How to Complete Phase 2 in Expedition 3 | No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update 2021 Gameplay


Now, here’s a secret recipe to make periphenium you guys, if you make, if you mix silver and oxygen oxygen, is like the golden material in no man’s sky, silver and oxygen turn into peripherium. Look at that welcome back to no man’s sky. Everyone jason here – and this is our expedition – 3 playthrough. Oh, my god, i’m going to melt get back in here, get back in here, our expedition, 3 playthrough and we have done phase one. So if you don’t know how to do your phase, one link up top and down below in the description, but we are on to phase two so phase one complete phase.

Two, we already did our master of elements, which was to walk around outside during storms, and they want you to walk around for 1500 units. So let’s definitely we got that taken care of. So, let’s claim that real fast we have a powerful scanning system, upgrade supreme mining beam upgrade and a powerful life support, upgrade let’s check those out up and they’re in our uh in our ship right here. So let’s install these. Oh man, my inventory is jacked up.

Let me uh fix this. Give me a second okay. Now we’re looking a lot more clean, sorry that took a while, okay, so let’s go to our starship and let’s install some of these modules boom. Yes, oh my name beam upgrade i’ll. Definitely take that.

I, like it all right, a scanner module that way we can get more money when we scan things and remember, we always put our modules next to each other. All the upgrades that go together always put them touching because you see that or or the yellow uh box around it. If you move it, there’s no more yellow box that yellow box means they’re getting a little bit of a bonus because they’re next to each other. So definitely definitely put them together boom, like that. Oh yeah, shield module we’ll put that one in there all right.

We’Re gon na put our sac venom in here in our uh cargo inventory notice that we got a lot of stuff in here and since we’re here. We have to build, we have to repair our launch system right. So if we go into our uh inventory, our launch system needs storm, crystals and a quantum computer. So we have our storm crystals. Let’S insert those now that way, we’re good.

We don’t need to collect any more storm crystals unless we want to make a lot of money, but we also we need a quantum computer and the problem is, if you press start the way to get your quantum computer blueprint is to actually go to the next Step which is to power your base that we just built, so we need to add some power to our base. Specifically, we need 150 power, so let’s go over there and get some power in our base. Where’D, our beasts go. Oh no! Now i need to find my base.

My base is way over there. Oh man, okay, well i’ll, see you guys when we get there actually, no, no before we do that, let’s sell some items out of our inventory, since we need to make some money. So let’s sell our fungal mold, we don’t need that. We can always get more of that. Let’S sell our storm crystals, we can get over a million for our storm crystals right there and i think that’s about it.

We’Re going to need our wiring loom. So we’re going to keep that for now, let’s sell the uh chris uh yeah crystal flesh that that’s what you get from animals when you kill them mordite. Let’S get rid of that and we’ll keep the rest of this. We all we need the rest of the stuff, so we’re gon na keep that, but we’re also gon na buy all the ferrite dust we can get all the cobalt. We can get all the oxygen all the sodium everything we can get all the gold we’re gon na, buy, let’s buy five more wiring loom and let’s buy ten more metal plating.

We’Re gon na need that later on. So let’s grab that and let’s actually make sure all that stuff is in our inventory, our big inventory, our cargo, so there you go boom wiring loom, goes into the uh exosuit high capacity and uh we’ll leave the uh cobalt in here. Just because i like the cobalt bean here, but you can put it wherever you want, oh, we didn’t buy any batteries or anything. Let’S buy some batteries, duh buy batteries as much as you can and life support gel and actually we can make. We can buy some processors, so let’s buy 10 processors as much as you can.

You don’t have to buy that much. I like to keep all that stuff on hand, because we’re going to be building stuff and we’re going to need this later on anyway. So put in your um cargo inventory that way, you don’t have to deal with it, but it’s there in case you need it. So, let’s head on over to our base, dang it as far away and also guys before we get too deep into it. Let me tell you, while you’re walking around exploring scan everything you can, because in phase three you’re gon na need to have every animal, every rock and every plant scanned in order to go on, and so you might as well do that now.

