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How to Find All Glyphs and Portals | No Man’s Sky Origins Update 2020



Energy energy surge detected portal line right there, okay, so there’s our portal welcome back to no man’s sky. Everyone jason here and today i’m going to show you how to get all the glyphs in no man’s sky and find your first portal. That way, you can go find some awesome ships. You can go visit, another player’s system, whatever you want to do. I always you know, show you guys how to do this in another video, but that video is getting kind of old. So i figured why not? You know update that video and i can show you guys exactly how to do it so in order to find all of the glyphs easy now you could do this also by completing the artemis storyline, but that could take you a while, maybe 10 hours or so. If you just want to go off and explore and don’t even worry about the story, i would recommend you do the story, but if you don’t want to do any of that stuff, that’s fine. All you have to do is go to any space station like i’m. On you know my space station, i just landed now, if you head out up here, you’ll, be looking for a fellow traveler. Now you’ll see a majority of the race you’re it with that. Why you know you can see i’m a corvette system. So there’s a lot of corvettes around here, but there’s also some uh. You know viking and some geck, but here is a fellow traveler and if you just highlight them, it’ll call them a traveler all right. So here’s my traveler once you find your traveler on the space station and they could be anywhere they could be over. You know in the uh, the dining area or the cafe across the way they could be over here. They’Re walking around so you’ll find them in random spots mine’s over here.

So let’s talk to them. I approached the lost traveler. Their skin is translucent translucent, as if they were not truly there, and this is the first time i’ve talked to a traveler at all. This is going to be your first interaction with a traveler irrevocably corrupted corrupted corrupted. Take please final proof. We existed that that a strange being tries to hand me something, but whatever it is, it is immaterial shimmering in and out of existence, the life form begins to cry despairing at their own impending disappearance. For a moment, i see another universe, a place utterly. Unlike anything, i’ve ever encountered stay with them to the end. I don’t think any of these things change anything they just make. You feel better. I always stay with them until the end, because something’s happening on their end of the uh, the uh interaction, a life in a universe are consumed in a blaze of white, and yet the life form is still here. Apparently, unaware of anything that just occurred as i leave, they ask if i received any troubling readings, they are afraid something is happening to their world, so we visited him and we got that initial contact now, after that, all the other travelers will have the same general. Talking point: so, if you talk to him again my friends, what happened to my friends, please, i need to to leave this place return to the fleet, so you can offer nanites and he will give you cash for that. You can ask where they came from, which costs you a hundred nanites and that’s what you want to do. They will point you towards a grave site that has a glyph on it or you can barter, and in this case i give them 100 oxygen. They will give me something else in return. We’Re gon na go with the ask where they came from that way. He could point me towards his grave traveler. Rascusa offers directions to a place of interest anomalous.

Subspace signal detected so now we know up and unknown grave right over there. They will always point you towards the grave, and just so you guys know, let’s go over to my catalog. You can actually see how many portal glyphs you have. If you press pause and go over to your catalog at the bottom right here, they choose that you see, i have no portal glyphs at all and you need to get collect 16 of them i’ll leave it up to you to figure out what 16 means, but 16 is important in this game, but i have zero right now. I have none. So let’s go to that grave site and i will show you how to get those glyphs and we are almost there. Let’S land as close as we can. That was easy enough. I love it. This is a dead planet, so, oh, it has a lot of signals on it, though. So that’s great, let’s head on over here and let’s interact with this grave. Now, that’s not the same traveler we talked to because there’s only one grave per system and it doesn’t matter they will give you sometimes it’ll, be the same exact traveler you talk to. Sometimes it won’t be sometimes it’ll be a traveler that they were traveling with either way. You only get one grave per system that will give you a glyph. You might run into four or five graves, but one grave will give you the glyphs. That’S why you talk to that traveler and he will point you towards the grave that will give you the glyph exercise tells me to abandon, must disable. It did not take offer decided to anger the universe, but i know i must the fallen. Traveler’S grave is marked by a glyph, an epitaph of some ancient technology. Let’S extract it. Yes, i leave the fallen traveler in peace, so i got my first glyph now because you only get one per system. You’Re gon na have to go to different systems. You have to warp to different systems in order to get all 16 glyphs. So keep that in mind.

