Finding a Colossal Archive Building! No Man’s Sky Origins Update 2020 Abandoned Anomaly System


Look at this: what do you think this is [ Music ] welcome back to no man’s sky, everyone jason here and today i’m going to show you an abandoned anomaly system and it is pretty epic before we get into the details on this video. I just want a big shout out to all of you guys we are going so fast on subscribers. You guys are awesome, just amazing, but we’re on a road to 100 000 subscribers by the end of the year. So if you could do me a favor you’re not subscribed, and you like no man’s sky, you should be because i make no man’s sky videos all the time. So do me a favor hit that red subscribe button down below the video and help me get to 100 000 subscribers by the end of the year.

Okay, so let’s jump into those details on the video, so in order to find an abandoned, uh system, you first are gon na need to put in a conflict scanner and an economy scanner into your ship, because once you go into your galaxy menu, let’s go to The galaxy map right here anytime, you highlight a uh system. Let me let me show right there boom if you press y on xbox, one or triangle on ps4 it’ll, give you more information like that. Now, if you have your combat scanner and your economy scanner, you can see that the economy right here is minerals and the conflict is two a level two.

If you don’t have those, you won’t see them, and so you won’t be able to tell, because the trick is, if you look at a system like this there’s a race but there’s nothing else here. So if there’s a race but there’s no economy and there’s no uh conflict, that means that the race is no longer there. So you might be asking what does an abandoned system look like? Well, let’s go back into our first person and it’ll. Look like any other system: you’ll have your planets and stuff, but let’s head over to the space station, because that’s the biggest sign and right from the get-go, you can see, look it it’s all messed up and the light is blinking, orange and blue. Now because there’s something wrong, so let’s go in here so there you go. Look at that! That is so. I love the red. The red is crazy.

Yeah! Look at this. This is an abandon. This is what the uh space stations look like on original no man’s sky before the next update, the next update came out and it fixed a whole bunch of stuff, but this is what it looked like before, and so you can go through. I mean other than the the red blinking lights and all the broken stuff, but yeah you would come in here and you would talk to to aliens, but now there’s just overgrowth everywhere. I love it and there’s a terminal. If you want to, you know, sell some stuff, but the economy is really bad, usually so you’re not going to have a lot of stuff to pick from yeah. That’S what the abandoned space station looks like, but i found it another amazing thing.

I need to show you guys so, let’s check it out. So this is a chromatic planet which means that there’s a filter, a light filter on it, but watch this. My ship is red, usually right, look at how it changes over to orange, basically or red, just everything’s red, it’s black and white and red, and look at this. This is one of the newer uh things. If i don’t glitch out one of the newer structures that we have look at this, what do you think this is? I like it look at that it’s like an abandoned, uh building, and this is all in game. I didn’t make this. This is a trade center. Look at this artifact exchange fault.

What is that archaeological fault status? Secure, celestial archive curator, seeks artifacts of cultural or biological interest. Archaeologists will be compensated for all. Contributions submit a new artifact to the vault in exchange for an archived artifact of equivalent or greater re rarity. Submit biological sample: okay: let’s do that archaeologists will be compensated for all contributions, submit a new artifact to the vault um extinct colonels that have them with me. Okay, so let’s do it! I just picked it up. It’S a random item. I got a packet of precious sprouts. That is pretty awesome.

You can trade artifacts in so i got precious spat sprouts. Oh my two million my other ones. My kernels were only worth like a hundred thousand, so that is really awesome. What is this local information repository? Welcome visitor friend to this information repository for planet. Whatever the planet is succumb. Historical data banks indicate several local sites of get cultural significance. Directions are available, dispense, planetary, charts. Yes, then it costs 15 nanites all right, analyzing topography, triangulating coordinates printing complete. So i got a a specific chart. Oh it is a special chart. I like that it is a specific for local information. It’S not even just a general one. I like that.

That is awesome, so i bet you could only use it on this planet. This is the only place, that’ll work. This is another landing pad over here, and this is all made by the game. This is a randomly generated thing and so yeah nobody made this. This is so cool, galactic trade. You know terminal, okay got it. Oh, let’s see if we can get in here. What is this? Can i get in here what local trade center? What is this celestial archive planetary archive whole, marcus friend, knowledge archive, oh man, to all but geck? It is locked to all but gekk. The geck archive is intended only for its own species, ancient audio equipment, drones and a low frequency seemingly expecting a voice command. Let’S do uh planet we’re gon na choose planet archive access, granted; okay, let’s decrypt it! Oh man, i’m excited the entry is titled the conqueror. It appears to be some kind of interactive text from the second trade era.

The terminal allows me to make choices: whoa. Okay, the proleans have escaped the spawning pool. Do you uh, left right or transcend time? Let’S do transcend space time. No yeah we’ll do that. You transcend space time. There is no winning or losing only infinite sadness game over. That’S it. I’Ve escaped spawning pool. Do you? Okay, let’s go left this time. You go left. The zancraft devours you game over okay, so it keeps letting you try. Okay, so go right! You go right. The poor wiggles are saved and become your pets. Continue. Yes, poor wiggles have escaped the spawning pool. Do you? Oh, it just keeps going over and over again go right, okay, so we just keep going over and over again. So let’s leave so holy cow. I’Ve never seen anything like this.

This is so cool. I like how they still have shops around here. So if you have any cool special items, i’m guessing you can come in here and use it. Let’S use the the map, let’s fire this baby off and see. What’S going on, ancient ruined site detected [ Music ]. So, let’s head on over to that roon site, look at that cool little kiosk. Looking thing with the geck, i like how i landed over there. I didn’t use any of these, so let’s go over to that ancient ruined site. I wonder what it’s going to be. You guys, oh hopefully, it’s not just an ancient ruin. I want actually something cool and different. Like that huge thing back there, the repository it’s just an ancient ruin, okay, so yeah, then you just have to uh unlock it. With these keys there we go. We got one key. I believe you need three in order to unlock the uh main chest.

Okay, so we have three of them. So let’s go over here to the large crate and, let’s see what’s inside yep, you need. You need three keys boom boom. I got rotten clippings, okay, so heck yeah, you guys that is really cool. I like that, there’s more things to interact with on planets. Now that is so cool, and so that is an abandoned anomaly area, anomaly system. So hopefully you guys like the video. If you did hit that like button for me and if you want to see more subscribe to the channel, i’m uploading videos all the time, and i will see you guys next time –

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