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How To Complete Phase 4 of The New Expedition | No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update 2021 Gameplay


Well, looky here, look at this is this actually crashed ship? Oh wait, wait wait! This might be a crash ship. This might be a crash ship. Oh look at this.

Let’S see come on. It is a crash ship. Welcome back to no man’s sky. Everyone jason here – and this is our expedition playthrough. So we’ve done phase one two and three: we’ve come just completed phase three, which is oh.

You know we needed to get our industrialist uh milestone, but now we’re on to phase four. Now, let’s look at the beginning. Right here, restore your starship life support system, uh visit an outpost, that’s gon na be hard to find construction. Oh construct an additional teleporter. I could do that.

Probably right now cross country travel by exocraft. Fifteen thousand well we’re gon na be driving in this one too. Wow, okay, detectorist dig up buried items four out of five. Oh, we can probably get that done too. The hills are alive.

Some in a mountain of at least 625 units wow spend 30 seconds airborne and excavate ancient bones. Okay, so we have a lot on our plate. I think the first one we can probably do really easy is construct an additional teleporter. So let’s just make a teleporter right here at our uh mineral farm. Let’S see, pull up our uh, our menu go to our teleporter symbol and we need carbon nanotubes, that’s it so you need four metal plating, carbon, nanotubes too and sodium.

We could totally do that. So let’s make some carbon nanotubes real fast, two of them and we can pop this baby right down right here. So we’re gon na need some power, so we might need to power it up, but we’ll just put it out here. Oh wait. Wait!

Wait right! There network online, i didn’t even have to power it, you don’t even have to put power through it. Just have it okay. So if you just build a second one, does it count? Well, i’m gon na power this thing because i want to make sure it can actually work, so i’m gon na actually power it.

You don’t need to, though, obviously that’s awesome, actually we’re gon na put it right down here boom. So, let’s accept our reward for that extra craft, summoning station plans, yeah and localized teleportation blueprints. We can make a teleporter got you okay, i like that. So we got that one done network online perfect. So that was easy enough travel by exocraft and find a planetary outpost.

That’S gon na be hard buried items. We have four out of five. I was digging them up earlier. So let me show you what a buried item looks like it’s gon na, be right like that, right there, doom look at that buried cash. That is what you’re gon na look for right there.

It’S gon na be buried underground, just like the uh buried technology is, except for it looks like a normal cache except you could get it, and you only need five of these and i have four so, let’s pop this baby right now and get those uh rewards There you go, let’s pick it up. What do we get out of it up? Detectorist? We got that. What item did we get uh?

We got. Let’S look a damaged computer, so you’ll get some randomized things. Sometimes you’ll get a random upgrade a black market upgrade. That’S really really rare, though, so i wouldn’t count on that. But let’s see what we got.

Oh, we got cadmium. We might have to save this for later, just in case done all right. So let’s accept our reward for that detectorist. We got 750 000 units standing increased with the quarterbacks okay, so it’s basically a cash reward for doing that. I’Ll.

Take that. So what else we have to do? Uh hills are live summit, a mountain of 600 at least 600. So that’s a huge mountain and then spend 30 seconds airborne. We can probably actually do the airborne thing right now.

Let me see you need to find a pretty tall mountain. That’S a pretty tall mountain over there. Let’S go over there and i’ll show you maybe how we could do the 30 second thing, all right, so we’re here i drove over in my exocraft, because i want to get that a milestone. We need to get our cross-country milestone and i’m already at 1800. So we’re doing pretty good, so i would say anytime you’re going to go anywhere, get inside your roamer or any kind of mecha exomac.

But here’s our mountain right here i don’t know if you need to do it by foot or you know by jet pack. So i’m gon na try now the trick is, if you’re, against a vertical a cliff like if you’re trying to go up here, use your jet pack, because if you’re going against a uh a flat surface like it’s straight up and down, you will not use your Uh your jetpack fuel, so let me show you what i mean we should be able to do this. Let’S see notice how my meter on my jetpack is not going down so technically i’m doing my rocket man milestone, which is hey, use your jetpack for 30 seconds and i’m gon na be climbing this mountain at the same time. Hopefully, fingers crossed we can get both at the same time. So yeah just look at this look at this 30 seconds.

This is gon na, be easy, now make sure you’re against it. You have to be against the wall if you’re too far away from it. It will start to count your jet pack fuel, so you have to be really close to it. Almost touching almost touch it so holy cow. This is gon na be easy.