So, as you’re walking around i mean i’m talking, every rock go in the water and scan every rock every plant on the on the planet’s surface, everything you need to scan everything all right. So just keep that in mind. All right made it to the base holy cow that took a lot longer, because i was stopping to scan everything. I can’t tell you guys that enough scan everything, so we need to make a construction research unit. That way, we can figure out what we can make out of here.

So let’s make that baby. Now, there’s a few things you’re going to want to get ahead of time, and so you want to get as much buried technology the uh underground technology that you can they give you a lot, but you’re gon na still need a lot more. We’Re gon na have to make a uh, i would say, get a medium refiner that’ll help you out that’s 10, so maybe we should get some other stuff first. So let’s get um. Where is it electrical?

We need to power up our base, so we need to get our wiring, which is free. Then we need to get our bio fuel reactor we’re not going to use it, but you have to buy it in order to get the things below it. So we’re going to get that one, that’s one! Then we need to get a solar panel, which is eight research, and then we need to get a battery, which is three so that would equals out to what 12 uh 12 of your uh buried technologies. You’Re gon na have to use for that specifically all right, so we have those you’re good to go on that.

I would say also, if you want to you, can come over here to the uh, some of the more uh you know, you’ll get the mineral extractor. Don’T worry about getting that yet because they’ll give it to you for free, you don’t have to worry about buying that. I would recommend, if you want get a medium refiner that’ll help you out to process the materials later on, make some money and also get some stuff going, that you need to get going and i would also say, get your teleport module now. If you can it’ll help you out later on and a galactic trade terminal again, this will give be given to you for free, but it helps you right now to get materials and get things you want to get right now. So we’re done with all of that.

Now we need to make some power, so what we need to do is number one: let’s put down our portable refiner right over here, all right come on portable refiner. Why are you not going okay? I was just too close to it. Okay, that’s fine! You can’t be too close to it and what we need to do is we need to put fuel in it first and, let’s make sure it’s a full tank.

There you go, and now we need to make as much uh pure or magnetized ferret as we can get, so we don’t have any pure fear right. So, let’s put regular ferrite and we are going to mix that down now. I don’t want to take all of it, so let’s actually pick up some and i’ll leave 123 for myself, the rest of it i’m going to turn into pure ferrite, because we’re going to need magnetized ferret, and i can show you that right now you go over To your power menu right here and to make a solar panel, you need gold, chromatic, metal and metal plating. We have all of those. So let’s grab that and oh i like to put mine on the roof.

You can put yours wherever you like. I think it makes more sense to put them on the roof, but you can put them. However, you feel now we need more gold. Obviously look at that, because we’re gon na need to build three of them, but we only have so much gold. So we need to actually process some gold and what i can, what i’m going to tell you.

The secret is that i learned that today, let’s stop this. For now pure ferrite get in the exo suit. You can actually process pearls that you find underwater. Let me see, i have two living pearls. If you process them, they will give you a hundred gold each so definitely pick up those pearls when you’re out there there we just got 200 gold perfect, and then we need to process our pure ferrite into fair magnetized.

Ferrite, so we have our pure ferrite here, we’re processing it it’s going to take a little while and we’re going to get 200 magnetized ferrite. But while we’re waiting, let’s put up our other solar panels as much as we can we’re aiming for three – and hopefully i have enough for three: let’s see, we already have one two and number three right here, perfect right. We have three solar panels. So now we need to wire them together that way, they’re all sharing the same power so connect those boom boom. Now they will make you 150 uh power all day long, but you need to store that power, because at night they make no power.

So let’s try to make a battery, can we make a battery? We need magnetized, ferrite and condensed carbon. We don’t have either one of those, but we got our power surplus. So we’re good to go right. Let’S actually collect that power surplus powering our uh our base.

Right here we’re gon na collect it. This will give you the quantum computer blueprint and wiring loom, so we’re gon na need wiring loom later on, so we are kicking butt already. So now we know how to make a uh quantum computer. We just need to make some anti-matter and we are good to go so, let’s get in here, and we need to make one quantum computer, because if you go to your starship we only need one quantum computer right. So we need to make one more.

