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How to Complete Phase 1 in Expedition 3 | No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update 2021 Gameplay


Welcome back to the med sky, everyone and guess what today is today is expedition day. So, let’s go to new game, go down here, fresh, save and look at that time remaining six weeks, all right, let’s jump into it! So yesterday i put up a note, a video saying that today was going to be the day wednesday september 8th. I have to pay attention. I’Ve been you know.

All my days are melting together, because i’ve been working and cutting videos and doing stuff. I forgot what day it was it’s september 8th today, wednesday, but this expedition is now starting off. We have six weeks to complete this first expedition, and this one seems like it’s gon na be based on the ground on your first planet, but we’re gon na find out right now. Let’S do this whoo. I can’t wait hit that like button, you guys hit that like button, so much wow, okay staring at a big tree, [ Laughter, ] or a cactus whatever.

That is all right, let’s see what’s going on, please, let’s see this is just like the uh intro in the actual game itself, but we’re gon na have different mission sets and i’ll show you exactly what i mean by that we have things called milestones. We have to complete in order to finish the expedition. It looks like we’re on a radiation planet and there’s a squid right next to us. You start right next to your ship in this one, okay, i like it and it’s a squid and not a uh. Oh and a new multi-tool okay, but we have a squid.

I thought it was gon na be a uh, a little guppy, i’m okay with the squid. Look at that cartographers. There we go so, let’s get in here: towering aharas, [, Music, ] error, uh, oh something’s, going on launch thrusters offline pulse engine offline, auto diagnostic reports, unregistered starship, customizations, standard procedures, inadequate custom repair sequence registered to pilots, exosuit expedition log begin custom repairs. Oh yes, advanced! Launch system bespoke landing gear.

Okay, a custom made launch control system for high performance, starships got it. We need a quantum computer and storm crystals. We could do that. Auto diagnostics. Okay, we did it.

We just completed our first milestone, jump in your ship and you get it right, so we have all this stuff. What is this one? Well, we have a whole bunch of broken stuff here: uh pressurization, capsule, starship life support unit. What is that that is all new? Okay: okay, look at our inventory and our general inventory is almost maxed out whoa technology.

We still have to upgrade that and cargo has a lot wow. I forgot that they actually give you a customized uh a start. So this is not just like the beginning of a normal save. They actually improve a lot of your stuff. Okay, let’s get out of here now.

Actually, let’s go into our our you press your pause button. You can go into your expedition tab right here and look at this. We just did our diagnostics: let’s collect the reward, which is five ion batteries, oxygen times 120 and a recovered item. What is our covered item in all right? So you have to always accept the reward after you complete a milestone and that the milestones are on your expedition page in your start: menu oxygen battery and oily casualty, isolator, okay, let’s let’s open that up, because that usually gives you a bonus item anyway.

Indium, okay, i’ll take some indium. I like it now they are gon na drive me crazy with all this uh upgrades, because your upgrades have to be next to each other. Oh look at that. They give us a black market. Uh shield for our hazard protection got it.

Okay, all right! So wait. Let’S go back into our our uh expedition tab. Our next one says build a terrain. Manipulator got it so in our in our menu go to multi-tool install technology, we have a terrain manipulator already we’re going to need carbon, nanotubes and dihydrogen jelly.

So we can get that pretty easy. Let’S go do that real fast carbon comes over here from all these plants, so we got this got this no problem, oh fair. I guess we don’t need that. We need to get at least 50 carbon in order to build a carbon nanotube and we need two of them. So that way we need a hundred carbon and we also need to find a uh dihydrogen on the ground.

Those are the blue crystals. So, let’s look around up right over here: the h’s, the blue, h’s or they’re. They look like blue crystals. Come on over here, pick up all this stuff and we’re gon na need 40 of these blue crystals and we’re almost there we’re almost there boom easy peasy. All right, so we should be able to make that two carbon nanotubes and one dihydrogen jelly.

Let’S make it real fast and our crafty magna menu two and then one dihydrogen jelly boom right there done so now we can install it into our terrain. Manipulator boom boom. There we go so now we have a terrain, manipulator earth mover again. We have to go into our uh our menu because we have to accept the reward which is advanced mining, laser and significant mining beam upgrade so when s-class might be upgraded. Okay, let’s do that.

We got a our mining, laser advanced mining laser and s o a classic significant – is a got it right here or a b. I thought it was said, a don’t know a for the mining. Okay, all right, i’m getting ahead of myself! I’M too excited you guys. Let’S put our mining beam next to it, because you always get a bonus if you put them next to each other notice that green outline around it.

