How to Find 2 Free S Class Squid Ships | No Mans Sky Origins Update 2020


Look at that two squids on the same planet. Look at that! That is insane welcome back to no man’s sky. Everyone jason here and today, i’m going to show you how to get a really cool squid starship for free, don’t need to bring any money. All you need, as always is a portal and all the glyphs unlocked. Now, if you don’t know how to do that, i have a video linked up top and down below in the description that way, you can go, learn how to do that and as always, whenever you’re ship hunting, i always recommend you go over to your options. You go to your network settings and you make sure your multiplayer is disabled, because anybody can pop into your game or if the planet is really popular, they might just be thrown into your game.

If you have, it turned on because you’re allowing people to join your game and they can take it from you. You don’t want that to happen and you want to be in the uh, the starter galaxy, the euclid galaxy. I think i have everything covered. So, let’s jump in here and before i uh actually show you where to go. I want to give credit where credit is due. I am always over at the nms coordinates exchange over on reddit, and specifically this is a post by zenbin83. So zenbin83 is the one who found it, i’m just showing you all how to get there and how to pick it up because you have to go there and you have to go to a specific planet coordinate in order to pick it up. So, let’s head on over there and get this awesome squid ship!

So let’s get in here, yep yep yep come on! Let me in there there we go so you’re gon na need to start out with the bird. Then the sunrise then the whale then the dino. Then the triforce then the flux capacitor. Then it’s the hot air balloon, the moon, the trivial pursuit sign, another moon, the black hole and the last one is the moon. So either take a screenshot or pause the video, whatever you need to do and yeah again all credit goes to zenbin83 he’s the one who found it, i’m just showing you guys how to get there. So, let’s cross through this portal and then on the other side. I’Ll show you the coordinates and how to get there once you’ve gotten over to the other side. Like this. Look at that, oh look at, we already can see a communication station.

That’S always a good sign because other people they put down comm stations for you. So that way you can see where to go so there are actually the uh. The weird twist to this is there are two squids on the same planet, which is crazy. I’Ve never seen this before two of the same ships, so we’re gon na go to the first one over here and when we get there i’ll show you the coordinates that way you can see where it’s at so we’re creeping up on where it is look at That beautiful squid, let’s park it and then, if you want to go into if you’re looking for it the hard way like if there’s no communication stations, there’s no com stations, just go press down on your d-pad, go all the way over to the gear icon and Then all the way over to the right again it’ll go to starship view, and this is the one you’re looking for. This is the first set of coordinates plus 17.73 and negative 44.78. That’S where you’re heading!

Oh! This is the second one. Oh i’m sorry i’ll. Do the second one first, so there you go: here’s a really cool squid right off the bat. It’S gon na be an s-class because all exotics are s-classes, but let’s see what it has going for it. Oh look at that. It’S actually pretty good and it’s a cool turquoise color i like it or like a bluish, green whatever you want to call it so we’re gon na do that. This is our current ship we’re never gon na get rid of the razor’s edge. But if you have six ships, you’re gon na have to trade it in you’re gon na have to swap it because you can only have six ships at a time now. I only have five, so i have room for another one, so i’m gon na totally take this one and i’m going to claim it instead of swapping it.

I’M just gon na claim it it’s free, because it’s a crashed one. You just have to repair it. A little bit so now this is my new ship, but we’re not done yet, but we have to repair the pulse engine in order to even go anywhere. That’S okay! So let’s actually go into our menu and we are going to need to repair the pulse engine, which is one hermetic seal and one metal plating easy peasy. We could totally do that and fix that part and that part now we’re good to go. So, let’s go over to the other one and see if this one’s better – and here we come we’re reaching the second squid and come on there.

We go now. Let’S check this one out. Look at that two squids on the same planet. Look at that! That is insane two squids on the same planet, two free squids on the same planet. But the big question is: is this one better than the other one so which one is the best? This is the first squid, let’s compare so the one i currently have has better damage potential and better hyperdrive range, just by a little bit on the hyperdrive range, but the damage potential is way higher. The shield strength is actually it’s the same 230.9 wow. Okay. Now this other one, this the first one does have two free slots in it. It has 12 and the the original one that i got had 10.

So actually it has more slots in it huh. So it’s up to you. Do you want more room in your inventory to start out with you can always upgrade this later or do you want more damage and maybe a little bit more hyperdrive range just a tad more it’s up to you, whichever one you want, that’s the one you should Get okay, so i’m gon na leave, because this one i like the one i already have it does have fewer slots in it, but i could totally upgrade it so heck. Yeah. Look at this thing we’re gon na have to.

We have to do the obligatory fly out into space and show you guys the interior of it and also what it looks like in space, because, of course, i can’t have to do that now. Look at this thing. Look at the cockpit it because it’s an exotic it has that cool dome. Look to it! I love it that is so cool. That’S the interior! Now, let’s watch let’s go to the outside. Let’S get past this asteroid belt or field and let’s go to the outside boom, look at that.

That is a free. What turquoise green, whatever you want to call it get down low, as we can see it. Look at that beautiful ship, that is, a beautiful s-class exotic right there whoa i’m getting blinded, oh good, okay, let’s uh, okay, yeah! Looking that way, it does not bode well for the camera, so we won’t do that but yeah! Hopefully you guys, like this cool little video, if you did hit that like button for me and if you want to see more subscribe to the channel, i’m uploading videos like this all the time. I know i hit a lot of shorts lately. I was just testing some stuff out and it’s the holidays. I wanted to see, you know, do some experiments on the channel so but you know don’t worry. No man’s sky will always be a part of this channel and we will be doing long form. Videos like this a lot, so i will see you in the next one:

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