If you go into your build menu, that’s a if you’re on xbox or x, if you’re on playstation quantum computer, we need one anti-matter in order to make it. So, let’s make some anti-matter go down here. We need condensed carbon for that. We need a lot of condensed carbon, so let’s go do that real fast, get our pure ferrite or a magnetized ferrite. Excuse me, let’s put in some uh, let’s put in some carbon, so i’m gon na put in 300 carbon and we’ll make 185 condensed carbon there.

You go now while we’re waiting, let’s see if we can make our uh our wall kiosk. This is a shop that we can buy stuff from oh yeah. We only need 25 magnetized, ferrite and three processors. So, let’s pop this baby right over here, let’s put it right there that way. This is basically your shop.

Now you can buy and sell things right here from your base. You definitely want to do this. We can get more microprocessors if we want to get some more life support gel. Of course, batteries are not refueled yet, but we can get some more. You know items while we’re here always buy all the basics as much as you can, because those are going to be easier to get especially oh yeah, magnetized ferrite we’ll buy that and you can buy chlorine.

We can make a ton of money. So let’s buy some chlorine and i can show you how to do some of that later on all right. So now we have our condensed carbon. Let’S make our uh, let’s make the anti-matter what we need, and then we can make our quantum computer now boom there. It is boom there you go so now it’s good!

Oh yeah! We have a fret a crystal fragment boom there. You go all righty, so we have a lot of this stuff going on right here. Oh we have our geode. We can scan that and get some good stuff goodies out of there.

So we have all this good stuff. I like to line up all my materials. Don’T judge me, i know you’re judging me, but it’s okay you’re allowed to judge me. It’S fine all right! So now that we’re running everything pretty solidly, what is our next milestone?

We can fix our ship, that’s no problem. We have to run over there, but that’s going to be a little bit. So what else can we do construct a teleporter? We got the teleporter blueprint right, so, let’s see what we need for a teleporter it’s going to be over here. We need carbon, nanotubes metal plating 4 and sodium 40

Thankfully we just made our kiosk, so if you need any of those those things you can totally buy them from there, i can totally make two more of uh the carbon nanotubes so boom, and now we can totally put it there.

So, let’s pop it right in oh yeah, we got ta back up. The placement is going to be finicky. This was it happened to me earlier, it’s very finicky and it doesn’t want to work. Okay, you know: let’s go outside, let’s see if we can pop it on the roof. Can we put it here?

No, no, no! No! No! Nothing huh! I can’t put it anywhere, that’s great, but i can put it over here.

So you know what we’re gon na have our teleporter outside right. There done constructed a teleporter, but the problem is you need to actually power it. So let’s go over to our power again and we need to connect the wire from our power, our solar panels, over to our power, our teleporter done so now it’s powered up. So let’s claim our reward for our uh teleporter. We get a power generation, blueprint and survey device.

Okay, let’s make a survey device. There you go there. We go yep so now we’re doing fear the sun tunnel underground for four or for a thousand units. Now this sounds really terrible, but it’s actually not fear. The sun: this is a very easy one to get.

So, let’s do that on our way over to well wait. Let me make sure i took everything out of my refiner real fast. I took everything out: okay, good. We have all our materials. Let’S go we’re gon na head back to our ship, but before we do that tunnel underground fear, the sun.

This is a very easy milestone to do so. Well, all you all you have to do is dig underground and the more you dig the more you’re going to go up. The issue is you think it’s all with a thousand feet straight down? No, it’s volume, so just dig a hole and then just start digging. All around it’s the volume of what you’re digging not in a straight line, so we can knock this out really easy go over here.

Oh yeah, we’re going to be messing this thing up now. Let’S look at our milestone. 800, we’re already at 800.

Look at that and we’ll just keep you know digging around we’re, basically going to dig a big old hole. That’Ll make it easy for us to uh to get the achieve or the milestone, easy peasy right here.