So, let’s go into our next uh milestone: foxhole use a cave to shelter against the storm. Oh, i could totally do that. We need to find a cave, though so, let’s run around and i’m assuming it’s a natural cave, but let’s find out actually let’s go downstairs all right not downstairs. Let’S make ourselves a cave, a custom cave and see if that works. I assume, as long as it blocks the uh the atmosphere.

You should be okay, right, nope, it looks like you have to actually go to a natural cave. You can’t make your own. It looks like look at that. No storm currently active. Oh, you need to have a storm going at the same time, so it doesn’t count unless there’s a storm going wow all right, so we have to wait for a storm to hit.

Well, while we’re doing that, let’s see, what’s your other cuz, you could also get other milestones while you’re trying to do one establish a base, which means we need copper, uh, deploy and use a signal, booster, okay, shelter inside an alien building and explore on foot all Right got it so we need to make a base. We need to get a signal booster as well and find another dwelling uh alien, uh dwelling, let’s actually skin. Oh no yep there we go scan these animals make some money. So what we’re looking for is a little house we’ll say unknown building. Oh wait!

Someone already has a uh a base out here. I love it. Let’S scan this right here boom, so i’m not seeing anything around here, so we’re gon na have to go a little farther away, but that’s okay! Oh oh! You don’t want to go too far, because your your ship is right here, though, but i think they’re going to force you to walk around a little bit then come back later on, because uh there’s a lot of stuff.

We have to do that’s way, far away. We’Re waiting for a uh, a storm to brew up here. We don’t see, i don’t see anything. Is that copper, that’s a silver deposit and that’s a copper deposit. Let’S go bake the copper over here, oh god.

I just walked through that. There’S some copper over here or we need copper in order to make a uh chromatic metal, which you need for your base computer. So that’s why we’re looking for copper right now right off the bat we’re also gon na scan some of these animals and make some money and look at that? There is an unknown building over here 400 feet away. So we are doing good up buried technology sticking out of the ground.

That’S my favorite kind of berry technology. You can use those to either buy base parts from the uh construction module or you can sell it for money either way. It’S a really good to pick up that uh buried technology and we have our our touring manipulator out. Let’S start mining these resources boom. Oh, we have a storm.

Brewing, now use a cave to shelter against the storm. So you i would say: if you have a storm, you should just do it automatically. So, let’s, let’s build a cave, real fast, build ourself a cave run in here there you go yeah, so it doesn’t have to be a natural cave. You could just make a hole in the ground and then go in there and you get it so, let’s actually pick up our reward for that. Powerful hazard protection upgrade okay and i got the base computer plan.

So you need to do this in order to even get your base computer. Okay, i didn’t realize that i thought we already had those plans, but i guess we didn’t now. We need to make some chromatic metal. So, while we’re here, you know, try to get all this uh copper real, fast, come on, we got our copper boom all right. Now we saw a a building over here.

Wait. We have a building over here. So now we have a building whoo and it looks like it’s gon na be secured building because you notice that there’s a sentinels around it. That means it’s going to be a manufacturing facility or something like that. Oh yeah.

We should be looking for storm crystals as well storm crystal up there. It is this is a storm crystal. We need to pick these up. That’S one of our parts. We need to fix our ship so pick up these uh crystals that whenever you can they’re gon na be scattered all over the place at random you’ll be able to see them out in the the uh distance.

You see those glowing stones, but if you look for the lightning bolts like right there, the lightning bolts will show you where they are. Oh, go: go: go, get it before the storm coat ends because they only show up when the storm is going once the storm ends. It’S over, got it up and there’s more buried technology hanging outside. I love it now, where come on. I saw one over here.

Yep right over here, i think we only need three of them, so we should be okay with this right boom and high hydrogen crystal there. We go, who didn’t want to give me the storm crystal there we go boom boom, got it got it now. Do i have a weapon on my uh? I do not have a weapon on my multi-tool, so this is gon na be hard. Let’S see, can we make one?

I think we can we need. Oh, we need a lot of chromatic metal for that. Oh crap. Okay, we need a lot of chromatic metal, so we’re gon na need a lot more copper. So, first, actually, let’s actually build our uh.

Oh, let’s actually recharge our uh, our has their protection real fast boom. There we go and we’ll do this one real fast, too dude. I should have done that one first always recharge whatever protection is best, so your toxic suppression or your toxic filter do do that one first and it will automatically recharge your hazard protection. Oh, we have a protection module. Let’S do that that way, we have a double we have it doubled up now, so we have two since we’re here.

