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How to Finish This Weekend’s Community Event | No Man’s Sky Frontiers September 2021


Welcome back to no man’s sky, everyone jason here and we are doing the weekend event. The weekend event is here, and i know there’s a lot of new players in no man’s sky. So, every friday, every weekend we will get a weekend event, which is basically a special quest that starts on friday and it’ll go friday, saturday and sunday. You can complete it within that time frame. But if you don’t do it within those three days, then you will miss it.

Go to the nexus over here and you’ll see a weekend event right here at the top, and it will man we only have 35 hours left. It is saturday afternoon saturday evening, almost so, let’s accept it, it is a rescue, a stranded life form. So there’s someone out there that needs our help. So, let’s start it and i’ll walk you guys through on how to get this done really quick. This should be a pretty simple, straightforward one, but you never know they could change it up at any time.

So we’re going to get in our ship and it’ll tell us. We need to leave where’s my timer at there. It is boom. We have a minute to leave the space station or the space anomaly before we fail. We got ta get out here and it’ll teleport us to the planet.

Now this is a community event, so all of us are going to the same planet. In order to do this mission now, it might be, you know a different time for you, so you might see a base here that i don’t see because they uh they got here. First, oh double dash gaming found this planet or the system. I like it. Okay, so double dash is another creator in the community wait, a minute last known, coordinates have been marked.

Where are they at up over here? So all we have to do. Is lane here and see what’s wrong with their ship. Let’S get in here we’re gon na land up up, it’s freezing a little bit there. It is that’s!

Okay, we got it we’re good, we’re good! Look at all this oxygen right here. I, like it, pick up a ton of oxygen, let’s see where our uh yep our pilot’s gon na be down here in this big old crevice. It looks like oh, no, that’s a river okay, maybe they’re across the way, they’re somewhere close by, because they’re only 600 feet away. Okay, so maybe they’re across this.

Let’S see if we can go all the way across there’s no way we’re gon na make it across this is way too long. Oh now, they’re over here. Oh you tricked me it’s probably right over there. Oh now i see him. I see him.

Oh no! [, Music ]. We have him in range located up here: okay yeah, i know now. I know right over here, so their ship is definitely broken. Look at that thing.

It is definitely jacked up, hey buddy, what’s going on what is wrong here, the travelers seem surprised to see me their eyes search mine. They have. They don’t have any eyes wondering why i’m here and how i found them for lauren lee traveler shows me their ship’s melted navigation computer. This part is far beyond repair, but it could potentially be replaced. So we need to find a navigational computer, so we’re going to have to actually look around for a buried tech right here like that there you go and you have to find these little buried technologies underground we’re trying to find a good one.

That’S a replacement! So it’s not a guarantee that this is going to work, but let’s see oh and we have settled coming after us now – let’s take out these corrupted settles, get away, get away all right now, let’s fire off this encrypted navigational data to see if we can find The computer that’s going to replace them. Nope, it’s not found dang it we’re gon na have to do this a few times. So don’t worry if you don’t find it the first couple. You know it’s okay, you said they keep looking for buried technology like that over there let’s go get some finally holy cow.

I just spent eight minutes, i’m looking at my timer eight minutes. I dug up, like i think, 11 or 12 of the uh machineries. Just to get it wow, okay, up the decryption terminal, is off the planet, so we’re gon na need to fly to a different planet to even pick it up. Let’S get some uh materials while we’re here always always always get more materials, all righty. So let’s go get the uh decryption terminal.

We’Re gon na have to fight some uh settles too so be ready for that corrupted. Sentinels are all over the place, as you can tell everyone else. Is here too, oh corrupted, sandals right off the bat? Okay, we’ve got to take out all the corrupted sentinels. They have so many comm stations.

I can’t even get them holy cow hope we got more drones defeated. Let’S pick up, all the uh containers get our rewards. I can’t even see where i’m supposed to go. I’M guessing this one right here, holy cow terminal status, active please present compatible device. I have one here: it is navigation.

Computer detected pairing key, downloaded syncing device decrypted. Yes, so we got one that works now. So now we just got to go back and give it to them that way they that pilot can get the heck out of here and not have to deal with any of this stuff anymore. So now, let’s head back to that pilot, see space cowboy, don’t panic! Yeah there’s a lot of stuff going on over there, though, how can you not panic?

What are we supposed to do come on give me my next step right, deliver the replacement. Okay. Where am i supposed to go holy cow? Everyone had a calm station there and because all the comp stations had to actually tell me what their message was. It took four minutes for all the messages to uh type out.

That way, i could see where i’m supposed to go hello games. Please make it to where missions don’t have to wait for a comm station. Holy cow literally had to wait for all the comp stations and there was like a ton of them there. I know you guys saw all those comm stations, but you couldn’t. I couldn’t progress until i got the message for every comm station.

I looked at holy cow. Well, thankfully, that’s done jeez, hey man. I mean i’m back with your computer. That way you can get the heck out of here. Man.

Let’S go yeah we’re in the middle of storm two here. The travelers seem surprised to see me so i search mine wondering why i’m here and how i have found them here. You go yeah he’s out. Yup, oh and his ship just took right off wow. Okay.

There was oh, he left so fast that his uh little uh handy dandy thing is sitting here holy cow. He left it behind all right. So we’ve done that now it’s time to go back to the uh space anomaly and collect our reward. So let’s get up into the space, so we can call in the anomaly because i don’t want to find it again because i know it’s in here somewhere, but i just want to call it because i’m lazy, let’s go back in here – collect our reward and let’s See what our progress is on for the community research, because there’s special items you can buy with your quicksilver: let’s go check it out and see what items we have to buy or maybe not buy yet because they’re not unlocked, because in order to unlock special items, You have to progress, which means everyone has to do their quicksilver missions. So if you haven’t done yours, yet please go out there and do it that way.

We all get our research done, but let’s get our reward. Real fast uh complete the mission. Yes, we got our fuel oxidizer and our 1200 quicksilver. So if you come over here to the quicksilver merchant, the quicksilver bot, you can create an item from quicksilver and so oh yeah. We have our synthesis core already and we are almost done with tier three look at that 89.

So please we’ll be able to go, get our bubble. Vat, and these are things you can place at your base whenever you want to play on your own. At your base, so heck yeah go. Do your uh mission that way we can get the rewards. You guys, and hopefully you guys are excited and playing that expedition go play that expedition, and i will see you guys next time you

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