Glitching the Base Computer into a Circular Room By: Jkthemc


When I mantioned I did this the other day a few people asked me how.

Here is quick visual guide to what I do from my most recent base.

Base Computer in circular room NMS

Build a mound put the base computer on top, claim and flattern terrain
Place a floor as close under it as possible (you can get closer than this if you use a low wall and another floor)
Wire Glitch a Circular room onto the floor
Add a door if you want access. Note becuase I wasn’t fussy here the Base Computer is floating in the room. I quite like that.

How I do the wire glitch:

I postion the room elsewhere so that it is green, switch to the wiring on the left trigger of my controller but your setup may vary, position the wire spot in the middle of the flooring, then release the left trigger and immediatly hit the right trigger.

Because the circular room is quite large the timing seems to be slightly longer than just glitching a small piece, but I am no expert. Also, it takes me several tries but I am told even experts often need a couple of goes at this technique.


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