Oh let’s scan that guy over there now we need some more copper in order to make a weapon. That way, we can go after this manufacturing facility yep, that’s exactly what it is: a manufacturing facility, silver, copper. So we need the copper in order to make our weapon, i mean we could get a weapon, possibly out of here. I doubt it, though. Usually this will give you nanites or an upgrade.

It won’t give you any like weapon recipe, but maybe possibly or launch fuel. We don’t need that right now, but thank you all right. So let’s go get that copper and let’s pick up some resources along the way. Be careful of those uh be careful of those sentinels, though they don’t like it. When you pick up stuff all righty, oh man, it’s way over there jeez, let’s see if i can get over there without dying, and i just realized.

I have my uh my rainbow backpack, my rainbow jetpack. I love it. That is so good. All right give me that car or the oxygen man. This is almost like a no starter ship, except for way easier, because they give you a lot of upgrades to start out with.

I love it. Let’S get this copper we’re gon na need a lot of it, so what i would recommend is always always always remember. If you have your terrain, manipulator out, you hit r1 or right, bumper or l1 or left bumper, you know, hit the bumpers and it gets bigger and smaller the bigger one gets rid of a lot of uh space fast, but it doesn’t give you a lot of Resources, the smaller one, gives you the most resources, but it takes a while to do so. You’Re trading, the the fuel economy, because you’re going to use a lot more fuel in your terrain, manipulator to do this and time, but you’ll get a lot more resources. If you do it this way, so definitely do it this way, oh man, this is not a good resource.

I keep falling all right, we’re going to do it we’re good. We got it. We got this. We got this that works. I just flattened out my mountain that way.

I could actually stand here while i’m picking up all of my copper. I love it now. We’Re gon na need a lot because it takes two copper to make one chromatic metal, so we’re gon na need a ton of this stuff, got it all right. So now, let’s actually oh, we got ta go over slowly. All of the stuff.

Let’S make our uh portable refiner foam right here and then get in here drop our fuel, which is going to be carbon, and then we need to turn our uh copper. Ooh. 900. We got plenty of copper, so that’ll take a little bit a minute to make into chromatic metal. We need to get some more uh, cobalt or carbon.

So let’s go mine, some carbon while we’re waiting, because we need it for a lot of different stuff, but we’re going to need it for our carbon nanotubes so get as much carbon as you can. Okay, we should have a lot all right. We have enough right now to make our uh weapons, so, let’s put it on our exosuit got it now. We should be able to make our weapons. So let’s do that real fast, let’s install a bolt caster, we need chromatic metal and three carbon nanotubes.

So we have our chromatic metal 100. There we go well, we need to make three carbon nanotubes and thankfully i got a whole bunch of carbon. So, let’s make that right now, one two three done so now we have our cool bolt caster, but we’re gon na need some bullets. To put in there see right now we have zero bullet. Well, we have 64 because that’s what it starts out with, but we need to make some more ammo, so we need ferrite dust.

Oh man, we’re gon na need to get some rocks, so this should be done all right. Let’S pick up the rest of our chromatic metal done and pick up our uh portable refiner we’re gon na need that later on, probably so, let’s go get some more rocks on the way back to our cool facility. Where is it at? Oh no where’d our facility go up right over there mark the facility. That way, we know which direction to go and let’s go get some rocks all righty.

So i picked up some uh ferret dust along the way we got fair storm. Crystals i’ve been picking those up as well. I should be able to make some bullets now yep, i can boom 1250. I should be plenty right now, all right, so we need to get in here and we need to actually uh. We need to bust open this door, so anytime you’re in a manufacturing facility.

It’S going to be locked and protected by the sentinels, which means you have to blow the door open and that is going to be very dangerous because the sentinels don’t like you blowing the door open lowers the front door there. It is, but you got got ta. Do it really fast? Let’S do it they’re gon na come after you, but that’s okay! As soon as you get inside, they will lose you because they can’t go inside a building or they can’t chase you inside of a building so you’re good.

So they get it here, quick, quick, quick and once you’re inside also you’re good from the elements. Let’S pick up, this navigational data or nanites i’ll take the nanites as well. That’S! Okay! Now this is gon na, be the scary part, because you have to complete this uh riddle without messing up that way.

You can get a bonus, uh upgrade alarms, blaring sounding out against my intrusion. The facility is remotely operated. No one responds to the clacson’s call the terminal indicates. The facility was undertaking a specialized piece of research – okay, oh god. Okay, i don’t know any of these words i got ta.

