Bhop Dash, Guide to the lost tips of travelling faster than normal melee dash boost and potentially faster than your starship By: Xavonium


First shift to run then do the normal melee dash(if you’re new and do not know then practice that first), but the difference is you do not hold space but holding it for a second and not pressing q at the start, you HOLD q. This way when you are touching the ground again you immediately melee and you only need to press space again, still holding q and repeat. At which every repeat the speed is maintained and increased

Strafing : hold W in the air if you want to keep your speed, hold S if you want to brake mid air, press W + A/D if you want to strafe mid air.
Below is a video of me demonstrating in low atmosphere planet to show how much I can travel with this technique.

from my starship to 10 minutes away, and you’ll see my jetpack isn’t even half empty. Full jetpack upgrades.

Now from 10 minutes to my ship.

Very needed advice to maintain and optimize your speed:

  • Practice to do the single melee dash boost first, then when you are good enough with the timing and muscle memory, you can learn the timing about the delay between the repeating melee dash(Q+W, not Q only) so that you can continue melee dashing

  • Do not let go of W when midair, as it will slow you down

  • Do not strafe too hard, or you’ll lose big amount of speed while midair

  • You don’t need to spam Q when you’re at the ground, simply hold Q and when you touch the ground it will melee as soon as your feet touches the ground and you only do the jump part

  • wearing full shield is not optional, but a requirement, it might be a small drop but because of the insane speed you’ll lose so much health.

  • Full jetpack tanks are also a fun thing, recommended but not a requirement

  • Don’t be too greedy and underestimate the speed, if your shield downs 3/4 then just stop.

  • Your biggest obstacle here is a random ass plant / stones spawning instantly when you touch the ground and causing you to lose your speed and flung sideways(example video 2), but sometimes when it’s good it makes a nice 22,5o stone for you to balance speed and height.

  • Of course, safe a little bit of fuel to land

  • If melee dashing doesn’t work correctly or there’s some sort of input lag when you melee dash normally, you probably have the rocket boots.

  • This chugs many life support power, so be sure to have enough to replace it, a lot.

  • Upslope is kinda tricky as you’re not gaining altitude thus you need to keep jetpacking to keep your speed and it will waste your fuel, but you still can increase your speed by holding Q and it will melee boost.

  • Downslope weee

I’ve been using this technique for my 200hours of my permadeath save and it’s a safe thing to do, no glitches from the game or anything. But I would suggest doing this if you’ve practiced and experienced enough. Shoutout to u.dildoser for the OG but sadly not upvoted enough for anyone to know. original post here


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