Oh man, we’re down here. Let’S get some uh. Let’S get some cobalt, oh, we got ta identify this first because you got ta, identify all your minerals, so go in the water. Identify those minerals go in the cave, identify those minerals, identify every mineral every plant and every animal you run into it’ll help you later on. I promise platinum and copper whoa i’ll.

Take that platinum and copper i’ll. Take that copper. I i’ll take all the copper you can give me, because i’m gon na need some more chromatic metal pretty soon i can tell already so let’s keep doing all this stuff, oh yeah! Now i don’t want to spend too much time here, because i have to go fix my ship right. So let’s dig around a little bit more because we need to get our uh fear the sun milestone there.

You go fear the sun, tunneled 1000 units to the third, and that’s what that little three means. It’S the volume, it’s not about a straight line or anything like that, like i said earlier, not about a straight line at all. It’S just about hey, get a thousand cubic feet. That’S all you need cubic units, got it so now, let’s head over to our uh our ship and fix it, we’re gon na repair it completely actually before, let’s actually accept art. Oh, we have a personal refiner plan and it’ll give us gold and a supreme mining beam, upgrade so yeah.

Let’S pick that thing up personal refiner, i can make it yes we’re gon na make that so, let’s make our personal refiner, because this is gon na help. You in the long run, oh yeah, we have a supreme mining beam, an s-class mining beam. Let’S put that in there yeah look at all that good stuff. Oh, let’s move that bolt caster out of the way, because we’re gon na put some more upgrades down here and also we can make our um oh yeah. We can make our mining laser advanced mining laser.

Let’S do that right now. We could totally make that so we’re going to install it and we have our wiring loom all ready to go, but we need to make a hermetic seal and a carbon nanotube one of each. So let’s go over to our inventory into our build menu. One carbon nanotube got it and then, if you go down through your menu, you can see hermetic seal right here. You need 30 condensed carbon to make that done and done so now we can make our advanced mining laser, and you want this because now we can mine some really hard materials later on.

So definitely you want to get that as early as you can and it’ll upgrade your mining beam, so it lasts a little bit longer all good good things. So now, let’s head over and fix our ship, we made it so i always get inside, because i want to make sure that i’m safe from the environment we know it’s damaged. I have the part. Now i have my quantum computer, let’s put it in there. It’S repaired awesome right so now we have our uh.

We should be getting our uh thing come on, let’s go there, it is there it is. It took a second to kick in, but we got it perfect. So let’s accept our reward for that right. Here we get a galactic trade terminal plan, supreme movement, module and a significant life support upgrade i’ll take them all. We got all that stuff.

Yes, so let’s get our life support, module right here and we’re gon na pick that up and put it over here. Actually, because you want it to be next to all your other life support there you go, then we have our movement upgrade. That is for your jetpack there. You go boom, we’re doing good on movement upgrades now and we should have. Oh, that’s it all right.

Let’S get rid of that, geode got it so now our next one is to adopt a companion. This is super, easy, just go out and find a random animal number one. Actually, first thing: you want to make a tablet: a carbon tablet so go down all the way down to the bottom. We have a creature pellet right here. It costs 60 carbon to make, but there’s plenty of carbon around, so i’m gon na make five of them and then all you have to do is walk up to one of the animals and say hey.

I have some food for you. Buddy. Do you like my food and then you can interact with them and adopt them as your companion or you can milk them, but that’s not what we’re here for we’re here to adopt them there you go now he’s our new pet. I am in love with it. Look at that long nose.

Guy, look at that he’s so excited he’s running around now. We need to feed them a little bit more because he’s going to be hungry and lonely. So pat him a little bit give him a creature pellet that way he’s full and we are good he’s a nice happy animal now. So let’s accept our reward uh we need fecium, we get fecium and we get gravitino balls for doing this. So definitely gon na.

Take that and then the last step in the uh. Oh, let me go back to my pause menu real fast. I know uh. The last step in this uh phase is gon na be mechanical man. You have to deploy a minotaur heavy exo-suit hybrid.

