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Cheats and Tricks – No Man’s Sky


Let’s start In the Graphics Menu You MUST have Borderless selected otherwise the game will crash Press the Windows button Select Cheat Engine (or start it if You haven’t already) Select the Game from the applications menu (NMS.exe) Enter the amount of money You currently have in the Value Box Press First Scan and give it a few seconds Now let’s buy/sell stuff to change the value (amount of money You have) Go back to Cheat Engine (press the Windows Button ) The red Ones are values that have change, in our case the money Select all of them and Add to the list below by clicking the red arrow Select again and Right click on it to get the list Go to the Change Record and select Value Enter whatever amount of money You want and press OK (I’ve tested it with 999 millions) Go back to the game and enjoy P.S.

Personally I’ve just done it as a proof of concept and after that I’ve deleted the save and went back to a normal gameplay :).

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