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Wow, oh, it is random. Look at that. My first one was just barely anything. My second one holy cow, welcome back to no man’s sky, everyone jason here and in today’s video i’m going to show you how to upgrade your multi-tool, which is insane it’s a new feature of the origins, update and it is so so awesome. But before we get into all the details, i just want to give a shout out to you guys we’re at 89 000, almost 90 000 subscribers, and that is unbelievable.

You guys are so amazing. I am so excited. I’M pumped up you guys are amazing, but we’re on a road to 100 000 subscribers by the end of the year, and we are getting so close. You guys we’re getting so close. So if you’re not subscribed, please do me a favor right down below the video hit that red subscribe button, especially if you like no man’s sky. That is what i do. I am a no man’s sky fanatic. I love no man’s sky and that’s what you’re gon na get from this channel so hit that subscribe button. But let’s get into those details on multitools. So if you didn’t know, you can have up to three different multi tools. So if you want to see how many you have or if you want to see, if you’re at the maximum press down on your d-pad go all the way over to this little gear icon and if you go all the way over to the left, you’ll see It says swap multi-tool and now you can choose between all of your multi-tools now you can only have three right now, but you can have up to three so heck yeah, so we’re gon na.

Do let’s do the uh gravity engine that’ll be my multi-tool right now. So if you’re in here look at this, we have a really good stats. It’S an s-class! I have a you know a ton of upgrades we’re good to go, but if you, if you’re not that way, let’s go up here over on the right hand side. So if you’re facing the opening it’s over on the right next to it, the scrap dealer is you want to go right over here to the multi tool kiosk now before we just had a locker right here and you can buy your multi-tool like this one right Here average terminal or average one, oh or excuse me, avgor’s arc entangler and you see it’s a b class and it has some slots, but not all of them. So it’s not that big! You know. So it’s a it’s an okay multi tool.

So you know what that’s what we’re gon na do we’re going to buy this one and don’t worry. I made a manual save i’m gon na reload it because i love this one simply because it has a flame thrower on it. If you want to know how to get a flamethrower link up top and down below in the description, but we’re going to exchange it for now, because i can only have three multi tools. But then, if you know, if you’re walking around, you have an okay multi tool, but you want you want to keep it because it looks really cool come on over here to this multi-tool upgrade station. Now look at that. They added this thing. Let’S go in here. There you go now we can install a multi-tool expansion slot, we’ll talk about that a little bit later. That is basically like your storage augmentation for your starship.

You have little upgrades that you can collect and they would just give you a free upgrade slot or you can purchase one and they start out cheap, but they get real expensive or you can upgrade your class too. So i have a b class right now. So, let’s see what it costs 25 000 nanites to upgrade to uh an a class. Let’S could do that so now we’re at a class whoo, and then we can do it again. If you have the nanites now believe me, you’re gon na need a lot, because the next one is even more 50 000 nanites in order to get to an s-class and the s is the best you can get so i don’t even have that much.

I need to go out and collect some more nanites, but we can purchase a new slot and it works just like the uh, the storage augment or the upgrades for your starship. You don’t get to choose where it goes. You could just say: hey give me a new one, give me a new one again and you just keep doing it. 250. Look at that 250 000. It’S kind of cheap when you’re buying slots for your starship. They cost millions, whereas these ones are only costing 250. 000, but they they’re going up so be careful. So it’ll kick you out, but that doesn’t mean you’re done. You can always go back in there. It’Ll kick you out, because you’ve reached the maximum for that new area. So let’s do it again. 750. 000.

Now to let you expand even farther out, so let’s see how many we can get keep going 8 million. Look at that 8 million 10 million there we go. I think that is it. So, let’s see what we got, let’s go back in there and see if we can increase it even more. I think we’re done. Oh, no. We can still keep going 20 million, so let’s keep going. Oh nope storage reached boom. So, just for your reference, i believe this is 24 one, two, three four, five, six seven times three is 21. Excuse me, my math is wrong because i’m not a math scientist, but you can have up to 21 slots in your multi-tool all right and that’s any multi-tool now before it used to be. If you had a pistol like this one, they would max out at. Like 12 or 15, i think or 16

But now even a rifle or a little pistol will max out at 21.. There you go so that is how you you upgrade and also, if you want to buy your upgrades, talk to your merchant right here, he will sell you upgrades to upgrade your multi-tool even farther. So, let’s purchase upgrade modules and if you have the nanites like i have 49, oh i’m so close to upgrading it to an s-class. I’M not too worried about it because i’m going to reload my my manual save. But if you have the nanites, you can buy them now, you’re looking for an s-class upgrade, those are the best. But then you have you know your a’s and your b’s and your c’s. So you just buy these and then you’re good to go.

You place them in your multi tool, so we have a pull splitter module right there. So at first it’ll just be in your inventory, you have to actually hold x if you’re on xbox, one or square. If you’re on ps4 you hold it down and that’ll activate it now, you can put it wherever you want and we’re gon na put it down here. Now, if you don’t like that, like oh man, i put in the wrong spot, you can always pick it back up. If you press x, again or square, you pick it up and you can put it wherever you want, so you can just keep moving it around. If you need to so like later on, if i say oh, you know, i really don’t want it. I want to move it over here to maximize. You could totally do that, but did you know that there are other upgrades other than the s-class? Oh, we need to check this guy out over here the scrap dealer. He is now selling items which is awesome.

So let’s talk to him real fast now, if you acquire coordinates. Okay, that’s for your emergency broadcast receiver! You can ask what they’re selling and he’ll just talk to you or you can purchase old, scrap, let’s see what he has for sale. So you could do some uh suspicious goods suspicious packet or you can get some suspicious scanner or bolt caster modules and it’s an x, a band bolt caster upgrade. Let’S get that and you’re going to be buying them for pugnam, which you get from uh sentinels, so buy that oh man, you could buy multiples huh one two, three: okay, that is pretty awesome, so we have both of those. What can we do to upgrade our multi-tool? So let’s do that suspicious bolt caster module just like a regular upgrade and it’s an x. So it gives me a one percent damage and a minus six reload speed. So how does that compare to a regular bolt, caster module?

Let’S actually do some a little general scientific testing, so you can, you could buy a normal uh old caster module, let’s get a a c-class bulb caster. Do we have a b and a hopefully we do. We do not, so we just have a c, so all we can compare to is a c-class. Let’S see what happens a c-class, let’s compare it. So we have our black market. One is one percent damage and six reload time, and this is plus one percent damage and minus one percent burst cooldown. So it’s not very good. I was hoping. Maybe it was an eight, an s class or an a class, but it seems like that’s not really good. So, let’s see if we could get another one, maybe it’s random. Let’S see what this one gives us wow. Oh, it is random. Look at that. My first one was just barely anything, my second one holy cow.

That is a lot closer to an a or an s-class upgrade look at that. I didn’t realize they were random. They are full on random, so black market upgrades are full random. You can get better or you can get a lot worse because that’s more comparable to a c-class. That is interesting. I didn’t know that, okay, so in all reality you can buy a whole bunch of them and see if they get better than your uh. Your s-classes huh – let’s see i mean so i just put three of them down. That was our first one, that’s a pretty good one that one’s not good at all and that one’s pretty good okay, so i got two out of the three are really good and then one that’s more of a c-class. These are either an a or an s.

I love that that is crazy, so black market upgrades are totally random, completely random and you buy them with pugneum okay, so it was a little a learning experience for all of us. So that’s how you do that and hopefully you guys liked the video if you did hit that like button for me and if you want to see more subscribe to the channel, i’m uploading videos all the time and i’ll see you guys next time, [, Music ]! you

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