were to refine this again, you would lose your cadmium. You basically only make 20 chromatic metal. It is not as efficient as it used to be. It is not worth it in my opinion, i would not go with any of them and it works with all of them all of the precious metals that we used to go with the cadmium, the uh emerald, the indium they all are the same, and so none Of the metal chromatic metal expansions are worth it anymore, they’re not worth it. So i wouldn’t even go to that all right, but there are some other things that we could do. So if you did not know oxygen is the most important resource in no man’s sky and i’ll. Show you why so we’re going to put down 10

So we have 10 oxygen and let’s pull out something uh normal. Like hey look, we have some condensed carbon right. Look at that we can make oop, let’s only put 10 in there. We make one condensed carbon and two oxygen, make six condensed carbon, which means you get almost like six times as much condensed carbon. So that is something that’s the uh oxygenate carbon. It’S basically like a car, a condensed carbon expansion. So, let’s do it and it doesn’t take any time to do boom. Now we have 30, we only used five of our carbon and we made 30 condensed carbon.

That is crazy. That is just insane. So that is one of the recipes that i love. But oxygen can be used for so much more too. So you you could do it for condensed carbon. If you want to make a lot of money, you can try cobalt. So if you find cobalt somewhere, you say: okay, look! It goes two to five. Two to five, so we use two of each and we make five. So that’s a little over double. That’S like two and a half times uh process, but it makes ionized cobalt. So that’s pretty awesome right. Let’S do that real fast! So out of 10, we made 25 ions cobalt, that’s two and a half times right, but we could do better than that. Let’S do oxygen, and this is two oxygen and one ionized cobalt makes six ionized cobalt. It’S just like the condensed carbon We’re making six times the materials look at that we just used five iodized cobalt and we made 30 .

And if you’re gon na try to make money by selling this, it is 401 per ionized cobalt. So you can make millions doing that just add in a whole bunch of oxygen and look at 50 ionized cobalt. Let’S see how much 50 gets us. Look at that 50 ionized cobalt just turned into 300 ionized cobalt, that is insane, but it gets even better than that. So, if you’re trying to get the best material to sell, i would always suggest chlorine. Chlorine is the highest selling item that you can duplicate with that same process that we were just doing with the co. You know condensed carbon and the uh ionized cobalt, so you would take chlorine and you put it in there, but sometimes you can’t find chlorine like you can’t buy it. You can’t make it so. What i would always suggest is you put some salt, put some salt in your refiner with your oxygen because for it’ll take two salt and two oxygen and make five chlorine so that again that’s two and a half times. So let’s try this so from 10 salt.

We just got 25 chlorine beautiful right and then, if you put chlorine in here, it is just like the ionized, cobalt you’d use two oxygen and one chlorine and it makes six chlorine. So that is six times the amount of chlorine, let’s pop it in 25 chlorine. Let’S see how much we get, we just got 150 chlorine out of 25 just by mixing it with oxygen. That is so awesome. You can just keep doing this process over and over and i say, use chlorine because it is worth 602 dollars per chlorine.

So you can make millions doing that as well, but it gets better than that, because oxygen is the best resource in the game period. It is the best material you can ever find. Let’S put that away now, let’s say: hey look you’re looking for a special material! Well, if you are like me, i collect all the uh. The special items from each planet like every radiation planet will have uranium on it. So let’s put some radiation or some uranium in there. If you put that in there one oxygen and two uranium will give you one gamma root, you don’t even have to farm it. Look at that. You don’t even need the gloves to get it. You can just do that boom and i just got five gamma root. So holy cow, easy peasy and that works for everything if you put the hot uh material, so that would be the um phosphorus you put phosphorus and oxygen together. That’Ll give you solanium! Look at that solanium! Oh just kicked me out of there.

Why? Okay, it’s just got selenium from that everything will work with oxygen, so my huge tip to you is put something in there with oxygen now, not everything’s gon na work like if you put the gamma root in with the oxygen. It’S not gon na work, but if you put the uh chlorine or the cobalt you know, chromatic metal doesn’t work either. You see that like boom, you just drop it in there, but it is totally worth it just to see what happens. There are so many different recipes like dioxide. What are you gon na get frost crystals boom right there so much it is so crazy. So, if you’re, looking for specific material from a hot or a cold planet, just stick something in there with oxygen, you’re good to go and all these materials you can buy from a space station. Remember that go to the space station go to the terminal.

They will have a majority of these items, not not every single one, but they will have. Every system is going to have something in it, and so, if you didn’t find what you want go to another system or talk to one of the pilots that lands on the space station, they will have other materials as well. There is so much you could do with the refiner. It is the most overlooked item in the game. I think, because you can make anything with this refiner now and you don’t even need a large one.

All you need is your refiner to have two spots in it. So if you have a medium refiner, that’ll work too, your personal and your portable refiner they’re really limited because they only have one slot, as you can see, but i mean like if you need some uh chlorine put your salt in there. Salt, just by itself will turn into chlorine, takes two salt to make one chlorine. You can totally do that if you’re out of uh carbon throw in some oxygen because oxygen turns into carbon. So if you need carbon for your mining, laser anything like that boom right off the bat throw in some oxygen you’ll get carbon there’s.

So many cool things you can do with your uh, your personal refiner, your large refiner, your medium refiner start using refiners because you can make a ton of items in no man’s sky. So hopefully you guys liked the video if you did hit that like button. For me, and if you want to see more subscribe to the channel, i’m uploading videos all the time, and i will see you guys next time.

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