Take a guess. Terminal appears to be asking for a manual confirmations of experiment: um [, Music ]. This is where, if you mess up, you cannot use this terminal anymore, we’re going to insert carbon. I tap a few commands into the terminal i messed up already. I insert some carbon.

There is a pause and a rumble fire belches from the hopper smoke seeps from the keyboard. The entire system shuts down. I messed it up the beginning, one i messed up, but i went inside a building, so that counts technically. So we have that one. I wanted to get some upgrades, but i didn’t because i messed it up, but we have our uh next one which is homecoming.

We get construction, research unit and salvage data times, 20.

Let’S do that? Oh wait! Wait! Why didn’t it?

Let me uh, accept it! Oh! No! No! I this one right here, any port in a storm.

I have to do that. One sorry, sorry, planetary chart! Oh three planetary, charts, huh, okay, six of them. Okay, so we got some uh planetary charts that way we could probably find a building later on, but we have to make a uh a base. We have to form a base.

That’S our next mission. I was. I was trying to skip ahead there holy cow, all right, get this one going we just saved. So thank god. I should have saved before i went into that facility.

You guys, because if that, if you could do that, you could uh manually reload your save and try again, so i was dumb on that one. That’S my bad! I was totally messing up on that all right. We need to make a base, so i like making my base overlooking stuff, so, let’s find a mountain to make this base on. I think this is a good spot right here.

Right, pretty sure this is a good spot. I mean look at this. How could it not be right all right, so, let’s make our base computer pop it down right here boom and now, let’s uh, let’s clean this this site for ourselves, research or searching cartographic archives, universal, the universal archives reveals no prior claims so yeah. This is gon na, be jason mountain right here i can’t wait. I almost said i love it, trying to cool down on the i love it parts.

I can’t wait all right so now we need to build some of our uh okay alloy. We only have alloy. Oh, they purposely made it harder because i was collecting a whole bunch of carbon, but we need ah they’re killing me all right, alloy floor. It is holy cow. Thank god.

I got some uh. Thank god. I got some uh. What’S it called some ferrite dust? Oh, we can’t make that yet, let’s be careful ramp come on.

No, it’s not gon na. Let me build here. Oh, i need pure ferret. That’S why all right, pure ferrite, it is wow. I don’t have enough room here.

All right! Wait, wait, wait just saw it. It turned green there. It goes. We need some pure ferrite as well as normal ferrite.

Oh man, we don’t have very much normal ferrite, though oh it’s killing me. It’S killing me 20.

I think 20 is good enough. We don’t want to do too much because yeah, we don’t want to actually use up what we got going on here, all right, so let’s build a staircase, a ramp. There we go, we have our ramp and now we need to build some floors come on.

Aren’T you supposed to automatically connect we’re not gon na snap? Oh god, are you not gon na snap to it you’re killing me you’re, killing me wait a minute there. It goes my snap was off by default, killing all right now. Thank you. I don’t have very much left and my walls take even more oh you’re killing me.

I need to get some more uh ferrari dust, so i will be back. Actually. I should be able to build some stuff right here, right technically, isn’t that um part of my expedition is to establish a base? Doesn’T that count? Does that count we’re going to call this?

The oh wait, i can’t huh too small, hey! I do need more ferret dust, i’ll, be back guys, spirit, dust. All righty got enough. So now we should be able to make some more alloy walls. Oh yeah, oh yeah, we’re gon na make some walls here now i usually make my buildings two stories tall, but since we’re limited resources, i’m only gon na make this thing.

One story tall and then we’re gon na put some roofs on there, so flat alloy roof, or you can angle it. I think it’s gon na take way too much or uh too much ferrite dust to do that, so we’re just gon na make ours flat boom boom boom boom and boom, and now we’ll go for. The other thing we have to do is we have to make a doorway. So, let’s pop a cool doorway in here done so now we have our base, it’s just floating out the middle of nowhere with no uh with no supports at all. But that’s okay!

I’M on the mountain so later on. We can put some details in there. So, let’s actually, let’s go into our expedition, accept our reward for homecoming construction, research unit and salvage data and we’re going to need that in order to get our uh signal. Booster, so let’s do that real fast. So now we have a oh.

No, we do have a signal. Booster! Oh! I could totally do that though. I thought i needed to get those uh, those uh blueprints, but we could totally make one.

So we need a metal plating and carbon nanotubes, so metal plating done now. Let’S make a signal. Booster real fast done here we go signal booster, it is there we go and you can use this to actually locate nearby structures or, if you have drop pod coordinates. You can upgrade your exosuit, we don’t have that. So let’s do that boom and it should mark.