You’Re gon na have to be doing a lot of traveling and as just a frame of reference, you will get more travelers. The closer you get to the center of the universe, you will get more there’s a higher chance of you running into travelers, the closer you are to the center. So, for my case, i just did mine, i’m at 694, 000 light years away from the center okay. But if i got closer, i’m gon na have a higher chance of running into multiple different travelers. I’Ve seen as much as two or three travelers on one single planet so keep that in mind the closer you are to the center, the more travelers you’re gon na find. Now what we need to do is find a portal in this uh amazing system. So that means we have to go back to the space station because we need to go, buy some maps, so i will see when we get there so once you’re back on the space station, you want to go over to the cartographer right over here. It’S over in the general area, where the teleporter is he’s right next to the teleporter. If you talk to him, he will sell you a whole bunch of uh maps and we’re gon na need some ancient uh alien. I think it’s the alien life form maps. Let’S, let’s look well, i can show you it’s a purple one, so you can ask for help. You can exchange maps which he will trade, you maps for navigational data or you can purchase them for 15 nanites. Now the problem with the is he doesn’t give you what you want, what you’re asking for? He just gives you a random map, so we want a specific one, so we’re gon na go to exchange maps and we’re looking for the alien cartographic data, the purple one that looks like a knowledge stone.

That’S the one! We want that’s the one we need in order to find an alien monolith. So let’s get as many as we can. I have wow. I have a whole bunch of uh navigational data, so i’m gon na calm down, i’m only gon na buy 20 of them. You’Re gon na need a lot so as many as you can get, because sometimes you can. You will not find a monolith on the first map and sometimes your maps just don’t work. It won’t find anything it’s a random chance, but it can happen so be ready for that. You might have to burn a few maps in order to get to an alien monolith. So what we’re going to do is i’m going to fire it off right here. We’Re going to do see, i have a 20. I have 33 maps, we’re gon na fire them off. So if you hold x, if you’re on xbox one or are you if you’re on xbox, it’s a hold x if you’re on playstation hold square and it fires it off, and it says oh signal detected where’s my signal at it is an ancient ruin. We’Re not looking for that, though, we’re looking for an alien monolith. So, let’s fire off another one alien monolith detected perfect, that’s the one! You don’t have to do it in the space station. You can also go down to a specific planet and look for that one. As well doesn’t matter either way, you just need to find an alien monolith, so we know that’s our alien model with now. We also need two special items in order to unlock the alien monolith, i’m in a corvette system, so you’re going to need corvex, casings or a convergence cube you need, i would recommend, having both, because you don’t know what the monolith is going to ask for. So have both on hand and the way to find those is if you have a uh, if you have an economy scanner in your uh starship, you can search for a trading post. So let’s go over to the gear icon scan for a trading outpost.

So now we we know where a trading outpost is. Oh, i got ta take care of these guys real fast, sorry, guys, let’s get rid of these guys real, quick done. Okay, just i hate it when they show up because they’re kind of a pain in the butt there’s our trading post right there. So, let’s head on over to the trading post to buy those items so we’re coming in hot on the trading outpost and the the reason why you want to go to the trading outpost is because everyone who lands will sell you the special item of that system. Oh look at that. We have an archive right there too. I might need to mark this, but every system is different: hey how about we uh land on the landing pad. Thank you. Every every system is different, so i’m in a viki or not a viking. I’M in a corvax system, i need to buy corvex items if you’re in a gek system, you need to buy the geck items and if you’re in a viking system, you need to buy the viking items. The easiest way to do that is just to go to a trading post. You will find that all the only people that land are the race of that system and you can buy all their items from them. So, let’s head on over here, this guy looks pretty cool: let’s buy some items from him and we’re gon na buy and the first two items there.

