Guide – SETTLEMENTS! How to Get Started, Grow, and Find New Settlements! No Man’s Sky Frontiers 2021


Jumping into the no man’s sky frontiers update for the first time, and you want to know how to work with the new settlements feature that came without update. All of your questions asked and more stay tuned. Fellow settlers. You have found yourself in the lz once again waiting for your next growth mission for your settlement to cut to come back up again. It it’ll happen.

Then he made it now in this video we’re gon na answer five questions about how to manage the new settlements. With the no man’s sky frontiers update, but first a bonus, question and answer lz. Am i the only one that’s having problems with my settlement right now i found my settlement did a thing and now it doesn’t do anything and i’m waiting and waiting and waiting. Well, my friend, i’m glad you asked that’s happening to quite a lot of folks on the subreddit and in my twitter feed. It must be a bug.

Of course, a new update version was actually pushed today as of filming and subsequent steam. Database and experimental updates have also been pushed to help fix various issues. Only time will tell so today we’re going to ask five questions and provide answers for those when it comes to managing your settlement. First off, how do i find my first settlement? Second, how do i begin a settlement?

How do i grow my settlement and how do i locate other settlements if i don’t like the crappy hellscape one, they gave me by default and then finally, i left my settlement to go. Do other stuff. How in the world do i get back there, also down below, feel free to check the chapters in the description for your convenience and don’t forget to drop a like and a comment down below if this video was useful first things? First, how do i find my first settlement very easy enough? If you have your own save game already, if you’ve been playing, no man’s sky, lifting off out of the planet’s atmosphere and entering space will see you receive an automatic communication from somebody asking you for help.

Please come to my settlement and fight off sentinels you’re. My only hope, or something like that. At that point, you obviously want to consider accepting giving that help, and then two more things to consider is that settlement going to be in the current star system that you’re in or do you need to check out the galactic map? If you do not see this symbol here in your current star system, it might mean that you might have to check out the galactic map to see it. Take you to another star system.

Not every star system has a capable settlement upon arriving at this settlement. You’Ll want to speak to one of the residents and they’ll. Tell you about those pesky sentinels that keep bothering their settlement and it’s on you to take them all down. Yes, you will square off with several sentinels and become this settlement’s newfound hero leader from here. This will open up all sorts of capabilities for you now to the second question: how do i begin my first settlement once you’ve slain the sentinels, follow your on-screen prompts over to a control panel that looks like a bunch of stuff has been piled up for construction And never really got paid attention to.

After that. This is the panel that you’ll use to construct your overseer building. You’Ll need some resources to do this and, of course, a little bit of time on your hands every time you toss the required resources into this panel, depending on what game mode you’re playing on it. Could take an extended amount of time or, if you’re, playing in creative mode, like i am in my capturing footage here. These actions will take mere seconds once you’ve engaged with this panel three times and giving it the necessary resources.

You will have a completed overseer office inside of this office will be a panel where you manage the entire colony. Now, of course, we get to our third question: how to grow my settlement. It’S from this overseers panel that you’ll be doing a majority of your work. Some of these options include building new buildings, which will also use the same process as the over sealed the overseer building that you just built, but you’re going to need a lot more time on your hands for these particular buildings on my survival save each one of These interactions with the respective panel for the buildings that i were going to build, took up to two hours of a wait time. Don’T worry gon na talk about that in the review or if you’re on console, you can just absolutely be a cheater person and advance your internal console clock by two hours.

You didn’t hear that for me. Not only can you build additional buildings from the overseer panel, this is where you’ll actually be able to make decisions. A few of the different types of decisions that you can make are settling disputes between two fighting settlers field. Sometimes ridiculous requests like hey. Can we spend a bunch of money on a stupid parade that’ll make us just a smidge happier, but put us deeply in debt, no settlers no or every once in a while greet a traveling guest that can actually help fit your colony with some various different types Of improvements that will help productivity, help fend off other sentinels and other benefits that will help increase the overall happiness and comfort of the colony.

The overall objective is to eventually get your settlement out of the deep, crushing debt that it’s already in now, of course, to the fourth question, but legacy what if i hate my current first settlement, it’s on an awful planet. It’S always storming. These people are awful. Well, that my friend is easy. Tell these people you quit slam the door on the way out, leave them economically destitute and head to the local space station from there.

The map store has actually added a brand new type of map, specifically for locating settlements from here. You can trade in navigation chips to buy new maps. If i were you, i would buy several of these for a few different reasons. Finding the perfect settlement is not exactly an easy task, and more than likely your next one is not going to be that great either. Finding the perfect paradise with a perfect settlement is just not that feasible of an idea and even more so arriving to a new star system.

You can end up using one of these maps and not finding anything at all. Remember my original point that said that not every star system has a settlement, but of course, once you inevitably find one that you like go back to steps one through three, with the exception of having to fight a bunch of new sentinels and go through the process, All over again and then of course, the final question. What if i left my settlement and i can’t figure out how to get back, the good news is it’s fairly easy on to return, mainly the best place to go. Is the space station right next to the map merchant? There’S a portal there that can take you to all the bases that you’ve built all the previous space stations that you visited and now a new icon, presenting your very own settlement.

But i want to hear from you: how are you liking frontiers so far pop it in the comments section down below and like the video, if this was helpful, keep it locked here to the lz for the next one

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