This is gon na be way too easy, because even if we don’t get our 30 seconds going up, we still have a whole bunch of uh fuel in our jet pack, so we can just keep holding it down. So, let’s see if we can actually get all the way up here come on come on. Oh my life support my run out. Oh, i didn’t check my life support. Oh god.

Hopefully my life support does not go out before i get my 30 seconds. I don’t think so, but maybe now i’m nervous, oh god, now i’m nervous the hills are alive. Climb the mountain. I didn’t even touch it. Yet i’m not even stopping my jet pack climb the mountain over 625.

There you go so even if you’re just climbing it. I guess it just registers if you’re uh touching a mountain that is over 600 feet in the air, let’s get keep going, keep going we’re gon na get our rocket man come on come on. This is so oh man. This is definitely gon na work. This is definitely gon na work come on dude.

How tall is this mountain? I’Ve been going forever. I have not fast forwarded or anything. This is just straight up me trying to get to the top. Oh, i might run out, i might run out.

I might run out – oh god, come on. This – had to have been 30 seconds by now. Right had to have been 30 seconds by now, so maybe it does not count anymore, oh god! Well, we got. Our hills are alive.

I’M gon na run out of uh. I’M gon na run out of uh life. Support holy cow come on come on five percent – oh my god, just barely just barely wow. Okay! So look at how tall this mountain is can’t.

Even i can’t even look at my uh okay. Let’S look at that. 415 down there, 372 500 dude. This thing is deep. Okay, so let’s go into our well number one.

Let’S refill our life support. I almost died on that all right. Now, let’s go into our uh rocket man. Oh, let’s accept the hills. Are alive rocket boots.

Yes, we got rocket boot plans on that. Now, that’s gon na be just the luck of the draw, i would say, look for a tall tall mountain around. I found mine and this thing is massive all right. So now, let’s, let’s go into hannah. Let’S go into the rocket man one now.

If you select the uh milestone, it will actually put the timer in the bottom right hand, side of your screen, so let’s actually just see if i can jump off and use my jetpack. If i could fall for 30 seconds, so let’s try it now: okay, five six come on come on airborne. 10. 12.

I’M trying to i’m trying to get it up in the air.

Oh! No! If you use your jet packet, it resets it that’s why? What? If you use your jetpack, it resets your timer.

That is why it didn’t count. Oh god, we got ta go back up there, oh god, all right! So don’t use your jetpack. What the! Why does it reset your timer?

If you use your jet pack, okay, well we’re gon na go up back up to the top of this mountain and i’m gon na jump off and show you guys what you can really do all right. Let’S do it wait a minute, i’m holding it, wait a minute, i’m going up the side of the mountain and i’m holding down my jet pack. Look at that! Oh! No!

No, if you get too close and touch the so you can’t even touch the ground at all, got it okay, so don’t touch the oh god. This is gon na be hard because i could probably do it for 30 seconds. But if i touch the the the uh land, it resets the timer okay, so you might need to have it up that way. You can see if you touch the land or not wow, okay, so make sure to have your milestone. Uh activated.

That way, you can look at your timer and boom, so you can technically do it. You just can’t touch or even get close to like i bumped the wall. I just barely bumped it because i’m so afraid, okay got it okay. So if you’re going up a sheer side of a cliff, do not bump into it. Oh man, that’s so hard that is very hard to do.

Jeez, okay, well, we’re gon na collect our reward. Look at that storm crystals and supreme movement upgrade okay! Let’S go in here: let’s get our supreme movement yes boom. Now. Actually, can we put it in here?

Well, we probably could, but we don’t have any room so we’ll leave it in here for now [ Music ], i wan na you know. Oh i went. We have a summoning station ooh. I thought we just got the blueprint. We actually got the summit summoning station, so let’s pop this baby down, maybe we can get a minotaur now i haven’t been able to make my minotaur geo bay yet because you can only have five at a time: oh no, they fixed it.

Oh thank god. They got, i can do my minutes or now now, if you want to get your materials back after you’ve placed it, go into your build menu and you can actually delete it, but you still keep your minotaur okay. Now, if you have your uh exocraft summoning station, you can summon any exocraft you’ve built. Oh dude, well, dang, now that we have this guy, we can put our upgrades in it. I’Ve been saving it because i couldn’t do it before it.

Wouldn’T let me before, but now i have it: laser module. Yes, an engine module s-class engine module. Yes, we need to make our uh our laser real, fast um minotaur laser. You need 80 chromatic, metal, 65 dihydrogen and one wiring limb. I could do that.