Now this is gon na kind of be misleading, because you don’t really need to do that. What you need to do is get an exo craft at all, and so you unlock that through the um build menu as well, so we’re gon na have to go back to our base, but on the way there number one scan everything but number. Two look for buried technology, so the things that look like a wi-fi signal right there. That is what we’re looking for, get as much of that as you possibly can on your way. So i’m gon na be getting some of this stuff and i’ll meet you guys over at the base.

All right, we made it back to our base. So now we need to get the exo craft. This is gon na, be how you get the minotaur achievement or a milestone. I keep calling them achievements milestone so head on over to the uh roamer page, and you need four underground or salvage data buried technology to unlock it. Let’S do it so now we can make it.

We just need some metal plating and some paraffinium okay. So let’s go and try to get those materials number one always check your store to make sure it’s not in here. We don’t have any of that stuff in here. I don’t think ferrite dust, cobalt oxygen always get as much as you can magnetized ferrite. We don’t need any tritium.

We don’t need that, but we’re gon na need some more of these metal platings and we don’t need any chlorine all right. So we need to go, find some paraffinium. Let me see, actually can we do it? Um romer geo bay. We need parafinium there.

You go all right, you guys so there’s gon na be a secret recipe here for you right now. All i want you to get is some silver find a silver resource and get as much silver out of it as you possibly can and then meet me back at the base, all right so get as much silver as you can go, get a few resources get Some a couple hundred uh silver, if you can all right now that we’re back at the base. What we’re gon na do right now is. We need to make a medium refiner, so let’s go into our exosuit and we need to make dihydrogen jelly and we need uh magnetized ferret. We have enough magnetized ferrite, i think, but we need five dihydrogen jelly.

That’S like burned into my brain, so you’re gon na need two 200 dihydrogen crystals. We have that so now. What we’re gon na do is we’re gon na make it medium or finer. Let’S pop this baby somewhere over here, hey no, no! No.

I want to turn turn there. You go dihydrogen and magnetized ferrite. You need 100 magnetized ferrite pop that down now the cool thing about a medium refiner is, it doesn’t need any fuel at all. All you have to do is put put it down and you’re good to go now. Here’S a secret recipe to make paraffinium you guys, if you make, if you mix silver and oxygen oxygen, is like the golden material in no man’s sky, silver and oxygen turn into peripherium.

Look at that easy, peasy right, easy peasy! You don’t need that much of it at all, so what we need to make for the uh, the roamer geo bays. We need 50 paraffinium, so you don’t even need that much! You can just like you know just do a little bit of periphenium and you’re good to go. Oh yeah, we’re already way past what we need.

So let’s stop put that in our exosuit. Put this away put that away that way. We don’t lose it and now let’s go pop down our uh, our geo bay, real fast, oh man, all right, yeah, we’re gon na fall all the way down here, because um i made my my uh base on top of a mountain. Let’S pop it down right over here boom and there you go, you do not need to make a minotaur to get your minute. Mechanical man achieve or milestone.

All you have to do is make an exocraft period. That’S all you have to do, and so we’ve made it we’re good to go. So now we have an exocraft. We could totally totally right around in that cool thing, but let’s accept our rewards. Real fast expedition, mechanical man we’re going to get some upgrades for the minotaur, so that would be the reason why you want to make the minotaur is because you get some uh upgrades for it.

So we have all those upgrades and we got a whole bunch of chromatic metal. So i like that we don’t have the mandatory yet so we’re gon na put the upgrades in our uh cargo upgrade. You know cargo over there and then let’s go over and we need to accept our phase two reward, which is the holographic chart, projector plan, which is a base building piece. So there you go, we have that, and that is the completion of phase two you guys. So get ready, we’re gon na be going to phase three and just as a teaser, you guys remember in phase three you have to.

You have to scan a whole bunch of rocks a whole bunch of uh plants and all the animals on the planet so start scanning, and we will see you guys next time. You

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