Finishing the Base Power Mission | No Mans Sky Next Generation Permadeath Series 2020 Part 4


Hey everyone welcome back to no man’s sky jason here and in the last episode of our permadeath playthrough, our teleporter wasn’t going through the roof and we were looking for uh salvaged data because we need to make a battery. That’S our next goal. Let’S go to our log, we need to construct a bio fuel reactor now i always try to use solar panels and batteries because they’re way more efficient. You have to keep putting fuel in the biofuel reactor, but because this is actually one of the steps, even if i built like a you know, i built solar panels and a battery. It wouldn’t count because i need to make the biofuel reactor.

So, let’s see, if i can do that yet power in industry power biofuel reactor, we need metal plating and oxygen. I don’t have any oxygen, so i need to go. Get some oxygen out of here. Okay, let’s go hit some oxygen 298 frozen patties later so yeah. I finally got all my oxygen so now, let’s make a biofuel reactor and i have i’m going to stick it outside, since it’s like a generator. So, oh yeah, before that we do that we have to make metal plating and i don’t have any room for metal plating. Oh god i have so much cop or a carbon. It’S crazy! Okay! We’Re gon na get rid of the silica powder because we only have one in there anyway. So it’s not like we’re missing very much, oh yeah, and by the way, while i was out there looking for oxygen, i found a photon cannon module.

It’S an a-class too. So we could sell it for a lot of good uh nanites or we can use it on our starship either way it’s a free one that i got from one of the broken things so we’re good to go on that. So we need one metal plating. As far as i know so biofuel reactor there we go here, it is now. I need to create a power grid. Okay, great! So, if we’re in the same menu, you need to get power lines, we’re going to go in a third person or a free camera. For this and we’re gon na put the uh plug right here and then we’re gon na glitch it inside the building and how you do that is all you have to do is go inside and it goes right through the wall right to there boom connected. Now. It just needs to be filled, so, let’s see if i can pick how much i put in there, no it doesn’t let you see, i wish they would let you choose the amount like if i could only put like a stack of 250 carbon in there.

I would love that, but you can’t you literally have to go around the system. Oh, let me get in here real fast it to go around the system by taking whatever you want to keep and put it in your starship and then just letting whatever you want to use will stay in your inventory, because it’ll only pick up whatever’s in your Inventory, not your starship, which is i wish they would. Let us select hey how much do you want to put in there 250 awesome what the it won’t. Even let oh man, you know what yeah, let’s put the condensed carbon in there, because i can always refine my regular carbon into condensed carbon and i have a lot of regular carbon technology there we go done so that is good. We just completed that mission, thankfully, and i hate that we have biofuel reactor – need some solar panels they’re way more relevant and you don’t have to worry about them once you make a solar panel, it’s over.

Actually, let’s see can i make one. I forgot how many i need do i need more. Let’S see, i need eight and i only have six. Oh dig it you see over at the top left six, so i need two more. I also need gold and metal plating. I have batteries. I can make a battery. I just can’t make my solar panel and there’s no point with the biofuel reactor. I mean maybe putting a battery in there because it’s burning right now. Actually you know what let’s make a let’s actually make a battery. I need condensed carbon 100 got it. Okay, so is my refiner in here there you are, let’s put some uh carbon in here. Let’S make some condensed carbon and now that we we know we’re good. I don’t know why i get inside my ship in order to do this, but i always do i don’t know why uh we have a oh. I have a stack of 500 in my cargo as well holy cow okay. So there you go wow, i’m making some room. I definitely need to increase the capacity of my uh.

My suit for sure come on, come on hurry up, add some more in there. We’Re gon na make a ton of condensed carbon because that’s way it doesn’t take up as much room, because i have a thousand regular carbon. You can cut that in half by making condensed carbon okay, i need a 100 in order to make the battery. So, let’s do that really fast and actually we’re gon na do this we’re gon na put the battery up here on the on the roof, and now what we’re gon na do is up we’re going to actually kill this wire right here and this we’re going to Actually have it connect to the battery itself, so it’s charging the battery and then because it’s generating the same amount of power, no matter what but the because we only have one teleporter. It doesn’t need that much electricity, and so what we can do is we can charge up this battery it’ll actually last longer, if you’re charging a battery, because now we can actually check the battery, you see, look it’s generating so much power, it’s crazy see, and so It’S going to take 24 minutes to charge it we’re, definitely not gon na use that much, but it’s only using 20 power per second, but it’s making thousands of it.