I could do that. Yes, oh dude, this is going to be good. This is going to be good now. The other thing you can do with an exocraft, and this is going to help us with the uh planetary outpost. What you can do is install your radar array.

Oh, i need more chromatic metal, dang it. Okay, let’s go get some more chromatic metal, which means we need to go, find some more uh, copper, but we have our laser here. Oh yeah. I just put it down. I didn’t actually activate it.

Duh, okay, there you go so now we have our our laser. Oh yeah. We can’t use our scanner in here. You have to get outside. That’S another thing.

I wish they would change it to be outside of your vehicle in order to scan with your visor. Let me especially in a minotaur, you think you would be able to scan with the visor all right. Let’S go over. Oh god fell down that mountain okay. Come on, let’s get over there, we need to.

I might just walk over there, because my minotaur it takes forever okay come on, we got it, we got it, we got it. I’M just trying to get my uh go a certain distance in a minotaur. Okay. I know i know i need my chromatic metal. I got you all right we’re getting out.

I will call my mitotorian later. This mountain is not good for it all right. Let’S get some copper that way. We can make some chromatic metal get out of here. Guys all right, i got enough, i got all my copper as you can see, oh god, so that i’m making my chromatic metal now.

I should have enough immediately to actually uh make my upgrade. So let’s do that yeah there you go 75. So now we have a actual scanner in our minotaur and you can do this in any of your exocrafts but hit down on your d-pad, go to the exocraft signal booster and you can scan for specific things. So, let’s look for a planetary outpost, that’s what we need for our milestone. Hopefully it’s not too far away.

Let’S see it is 43 minutes away. You know what i’m gon na go for it, because i need to get my other milestone for covering a distance with your exocraft. So on my way over there, let’s go you guys: let’s go 45 minutes god. This is gon na, be a pain. Well guys, it did not take 40 minutes i’ll.

Tell you that that took me i’m looking at my timer right now. It took me about 12 minutes and i only it only counted like what five thousand six thousand units travel now. I will say that, most of the time what i was doing, because i have the minotaur, you can travel really really fast by just jumping and using your jet pack like that, you cover a bigger distance. Now the problem is, it doesn’t count as uh on foot travel you, you really didn’t actually count it as on foot travel. So it’s just like when you’re running around.

If you use your jet pack and you’re in the air, it doesn’t count as on foot same thing for your exocraft. You have to be touching the ground for all this distance to count so dang it. That’S! Okay, though, we’re about to get our uh finding a trade outpost, uh milestone, get up here, yeah landed holy cow. I didn’t think i was gon na be able to land so yeah.

Let’S do it. We have to go inside real fast. I think you have to get undercover yep there you go under cover as soon as you get under the cover you’re good to go. So let’s accept that reward and because we have a marketplace here, i might set up a teleporter here. Let’S do it alloy crafting blueprints and the pilgrim geopay?

Okay? Yes, we have the pilgrim geo being out nice. So now we know how to make the alloys that might come in handy later on. I have a feeling we’re going to have to do that. Oh wait!

A minute we need to put place our uh geo bay, real fast, our pilgrim geo bay, so that we have our pilgrim because yeah, you cannot call in a uh exocraft until you placed its geo bay, but all you got ta do is place it down and Then you can go back in and delete it and the exocraft stays there. So you get your materials back, you don’t even have to worry about it now. The thing is, what do we have to do now? Um. We have travel by exocraft and archaeologists excavate ancient bones.

We can do that. Oh yeah, and we have to repair our uh, our uh ship. So let’s do that real fast. We have to repair our life support systems. Let’S go to our ship, uh repair.

The life support systems. We need hero, okay, so here rocks whatever you want to call it. You can actually make that, let’s see if we can buy it first, i don’t think they’ll sell it to you. Maybe they will. Let’S see do we have anything in here that we need oh yeah, we’ll definitely buy all your cobalt and ferrite dust and all this stuff buy all your uh building blocks.

All the tritium we’re gon na need that later. If we need you know as a fallback plan, we need the tritium so buy the tritium. If you can all right so not in the shop, we have a pilot. Yes, we do. Let’S see if one of these pilots will sell it to us.

Now keep in mind, you cannot buy any of the ships here because the expedition prevents you from it. Even if you have all the money you can you, you still won’t be able to buy it so watch this watch buy uh, make an offer on a ship. Negotiate the price – it’s only worth 935 000, but you cannot purchase it. They will not let you buy a ship or fix one. If you find a crashed ship, you cannot fix it and claim it for whatever reason they want you on the ground.

