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Look at this thing, this is an experimental pistol with horns on the top. That is such a cool pistol. I love it. Welcome back to no man’s sky, everyone jason here and today i have an amazing multi-tool for you, and not only one. There are six multi-tools in this location, i’m going to show you the one that i like the most, but if you want to know where to get the other ones, i have it linked down below in the description. As you guys know, i always go to the nms coordinates, exchange and, specifically user. Just roar. He put up an amazing post. This is one of the coolest posts. I’Ve ever seen.

He actually mapped out every single multi-tool you can get in this system. That’S an s-class by the way this is an s-class tool and you can, if you go to each individual planet land and do a manual save and then reload. You can actually get all these tools. If you wanted to so i’m going to show you the coolest one i found and first you know, you’re going to need a portal like this you’re going to need to know all the clips. As always, if you don’t know how to do that, link up top and down below in the description as well as you know, you want to turn off multiplayer if you’re hunting for any items go over to your network settings and make sure your multiplayer is disabled. Now, for multi-tools and ships you can get it after someone else grabs it from you, but it’s gon na take a long time, i believe with multi-tools.

It takes two to three hours and for ships they need like. If it’s a crashed ship, they need 24 hours to reload, so save yourself, the headache of waiting for two hours or more 24 hours just turn off that multiplayer and also make sure you’re in the euclid galaxy the starter galaxy. You don’t know what i’m talking about! You’Re, probably in the right place, because you haven’t left the galaxy yet so, let’s jump into the details of what you guys are here for these are the coordinates the glyphs you’re gon na, be using in order to get here and remember after you get there. You need to go to a specific planet land and do a save, but we’ll get to that when we get there so bird sunrise tp the black hole, the sunrise again, the boat, the boat again, the hot air balloon, then we’re gon na. Do the weird face. The weird face again the whale which is down here and the last one is the triforce. So either pause the video take a screenshot whatever you need to do or go to that, go to the nms chords exchange and go to this post because show some love to just roar. He did a lot of work on this, so he deserves all the credit. This is not me, i’m just showing you guys how to get there just roar.

He did all the work, he’s the one who found out how to get there and do all this stuff. So all credit goes to him and i will see you on the other side and we’ve made it. So what you need to do is hop into your starship. Now we are going to fly away. We know that we are, oh god i don’t i’m sorry, i’m forgetting my controls here you guys first person. We know that we are at the bez. So if that’s the the planet, you’re looking for a bezet if the the uh planet you’re needing to go to, is that one all you have to do is save and reload that save, because that’s the plan that we came in on now, i specifically am looking For the really cool uh handheld multi-tool, so let’s actually go back out to uh third person and we’re gon na look around a little bit and usually all the planets are kind of jumbled together and so you’re gon na see a lot of planets that are behind The one i just came from, we don’t know what this one is: let’s scan it and nvu32. That is the one we’re looking for for this particular multi-tool so depending on which one you want to get. You have to go to that planet. Save! Let’S go to this planet and save so before what i said you had to do a manual save that is not true at all.

I kind of lied a little bit. You don’t have to do a manual, save a normal, save, will work and anytime you get out of your starship. You create a normal save on auto save. So let’s do that. You see how it says, restore point saved. We just created an auto save. So all we have to do is get out of our ship. We create an auto save, so, let’s load that auto save right here. So now that we’ve reloaded the save all we have to do now is go to the space station. It’S all you have to do, and also, while i’m thinking about it, remember that you’re allowed to have three different multi-tools. All right, you’re allowed to have three of them. So if you just have one more than you know, it’s gon na be amazing, but if you press down on your d-pad, go all the way over to this gear icon and then, if you go all the way back over to the left again, you see it’s That it says swap multi-tool. These are the three that i have.