That’S why you don’t want to use the biofuel reactor it’s just generating a ton of power. For no reason i mean there’s no reason for it to make that much power, because it doesn’t need that much. But if you have a battery here now, it’s just taking from the battery, which means that it’ll last way longer anyway, anyway, computer log updated on the com, oh on the base computer. Let’S do that additional archives recovered entry 4925f follows scanner detected unusual broadcast repeating 16 from the space station warning. End of archive records interrupted the base. Computer archives have reached their end. It seems that there is nothing more. I will learn from them. My predecessor appears to have left their base and headed towards the space station wow. I forgot how early we are we’re actually going to the space station jeez. Okay, so we haven’t even gone to the space station.

Yet no! No! I love this because it’ll just keep going empty. Okay, so it’s empty, and now this battery is storing hey look at that. It is gon na last 35 minutes no wait wait. Why is it counting up that seems kind of counterintuitive? Why is it counting up? Oh well, i mean look. It looks like it’s gon na last about what a minute or two before it’s gone, but once we make a solar panel we’ll be good with that, but we need to go to the space station. So, let’s head over to the space station, now that we can go, let’s go oh yeah man, we need so many upgrades. We are so early on yeah we’re at the space station and remember you can sell stuff at the space station like. If i wanted to sell my salvage data, i would get 300 000 units for that. I’Ve already have 482. So i have a good stack of it already. I can sell the storm crystal for 129

I mean you can sell a lot of stuff. My uh upgrade module. I can sell that for nanites. I might actually do that because i don’t want to upgrade my starship yet i want to upgrade my actual uh suit. First, so uh, let’s see, can i get a spot? Yes, i can. How much is it gon na cost me five thousand units for the first one in your general technology is only one thousand and your cargo is five as well. Your cargo is the most expensive, so you might not want to pay to upgrade this one because you can get free ones if you find drop pods. I’M gon na do my general at first, because that’s where you can store a lot of stuff and let’s talk to this – upgrade guy not going to understand him because he speaks his own corvette language. Let’S um ask about other travelers.

The life form looks at me with alarm before waving me away. There’S no other travelers huh, i’m the only one yep, so you can’t understand them. But that’s okay looks at me traces! Oh, you can’t even talk to the merchants yet because we need this. Okay, fine lifestyle forms to ask about the mysterious signal, so we don’t okay. I guess we need to talk to all the aliens on board to complete the uh tutorial first before we can even shop or anything. So let’s talk to a whole bunch of these guys. Hey, what’s going on research entity, aliens, elegant, metallics, shell springs to life. As i approach they study me lights flashing around their visor. Perhaps they know something about the messages left at the base. Computer save it 16.

A gaze look passes over the life forms visor. The number has some strange effect on them. They seem reluctant to speak further up about you operator entity. Do you know what you’re saying the metallic chatter? Okay, pouring forth words in a language i cannot understand, but when i blink, i see the same red light that stared at me in the distress beacon, oh something’s, going on with this guy, we are watching. You traveler friend, find what we left. You, though, the alien speaks, the words are not their own.

A string of code is echoed back to me through the red glare logged directly into my exo suit. The crimson light fades away, and i see the life form staring at me through its visor. Whatever has happened, they do not appear to have seen it, they don’t even know i should leave. Perhaps my base computer would be able to make something of this code all right. So please, let me know: okay yeah now i can go shopping and stuff yeah see. We can go to the cartographer to get maps and stuff. We can buy this guy’s ship if we wanted to, but we’re gon na be upgrading and buying all that kind of stuff. So let’s first see what kind of upgrades he has for your suit. I know what nothing left to say to me is all of them like that. Wait, a minute. Why can’t i talk to the suit guy? Why? I wonder minotaur, i don’t have any exo craft, yet uh starship! No, not multi-tool. Do i need anything.

