Hello and Welcome everyone to another farm build, this time covering Living Glass and the highest possible units per hour farm without requiring other materials. This farm runs on a 30 minute cycle but requires being harvested every 15 minutes for a super haul output. One of the harvests is just a few frostwort whereas the other harvest is everything, so you have about 15-20 minutes spare over the cycle period to explore nearby or hunt for other planet bound resources you may need in the interim. As with the Circuit Board farm from the last video, the one we’ll be building today is fully operational and can be visited and harvested by anyone playing on PC in Normal mode and within the Euclid Galaxy.

It has also been filed in to the Farmers Market Farm Database and is a fair bit closer to the portal than the Circuit Board farm. This fairly full-on living glass farm is perfect for those who want to maximise their profit potential while not having to go out of their base to gather specific less consistent resources. So let’s take a closer look at it; This farm creates 25 Living Glass every 30 minutes, so 50 an hour leading to a per hour value output of 38,280,000 units It must be built on a radio-active planet in order to make use of the surface planting of Gamma Weed and features a Galactic Trade Terminal. Other than the Galactic Trade Terminal everything is dedicated purely to the farm. The full list of buildable items for this farm is; 1x Galactic Trade Terminal 9x Bio-Domes 1x Ladder 8x Doors (These can be Normal or Holodoors) 63x Frostwort 50x Coprite Flower & 200x Gamma Weed This configuration is exactly 2000 complexity so leave no room for any additional items.

It also has 7 empty plots within on of the Bio-Domes which is annoying for us kinda-OCD types but is still the most efficient use of Complexity Points. The required resources to build this behemoth of crystal are; 500x Emeril 5x Circuit Boards 6x Voltaic Cells 18x Living Glass 45x Glass 720x Titanium 210x Iron 10890x Carbon 12520x Thamium 6300x Frost Crystal 3000x Coprite 20000x Gamma Root If you want Holodoors instead, you will need a further 400 Carbon, 2000 Radon & 2000 Sulphurine or 8 Organic Catalyst if you already have them crafted. If this is your first farm, then you may not already have some of the items listed, like Living Glass, Glass, Voltaic Cells and Circuit Boards, so here are the base resources required to craft them; For 5 Circuit Boards you’ll need 500 Frost Crystal, 1000 Solanium, 500 Cactus Flesh and 1000 Star Bulb, make all that into 5 Heat Capacitors and 5 Poly Fibre and make those into the 5 Boards For the 6 Voltaic Cells you will need 300 Marrow Bulb which can be gathered in caves from glowing Marrow Bulb plants. The 18 Living Glass will require 7200 Gamma Root, 4500 Frost Crystal and 900 Coprite, make these materials into 18 Lubricant and 18 Glass, combine those to make your 18 Living Glass.

And finally for the 45 Glass you will simply need 11250 Frost Crystal which you can craft into 45 Glass. We’ll start by putting in the Galactic Trade Terminal, it’s components take up a large number of slots, so doing this first will certainly help you in slot management. Then place the Bio-Domes, the first must be placed on top of the default circular room with the other 8 freestanding anywhere within the buildable areas circular restriction. A good tip here is to use cheap iron corridors to space your Bio-Domes neatly then delete the corridors. Once your Bio-Domes are built start adding the access, put a ladder in the default circular room to gain access to the dome on top, then add a normal or holodoor to each freestanding biodome. Then just start filling the Domes with 63 Frostwort plants and 50 Coprite, I would advise having all of you frostwort as easily accesible as possible, you will be harvesting this twice as often as any other crop as it only takes 15 minutes to mature while everything else takes 30, so put these in domes closest to the default room as together as possible. Once you have filled the dome crops, you should have 7 empty plots, if you wish to put 7 of the Gamma Weed here so you don’t have empty plots that is fine, it won’t make any difference to the complexity levels, otherwise, put all Gamma Weed on the planet surface anywhere with the buildable areas circular restriction.

It’s good to use the Gamma Weed as make-shift walls and such to guide you through you route or make cool patterns, but keep in mind it is a little easier to harvest a line of crops that are concave as apposed to convex allowing you to simply stand still and turn the camera while holding down the harvest button. Or do what ive done here and make a straight double think line that can be walked over to harvest with ease. The carbon can be bought over time from your galactic trade terminal or Harvested on mass from trees. The Thamium is best procured at Trading Platforms in Opulent and Affluent systems or by obliterating huge amounts of Asteroids if you’d rather not spend the units buying it.

This farm will create 25 Living Glass per Harvest or 50 Per Hour, each Living Glass is worth 765,600 Units based on the Galactic Average, meaning that the total worth of the farm per hour is 38,280,000. This is the highest output configuration without moving up to level 3-5 craftable items which will gain you more units but require you to gather other resources that cannot be farmed. Before anyone says it, yes you could get rid of the Galactic Trade Terminal and put 2 NipNip in or something, but that would add a near immeasurable amount extra and I think the Trade Terminal is far more valuable as it only costs as much complexity as 2 crops.

When selling you can achieve a sale of 215 at once making great use of a rare deal at a space station by utilizing all 43 slots in a 48 slot hauler, I say all 43 as 5 of those slots cannot be reclaimed for storage purposes due to the technology permanently in place. I recently sold a full 215 Living Glass in a single sale and got a decent price, it was around 160 million or so for the single sale. So go and build your epic Living Glass farm and let me know how you get on, then add it to the Farmers Market database.

The Farmers Market is a great place to find the addresses and details of fellow traveler farms over all Platforms, Galaxies and Difficulties, then visit and harvest to your hearts content, they are amazing for helping you get your own farm off the ground to as they are a substantial investment that requires a lot of time to gather the resources for, but with base sharing it is a whole lot easier. This farm we have created today can be visited by anyone on PC, playing Normal Difficulty in the Euclid Galaxy via the portal address or Galactic Coordinates on Screen now, it is pretty much within the hub in an Opulent system, the planet it is on is just about the most beautiful Radio-Active planet I have found as of yet and that’s partly why I chose it, I spent many hours looking for a Radio-Active planet with a habitable base super close to the portal, I found ones closer than this, but after making the 7 minute trip by Nomad myself, the countless lakes and hills along the way swayed me to build it here, I hope you’ll all enjoy the scenery on your way to gaining some Living Glass.

The next one I’ll be doing this wednesday is super crazy close to the gate, I actually found the planet I’m going to use while looking for this one, so it will be super convenient. Thank you for watching folks I hope this video helped you in some way and if it did, please be sure to hit that like button, subscribe if you haven’t already and maybe think about checking out my Patreon, a dollar a month is a great way to support the channel and my work while also giving you early access to the videos. but above all, have an awesome day folks!.

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