You go, corvex, cube and corvex casing and i would say, buy as many as you can, whatever you can afford. Just because you might need it for later, i always stockpile these things in my backpack, as you can tell wait a minute. Why are you in there? You need to be in there. I always try to max out my my backpack, my cargo. So now we have the special items for this system. We need to hit our monolith now. So, let’s head on over to the monolith, which is off planet great, so a lot of traveling, but it’s totally worth it because you’ll have a portal. So, let’s head on over there, so we are coming up on the alien monolith coming in hot. I love it now. There’S gon na be some questions that you have to answer for the monolith. Now the the best part is when you land and you get out of your starship, you see it says, restore point saved. I just made an autosave right there. That is your best friend, because if you don’t know the language of the system like, if i don’t know a lot of corvex words, this this riddle is gon na be really hard to do so. I won’t know the answer, because i can’t read it: that’s okay! If you fail at the question, you can just reload your auto, save and it’ll. Take you right back to when you got out of your starship this guy. Why? Why are you attacking me i’m trying to do this? Okay, let’s just do it.

Corvex echoes reward yourself. So i’m thinking it’s telling me to reward myself. A flickering reflection of my own body emerges from a portal. It mimics every move i make when i wave at waves. When i raise my multi-tool it copies instantly. The doppelganger makes a motion to suggest it wants something and we both recoil when i realize i’ve instinctively matched its movements, its body shimmers, but it its equipment looks somehow real. Its multi-tool looks better than my own. The dimensional irregularity is fading. Um, let’s give a multi-tool because it says give a gift right so give the multi-tool we hand each other, our multi-tools, with this exchange complete the mirror me fades away. I just took his uh terrible look at this terrible multi-tool. I don’t want that decline done. So we’ve increased our standing. We completed the question. They won’t always be that easy. That’S okay! If you fail it reload your auto save, but since we completed it, let’s go back in there because we can also work with the monolith to ask a different question. Now we can locate a portal, the ancients inhabit this model. They accept my presence because we completed the riddle earlier. We can locate a portal, we need one corvex casing: that’s why you need those special items because it might be a corvex casing or it might be a corvex cube. You don’t know, let’s locate a portal energy energy surge detected portal line right there. Okay, so there’s our portal, so we’ve just found a portal, but let me show you what this portal looks like after.

If this sentinel doesn’t get me come on get out of here almost there now we found our first portal right, so i would always recommend like if you find it on a good planet like you, could always do all this stuff in different systems on different planets. I would always recommend putting something here to market. I will always. I generally tend to put a save beacon, because you can see you can see this from space, it will mark it and we need two metal plating for that. So, let’s make that real quickly. So, let’s put it down here and we also, if you have your seat beaking out, you can press up on the d-pad and you can choose the different colors of it. I’M going to make mine purple because purple is awesome and i push the wrong button. Every single time so yeah i have a purple beacon, and so you can see the star from space. So you know every you know, no matter where you go, you know exactly where your portal is. It’S awesome i’m going to save as well. I want to save this moment and now here’s our portal whoo and remember the first time you open up a portal you’re gon na have to reload all of the glyphs. Now we only have one glyph unlocked, so we can’t really use any of them, but if we wanted to use this portal like, if you have all of your glyphs unlocked, you need to recharge them at each portal.

You you open, you activate. So, keep that in mind, you’re gon na have to reload it and it takes different. You know elements this one’s gon na be one of those three carbon or oxygen, or you know you’re going to need some of the metals things like that you’re going to need a whole bunch of different materials in order to recharge every single glyph. All right. So there you go, that is how you find all the glyphs and your first portal. That way you can go, find any multi-tool. You want any starship, you want, you can go visit, other people’s bases, whatever you want to do, that’s how you do it. So hopefully you guys like the video, if you did hit that like button for me and if you want to see more subscribe to the channel. I’M uploading videos all the time, and i will see you guys next time:

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