I think, we’ve already been there. Oh use the signal booster, but we’ve already been to the manufacturing facility, so probably won’t mark that one it’ll mark something else. That’S close by oh, i see a resource depot, wait, a minute, a distress beacon. Do we have a distressed beacon already? Oh, wait!

A minute wait a minute. Let’S get into our uh inventory real fast and we have our techno signature done, claim the expedition reward. I got wiring loom, corvex casing, corvex convergence cube and navigational data i’ll take all of that. So what do we have left? What do we have left?

Oh man, my inventory is getting kind of full explore on foot all right. We can totally do that. Let’S go see what this distress beacon is. This could be a crashed ship that we could get. Let’S go, oh my god.

If this is a crashed ship, it’s going to be amazing. This will be the best thing ever right off the bat right next to our crash ship. There’S another one. Oh i can’t wait. I hopefully, hopefully this is it come on what is it?

It looks like it looks like there’s something broken over there. There’S something over here. That’S broken now! Remember! If you do your jet pack a shoulder booth, it doesn’t count towards your on foot.

Uh walking, you know, obviously get some ferret just while we’re down here. Oh, my god, maybe we shouldn’t do that, get that living pearl out of there before he steps on me again. I don’t need to get killed. Let’S actually just be cool for a little while, because i have no shield right now and my life bar is going down. So, let’s just actually go after, you know, get some ferrite dust under water, so it looks like there’s a lot of ferrite dust under water on dry land.

There’S a lot of carbon, though so that’s kind of weird all right. Let’S see what is this? What is this please tell me this is not a pilot one. This is just a broken one that i could pick up. Oh now, there’s a pilot here ah come on.

I thought it was gon na be a uh, a random crash ship. That would have been amazing. They probably don’t let that happen, though i don’t know offered to investigate his ship. He needs to get fixed. He’S gon na help me out some way for fixing a ship.

If i can um yep, let’s repair it all right, so i get a little bit damaged. That’S okay! He’S going to help me, though, because i got damaged yeah, wait for all see you jerk. I wanted to have your uh your ship. That’S okay, though we can get some of this stuff over here.

Let’S look at this going yeah. Okay, i mean we got danais, probably yeah. Okay, let’s go on foot up. We need to recharge our life support, so what we can do is we have any. We do have dihydrogen, let’s refill, that real, fast yeah.

We need dihydrogen jelly. So let’s make some dihydrogen jellies and then we can make some life support gels now, because we need dihydrogen, jelly and carbon that’ll be easy to do boom and one life support gel will fill you up all the way so you’re good on that all righty. Oh yeah, on foot on foot up buried technology. Let’S pick that baby up get some money or we can unlock blueprints if you want, but i might just sell it for some money. If we don’t need the blueprints, let’s see let’s go back over here, we need to get back closer to our uh, our ship.

Actually, so this will actually bring us closer to our ship and we’ll get our the rest of our walking done. So, let’s go. Do it go back to our ship six minutes away holy cow? Oh we’re! Getting close, you guys we’re getting close and remember always mind your resources and pick up everything you can along the way, because you might as well do that we’re not leaving the planet anytime.

Soon, unless you find a crashed ship that i don’t know about, yeah we’re almost there we’re about a hundred a hundred feet away from getting our milestone and 200 feet away from our ship. Look at that! That’S almost perfect. It almost worked out perfectly now. Remember yeah!

If you use your jet pack, it doesn’t count because you’re in the air you’re not on foot, so keep that in mind. Let’S get these dihydrogen crystals, the blue crystals are really useful, especially for your life support. Shell, remember that and so get all this stuff. Yes, you can also use launch fuel as well yeah there we go, the pilgrim walked 5 000 units and we did basically win the big old circle. Jet pack bubble trail customization.

I love it. It’S so good and i can’t believe i have a red squid. Let’S get inside of our ship real fast. That way, i don’t die all right. So, let’s get into our pause menu.

Let’S accept it collect the reward, [ Music ]. So we have significant defense system, upgrade powerful movement upgrade and sac venom times, five heck yeah. We have a shield upgrade now and a movement upgrade that way. We could actually run around faster, yes and we can complete the uh phase. One collect the reward.

We’Ve collected the jetpack bubble trail. I can’t wait to use that you guys i am so pumped up. The expedition is out today. This is the first day of the expedition, so i can’t wait to show you guys some more. Hopefully you guys like the video and if you did hit that like button for me, and i will see you guys next time – [ Music, ], [, Music ], you

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