Can You Own More than one Settlement? No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update 2021


We can become this settlement overseer for three gekko nip. Yes, let’s do that. Yeah! Welcome back to no man’s sky. Everyone jason!

You just walked in oh hi. Thank you. You just walked into my interest there. Thank you. I i see you i i get it.

Thank you, anyway, back to the video today we’re gon na be doing welcome back to no man’s sky. I almost see he interrupted me. Welcome back to no man’s sky today, we’re gon na see if you can get a second settlement, a second town, a second city. Whatever you want to call it right here, i have my settlement, my jason’s kingdom right here, but you know what i’m like hey. You know what this is not good enough.

I still have to wait an hour and 56 minutes, as you can see until i can do anything. Why not get multiple settlements and you know in order to keep myself busy right. Well, i number one i’ll tell you you cannot, but i will show you how you would try to do that. So, let’s go to the space station now. The reason you want to go to the space station is simple.

The map cartographer the cartographer on the space station. He will give you a map, so you can locate another settlement, which is great right. You can locate a ton of them because you can buy a ton of maps from him, but the thing is it’s gon na cost you five navigational data. So let me go into my inventory and show you that i have. I have 31 navigational data right there.

So i have enough you’re gon na need at least five, and you can get those from the save beacons you can find them out in the wild things like that, you can get them from the uh random containers that are on a planet. Whatever you wan na. Do but you’re gon na need five of them. We’Re gon na talk to him real, fast and say: hey we’re gon na exchange, our sp for a specific chart right here and these they’re all the normal planetary charts. But at the bottom we have a new one.

It is the settlement chart, but it cost five data instead of the one that every other map costs the settlement, one cost five. So let’s buy a couple of them well by two: that’s ten navigational data. There you go so now. I have two: let’s go into my inventory and i’ll show you what i got inventory right here: two settlement charts now before you fire this baby off. I would find a really cool planet.

If you’re gon na try to get a new uh settlement find the planet. You want to have the settlement on whatever planet you desire, whatever race you desire. So if you want like a geck planet, that’s really cool and purple. You go do that. I’M gon na go, find a random planet and i’ll be right back with you guys.

Well, before i get too deep into it, i forgot to tell you guys: you can only find a settlement in a system that has a race in it, so the the quickest way to figure out if a system has a race is if it has a space Station, if there’s no space station, that means there’s no race here and if there’s no race, that means why would they have a settlement? There’S no one there so make sure your system is inhabited. It has a race, whatever race you want, but make sure it has a race period and i’m gon na go to that down to this boggy planet. I’M gon na go find a settlement down here now. I chose this one because i like the uh like swampy, look of this planet, but you can choose whichever one you want.

It doesn’t really matter what matters is. It has a race in the system to begin with, so there we go and now, let’s fire off our map, so let’s go into our menu, go over to our map and you hold down x if you’re on xbox or square if you’re on playstation and that Will activate the map there? We go and planetary settlement located beautiful and just like any other map, you guys don’t be worried if it doesn’t work the first time. Oh the way all these maps work out is that they they give you a random role, a random chance, so sometimes it won’t work, and that is okay, fire! That’S why you want to get more than one.

Oh wait a minute. Give me a planetary settlement on another planet. I wanted this planet, oh well. Well, this is going to be the one in the system, so i guess we’re going over here. Uh, but yeah, just like like i was saying if the map doesn’t work, the first time.

It’S okay, it doesn’t mean anything’s wrong. It just means the map searched and that specific map did not find anything. So you might, you might need to fire off a couple maps, maybe three or four maps before you find a settlement. That’S why it’s kind of a heavy investment to get those maps and find a new settlement now remember. We still have our other settlement.

You know if you look at my my mission over my log, i’m still managing my other settlement, so we have a second one right here, whoo, so we have our number two and this one is looking pretty cool. This is a geck settlement. Yes, of course, i want my second settlement to be a get settlement. Let’S do this right. Let’S get on here apply for control.

I need to have three deck nip. Oh, i better go get some geknip dang it. I wasn’t prepared for that, but we have it. We know where it is so: let’s go get some geknip. So, if you’re ever looking for a special item for that race, like geknip or like a viking dagger or anything like that, go to the nearest trading outpost, because everyone who lands will sell you, those special items.

Look at that hauler. I like that holler that boxy hauler is looking nice all right, but we’re not here for that we’re here for a geck nip. We need some gecknip here, so we’re gon na buy items and look at that. They every geck will sell you a geck, relic and geknip. Now, if you’re a uh, if you’re in a viking system, they will sell you the special items for viking, the viking dagger, if you’re in a quarterback system you’ll find the uh corvax the convergence cube, all those items are sold at the space or the uh trading Outpost wait.

I almost lost my mind there trading outpost, but now now that we’re good, let’s go all right. We got what we needed. Oh where’s, my kiosk. I walked right by it. Okay over here we got it kiosk we got our deck, nip right, we’re good to go, so we can become the settlement overseer for three gekkonep.

Yes, let’s do that yeah becoming overseer of this settlement will renounce your status of overseer of jason’s kingdom. Are you sure you wish to continue so you cannot have multiple settlements, dang it. You cannot have multiple settlements. You have to pick one and stick with it. You know you can trade it.

You can get a different one later on if you want to, but you only have one at a time dang it. Well. I like jason’s kingdom, so we’re gon na stick with that one man i was hoping. I mean this is a get colony, but i, like my other one – i’ve been building already on it, so we’re gon na stick with that one. Hopefully you guys like the video.

If you did hit that like button for me and i’ll, see you guys next time. You

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