I wish they would show you stats or something like that, but they don’t they just tell you the name of it and you can kind of see the design of it and so yeah. I have my gravity engine, so if i do that one, i just switched it over i’m going to keep this one specifically because i have the incinerator, which is the flame thrower on this one. It’S a rare tool that you probably can’t find anymore. It’S really really hard. So if you want a link to that video, i don’t think it works, but it might i don’t know you know, i’m not going to say never mind, don’t even don’t even try it. I haven’t verified if it works. Yet so don’t try. It, maybe you guys, can leave a comment down below. Tell me if this one works or not my old video, but i don’t think it does or let’s switch it again, we can switch to the uh gleaming space-time beam. So this is the one i love. This is my current one:

let’s go back in my my menu and you see it’s different now see you can have three of these, so i like this one because it has the crystals on the top, but it is a rifle and i’m like eh. This was okay, it has all my cool special stuff. Like my animus beam and my solar array, it has all my special tools on it and it does do a lot of damage, and then we have my last one is my alien multi-tool. That gets a ton of damage and it’s all, oh, it’s already broken. Okay. I was going through different uh systems, so you know we’ll swap out this one. This one does a lot of damage, but it’s not really upgraded a lot and it’s time to switch. So let’s go over to this box. Sorry, you know i was whoa. I almost got killed that little explorer almost took my head off. Sorry, i was taking a little bit of time.

I just want to show you guys that you could do that, but if the biggest thing is, if you have three multi-tools, you can’t get any more. So you’re gon na have to switch you’re gon na, have to give up one of your older ones and replace it with a new one. If you have less than that, you can just buy it out right, but because i have three, i cannot buy this one and there’s the one we’re looking for look at that sexy multi-tool and it because it’s a pistol, it can only have 10 different ones. Now only starts out with 10 different slots. You can increase this and i’ll show you how to do that as well, but right now, that’s what we’re doing so. Let’S compare it and again because i have three: i can’t get any more, so i have to exchange mine. I can’t you know i can’t just buy it outright and have another one so, but if you’re going to buy it bring 2 million 75 000. Okay. 2 million bucks you’re going to need 2 000.

In order to get this thing, but look at it, it’s totally worth it yeah i’m going to definitely trade this one out. It’S all broken and eh. My scanning is way higher. Damage is a little bit higher on that. It’S an alien multi-tool, that’s what is expected, but now i have it. Let’S see it look at that alien multi-tool! Oh i’m! Sorry, it’s not even an alien. This is a experimental with horns on it. Look at that. That is so cool that is a cool little multi-tool, but it’s not really. It doesn’t have a lot of room. So what you can do is right here next to the multi-tool cabinet, you can go to the multi-tool upgrade station. Now it’s going to cost you some money, so be ready for that. So not only do you have to buy the tool you’re going to buy a new slot or you can upgrade it, we don’t really need to upgrade it because it’s an s-class already. You can’t go above an s-class, but you need to buy a new multi-tool slot and you can also install them. If you have those, i need to do a video on how to get a lot of those but haven’t gotten any of those. Yet let’s do new slot, so the first one’s going to cost you 150 000. Then it jumps up to look at that. 200. 000. 250. 250. Okay, so it stayed the same for that then it’s 500 000

Now it’ll kick you out because you just you filled in the boxes. Don’T don’t worry, though you can still get more than that. So let’s go back in there. It just kicks you out for whatever reason, because you filled in the area that was open and i don’t know why it does that, but the new one, oh 750., so now to let us fill out the rest of them. You’Re allowed to have 21. I believe, but we’ll see so 750 right here: 1 million 2 million 5 million – 8 million 10 million. I think this is it no 10. 20. 30. 40.

40 million for the last slot, if you’re buying them 40 million. Now i go back in here, i’m pretty sure it’ll say nope. Sorry, you can’t do anymore purchase a new slot. It says 50 million, but max storage reached, and so this is the max you can get for all multi-tools right now. So that’s one, two, three one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight eight times three is 24 yep 24 slots. So that’s the max! You can get 24 slots. Look at this thing we get back in there. Look at this thing. Look at this thing. This is an experimental pistol with horns on the top. That is such a cool pistol. I love it. Look at that. That is amazing. Such a cool tool – and so that’s how you get that you guys all right now remember on that post you can get different ones as well. He has six different multi-tools.

I just showed you one: if you go to that post over on the nms coordinates exchange over on reddit number, one show them some love and number two. You can look at all the other ones you want. I think this is the coolest looking one right here. This is definitely the coolest looking multi-tool i’ve seen in a long time. I love the horns on the top so and it’s a pistol which means that it’s only one-handed a rifle. You have to use two hands pistol. You only have to use one and it’s an s-class, so it’s maxed out. So hopefully you guys like the video. If you did hit that like button for me and if you want to see more subscribe to the channel. I’M uploading videos all the time and i will see you guys next time.

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