My multi-tool, let’s check um, i have my upgraded laser beam. I need to upgrade the slots in this um. A new slot is a hundred and ten thousand units and it gets really expensive. I think the the highest cost is like 40 million, so oh yeah can’t do that. Yet how much does this new weapon cost? Oh, it looks like it’s all max level. Look it has all the slots, you need you, don’t you don’t need to upgrade the slots? You just need to upgrade the the class which is really good and it costs 3 million units and i only have 400 000, so there’s no way no way. I could buy that one. Yet that’s! Okay! Oh, i mean, will you let me talk to you about stuff? Okay, i could buy upgrades from all these people and just not that one guy so we’re going to sell the the photon cannon upgrade for 288 nanites. Okay. So now i have 378.

I could’ve sworn i had more than that, but, okay, all right now you really don’t want to sell me anything man. The life form, looks at me, traces of fear and surprise behind their eyes. It is clear they have nothing to say to me. Why won’t you sell me upgrades all right? Well, do we have anything we could sell on the space station? I mean we can get rid of the nav data wiring loom. We have condensed carbon um, nothing really i mean we could sell the storm crystal. We can sell the salvage data, but i want to keep that so i can buy some upgrades for the base anyway. Salvage data is used for a lot of your base upgrade stuff like your base parts. So let’s go back down to the computer. I guess, since he won’t give me an upgrade for my suit yeah, so we made it back home now. I need to decrypt whatever that uh corvex gave me come on. Let’S see, what’s going on here, archives terminated, select a new task, yeah decrypt the message i just got decoding 16. 16. 16.

Message follows the traveler finds their wings fly to us and claim your place amongst the stars. Okay signal acquired life signs detected. What what reach the decoded coordinates? Seven minutes possible distress signal what is going on over there. Oh no, i don’t have any launch fuel. Okay always check these cool boxes, condensed carbon and my health. That’S good! I mean i’ll. Take that, but i need launch fuel. Can i make launch? Can i make launch fuel um? I need dihydrogen. Okay, great. I need dihydrogen anything close by. Oh, of course, i’m looking right at it. I just can’t see it because everything on this planet is blue, [, Music, ], all right, we need a metal plate, and now we can make our launch fuel got it let’s head on over there. We need to see what is going on distress signal with a life form and refuel is going to take half my fuel just to launch.

I didn’t know i was leaving that quickly, or else i would have landed on the landing pad that takes zero fuel to take off from the landing pad. I need to start doing that you guys i keep forgetting i’m so used to leaving it open. That way. Other ships can land and i can see what’s going on. Oh man, this is not looking good wait, let’s land over here right there, maybe it won’t take any fuel to get out of here see. What’S going on log damaged partial records available. The signal has led me to the wreck of a freighter, colossal fragments of metal scattered across the landscape. Were these messages nothing, but the misfiring circuits of a long forgotten, ruin nestled. Amongst the debris, i find a pilot’s log blinking awaiting input. Let’S do it give me that log, instead of displaying the ship’s log, the terminal, spits out a strange sequence of numbers. They are followed with a short message.

The anomaly comes for the stars. Take flight a schematic for a hyperdrive is attached to the end of the message. Okay, give me a hyperdrive. I pull the blueprint from the computer, but this hyperdrive blueprint is for a conventional starship, not a freighter of this size. Someone placed this here after the crash, hoping it would be found, so i got a hyperdrive. Oh i have my chromatic metal. I need microprocessors, though i need a lot of money for that. Microprocessors are expensive, let’s see um, we have these little cargo pods. Now you do need materials to open them, so, let’s see if i can actually open them first and then secondary. You have to be very careful because these little cargo pods are really deadly. All right got it. Let’S see what i need to open it um. I have chromatic metal all right. I got an item and i get out of there radiation protection yeah that radiation.

Look at how fast that thing went down. Wow, [, Music, ], i’m out of there i’m out of there. You can’t damage me. That’S not fair! Let me get in here: okay, guys! Well, i’m gon na dig into this and we need to install the hyperdrive. I need to make some money doing that, so we’re going to do that in our next episode. So hopefully you guys like the episode, if you did hit that like button for me and if you want to see more subscribe to the channel. I’M uploading videos all the time and i will see you guys next time:

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