So you cannot buy a new ship or anything like that and break the pieces down. That’S what i wanted to do to begin with, but you can’t do it, but let’s see if he can sell me some herox, oh he’ll sell me some tritium, ah, nothing! Okay! So we’re gon na have to do some. We buy as much tritium as you can for the herox okay, so we’re gon na have to do that.

But now, oh, let’s see if i need a any help help is that maximum? So what do we need to do? We need to eat either cross country or we can get some bones. Actually, let’s look around, let’s see if there’s any bones around here, so what you’re looking for is right there that yellow thing right there. You could totally go out and get some buried bones.

Now you might get lucky, it says you need to excavate ancient bones. It doesn’t tell you each site, so every site can have a different set of bones. What am i doing? I need to walk over there with my minotaur, because i need to get those uh. I need to get those feet, those those uh that time, let’s go over there with our minotaur six minutes.

It’S only 600 feet away what the heck, okay, so maybe they’re, counting it, because their minotaur is so slow, but watch this yeah see look at that. That timer goes down way fast. If you just use your jet pack and it recharges it so quick that you could just constantly use it over and over again, so yeah, that’s six minutes turn into four minutes within 10 seconds. Look at that instantly, almost three minutes every minute! Now again, i’m not getting any of my time any of my distance on foot with my uh exocraft this way, but it helps and i’m destroying a whole bunch of stuff.

The sentinels are not cool with that, but let’s go over here and get this natural burial site. Let’S get out of here. That way, i don’t make the settles thing angry anymore, so here it is pull out our terrain manipulator now sometimes you’ll be unlucky like this one. It looks like there’s only one here, yeah there’s only one here, so we’re very unlucky. That’S okay!

We got one right. Yep one but there’s gon na be times when you run into like two or three of them and that’s what you’re looking for? Let’S see if we have any more sites around here, nothing close by. We have some storm crystals, but no buried bones. Okay!

Oh no! There’S one up here: let’s see i’m actually just gon na, do this on foot i’m way too lazy to just you know get in my my exo mech, because the mech is so slow to turn around. It’S like a big like lumbering thing, but yeah look at it. Look at how fast, especially if you fully upgrade your uh jet pack, you could go real quick. So that’s.

Why there’s a certain point where being on foot is actually faster? Then you don’t have to worry about all the uh, the exocraft stuff, but you need to do it for the milestone. So i would recommend you do it as much as you can. I just i’m gon na try to see if we get multiple bones in one dig site it looks like. Maybe we can’t all right.

Where is this thing at all right up here? Okay, we’re getting close, getting close on come on! Oh yeah! We’Re right here we’re right here: okay, oh yeah, there’s gon na be multiple bones in here. So there’s two.

It looks like at least we picked up one. Let’S dig around: oh, we got ta dig over here, so that counts as one we have another one. Here. That’S two, so we got three total right. We should be at three total, but there’s only two different dig sites and three so yeah.

It just counts the bones. So just pick up ten bones that are buried underground. We could totally do that and i’m gon na make my way back to my starship, but i’m gon na use my uh my exocraft to get this ding number up and we’re gon na be looking for bones along the way. So man, we got a lot of a lot of work to do. Let’S do it.

Let’S get that axle back over here right here, all right: let’s go man. Let’S go get some mileage under our belt and head back to our ship, which is over an hour away. Let’S go. Do it well looky here. Look at this.

Is this actually crashed ship? Oh wait, wait wait! This might be a crash ship. This might be a crash ship. Oh look at this.

Let’S see come on. It is a crash ship that we cannot pick up. Look at this cannot purchase it. Are you kidding me? I could get this and then sell it for four million.

I can break all the pieces down. Can i break it? I can’t even break it while it’s in there, oh you’re, killing me you’re, killing me, let’s see if we can get any upgrades out of here, because there’s gon na be you know one of these broken modules right next to it. Let’S see anything i can use come on, uh, nanites, okay and then there should be an emergency broadcast. Receiver emergency beacon there.

It is over here, let’s see if we can get something out of here – maybe yep the light mask where it seems to wide and dim the hologram disappears. Let’S look for we can do technology or good, so we’re gon na do technology. Let’S see what we can get, i scan a blueprint now i can construct one of these advances myself. So now i have a teleport receiver for my ship that is broken. I could install it.

I need to install it over there that way. I can teleport stuff to my uh, my ship, so actually that’s a good benefit. Once i get over to my ship, which is still a long ways away with how long uh we still have a ton more uh, oh god, let’s keep going geez. Oh, i just got the cross country 15 000 units traveled in an exocraft. Thank god that worked.

So we got our upgrades. Okay, let’s see what we got them for extra craft boost mode and engine module. Okay, so let’s see if we could do that, it will actually go into my exo craft. Let’S see can’t install in this inventory, so this is your normal one for your roamer dang it. This goes into your roamer, so you can’t even use it for your.

You use your oh good, lord. Okay, all right! Well, we got upgrades for our roamer, so there you go and i’ve been picking up some bones. So let’s just keep on heading back. I guess and we found our natural burial site.

Let’S get this one. This should be our last one. I think. Let’S see this should be it there. We go.

The archaeologist collected 10 fossils i’ll. Take that let’s get let’s go and accept our reward. So we got three planetary charts for doing that, and, speaking of that, i literally found it right next to this building right here, this looks like a manufacturing facility. Oh yes, it is so we’re gon na. Do this one the right way, the correct way.

Let’S go find our uh, our save beacon there. It is over here. So this is our save beacon. Let’S go save first, just to make sure all our progress is saved up until this point now. The reason why you want to do that is because, when you break into a uh facility like this, you have to blow open the door, but you have to complete the riddle on the inside.

If you mess it up, you can always reload your last save and try it again. So that’s why you want to do that. You want to make sure to save right before you open this door, let’s get in here and see. If i can complete this question correctly, i know i know i don’t even know what it says, because i don’t know any of the words security measures have begun. A full system wipe.

I see, file after file being purged um. Let’S wait. Let’S wait. Wait, wait! Wait as i wait, the countermeasures complete their purge.

The terminal shuts down and screen is lifeless okay, so that didn’t work. But that’s okay, we’re gon na reload, our save, and do it again. So there you go. We reloaded our save. Let’S get back in here whoa.

It’S underground. This is not good. What is going on here. That is not supposed to happen, let’s reload our save yet again, because i think that glitched out, when it loaded the save, let’s see what it looks like now. Okay, there you go.

That is what it’s supposed to look like. I don’t know what happened earlier, but that did not work well, all right. Let’S blow the store open again and this time we know we don’t have to wait. We’Re gon na just uh force a restart. Maybe let’s see come on, i know so it should be the same exact question every single time, because once it’s loaded, this thing it it knows.

Okay, this is a question. You have to ask every time there we go. Let’S go to force restart, i forcibly restart the system after a short delay. The screen comes back to life, all traces of the security program have vanished, normal operations have resumed, and i have access to the facility’s main control panel. I should be able to alter production to my own benefit.

Yes, let’s learn a new recipe. Now this is where you’re going to use your factory override units. I have seven of them because we get them as a reward for another milestone, but i have seven of them, so i can unlock seven blueprints and you know what we need right. We need our solar mirrors. We need to know how to make that we are probably gon na need to know how to make a hydraulic wiring.

So let’s grab that real, fast that’ll just make it easier all the stuff is to build uh items. You know it’s that way. You can build blueprints amino chamber um. I don’t think we’re gon na need a star shield battery, maybe, but i want to get my atlas pass. Of course i want to get my atlas pass and you can do two and three if you want to, but you’re, probably not gon na need them yet, so i wouldn’t worry too much about it, so everything basically unlocked here i mean we can do a submarine Reactor fuel – we can do that for our submarine, but we don’t need that yet now you can start unlocking some of these now.

This is what we need right here. He rocks. This is the blueprint we need. We know how to make that right. Ammonia and ionized cobalt.

We could totally make that. But if you did not have that blueprint unlocked, you have to go through, you’ll have to get the acid, then the thermic, energy or thermic condenser, and then the veronium and then herox. So there you go. You have to go through this trail right here. Let’S get some acid going, and these are all things that you can make that are kind of uh hard to to uh get early on.

But once you start going, it’ll be super easy. There we go so now we learned all of our recipes. Let’S go back to our uh, let’s go back to our base. Actually, so we have a base up here. I’M gon na show you a different way to make it if, in case you cannot, you know you do you cannot get the recipe.

There is a way to make it. Let’S go to make it real fast, all right, so we made it into our base. Thankfully, so there are a couple ways to make the herox that we need. So let me look over here on our ship. We need condensed carbon and he rocks right.

We need two herox. There are two ways to make it now. If you have the blueprint, you can just make it in your inventory. So if you go to craft product, you can make herox in your inventory. Let’S look at it boom right there, so you would just need 50, ammonia and 50 ionized.

Cobalt totally can do it in your inventory, but if you do not have the blueprint like, if you didn’t figure out how to do it, yet that’s okay! You can actually make it in your medium refiner. Oh no! No! You need a large one cause.

I think you need three uh up. You need three installation or three inputs – oh god, let’s get our large refiner while we’re here so to unlock your large refiner. Oh you’re, gon na need another 10 uh berry technologies and we need some sodium nitrate and microprocessors. That’S okay: we can make some sodium nitrate really quickly. So let’s make some sodium nitrate and we need some microprocessors as well.

So let’s do that? Oh wait, but stop it. We don’t want to make too much sodium nitrate because we still need some of this so boom and, let’s say 40 looks good right boom. Oh yeah stop! First there there you go all right, so we’re going to do some microprocessors as well.

That’S why we have our our thing here, all right, so now we should be able to make our large refiner sodium measured. Oh no, i did need more sodium dude all right. I didn’t think we needed that much, but we do obviously, so you need a hundred sodium where’s, my sodium at where’d. My sodium go. Oh yeah.

Is it in there still yeah? It is okay duh. I left it in there wow. I am losing my mind. You guys, i am losing my mind all right and we need two more microprocessors dude.

My inventory is getting full here, two more microprocessors done so now we can make it good lord, that took forever. So, let’s pop this baby right over here, no large we’re fine. You got ta get away from me because i don’t want it to hit my body all righty. So once you have your large refiner and go through all the hassle i just went through. All you need to do is put in ammonia.

Remember the tritium. We were buying from the trading outpost earlier. You need tritium, you can also buy it from your side terminal, but there’s nothing yet and then, if you put some cobalt in here boom, so that’s what you need: those three items: ammonia, tritium and cobalt. But you need a lot of it because you need 30. Ammonia 20 tritium and 60 cobalt.

So this is a lot harder to make it, but it makes it easier in the fact that you don’t need the blueprint so because you don’t need the blueprint it’s going to cost you a lot more materials to make the herox. So i would highly highly recommend just getting the blueprint because the blueprint is way easier to make it and speaking of that, we need ionized cobalt. So let’s get some of our regular cobalt and make it into ionized cobalt. Oh yeah, we can sell our bones. That might help out with our inventory, let’s sell our bones: get rid of the bones we have going on here curious bone.

We can sell our these as well, because we can go to the trading outpost and buy those if we wanted to creature pellet storm crystals we’re just trying to make some room in my inventory. That’S all we’re doing because we can get all these other items pretty easily. Oh yeah bones like crazy and i think that’s about it, uh sac venom. I still want to hold on to it, but i don’t know if i need it or not, i’m starting to think we don’t need it all right. So we have our ionized cobalt.

So now we can make our herox. So let’s do it. We need two of them. Two here rocks there you go so that was gon na take uh 1550. That’S a hundred ammonia and a hundred ionized cobalt, and you have what you need.

So, let’s go back over to our ship and get it done yeah we made it and for whatever reason, my uh, my ship is having a bad day. There’S no base here there should be, though, maybe the base hasn’t loaded in today. Okay, i did record uh play yesterday, so all right, oh yeah, we need condensed carbon. I didn’t make that, but i can make that i just haven’t done it yet yeah. That is clear all right.

So let’s take our carbon pop that baby in there and actually just put some more carbon fuel in there. So we should get enough pretty quickly here all right, condensed carbon. So, let’s look at it, yep condensed carbon 63 and he rocks two or he wrote whatever you want to call it done and done life support system is up and going now yes, milestone complete. We have phase four complete. It looks like i bet come on hit me with it.

Nothing we’re not gon na. Do it now, not gon na show me phase four complete. Let’S look at my expedition, i did have all of it right. Yes, i did collect this silver water in here, got it auto diagnostics. Four.

I got nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine nanites yes you’re getting paid in nanites. For that and now our phase four is complete: saucer fungus plants cave creeper plants, trago troglo tulip plan. All right, so we get a lot of uh uh plants for your base. That way when you’re base building, you can do it yeah there. You go, you guys wow, so we are done with phase four.

This is gon na be maybe we have to go to phase five, let’s see what we need to do in phase five: lift off perform a low flight dock with the space station or each round, everyone repair the frame, shift, catapult and warp to a new system. Oh, oh man, this is gon na, be so much fun. I can’t wait for phase five. Let me go down to those comments. Have you gotten there yet have you gotten your reward?

Let’S go and i’ll see you guys next time i can’t wait. [, Music, ], [, Music ], you

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