Getting all of your glyphs can be difficult, then finding a cool place to go to can take some time, but once you’ve done that and maybe you want to make this new wonderland your new home planet, how do you get your ship there? Well, there’s only one way to do it, and it will likely take you several hours, I have recently done it and while the initial time investment seems a little much, it was also a jump from over 700 thousand light years from the galactic core to just over 17 thousand. Nearly 700 thousand light years in about 4 hours without the warp drive. Here’s how to do it and a bunch of other information related to it that I figured out along the way. First off, the base of the whole thing is that you cannot take your ship with you, Once you go through a portal, you cannot call your ship via the new function in the recharge menu, you also cannot find a bypass terminal and call it there like it was presumed, A fantastic idea that came up during the stream by TheArklyte was that maybe you could find a crashed ship, trade it then fix it up and bingo bango, you have yourself a ship through the portal.

This proved to be impossible as if you are actively through a portal, crashed ships will not appear for you, the crash site will look exactly the same as usual, minus the ship, even the shadow of a ship is there, also if you find a transmission tower and get a waypoint, that way point will not help you, I got a crashed freighter off planet, this leads me to believe that either the location will always be off planet or that crashed freighters are quite rare and that was the nearest one as the planet was quite close to the one I was on. This leaves finding a habitable base. To get your ship there, you need to start by claiming the planet, this will of course cause you to lose the base you have already built, though don’t worry too much, you will keep your mission progression and even your employee NPC’s, they will appear once you rebuild their respective terminal, you will also receive in your new home base’s storage the recovered materials from any structures built, this won’t be the full value at all, but it is helpful.

The main problem I found in this entire endeavour was finding the habitable base. If you get a signal booster out and do a search, the habitable base waypoint will be 14 hours away by foot or nearly 4 hours by Nomad. Don’t be fooled, this is not the nearest one at all, this is yet another little rule they added to make it harder to do huge jumps using the portals, there will, of course, be one 14 hours away but that’s a ridiculous amount of time so you need to just look for one the old fashioned way.

I would suggest getting your Nomad setup up, placing the base by the portal will save you a beacon at least, as you will need to return. Look for other outposts around the portal, look for them in some kind of rudimentary search grid, the Nomad is great as it allows for huge jumps giving you a regular bird’s eye view of the area. Scanning within the nomad or on foot will not give a question mark waypoint for habitable bases, they won’t show up at all, only your eyes help here. This could take some time, so finding outposts or collecting rare resources is a good way to make it more than just a search mission.

Once you finally find a habitable base, you need to go inside and claim it, this point will give you a ray of hope that you can just teleport back, unfortunately, this won’t work, your ship will remain at the other side of the portal no matter where you go, you need to reestablish the connection. So make your way back to the portal. Once you’re back through, get in your ship, go to the space station in that system and teleport to you new home world, you will have your ship with you and have successfully jumped a potential 2 million plus light years in a very short time. Remember, this could take a very short time or a few hours, I was making my way to the waypoint and found one on the way, then found an even closer one on the way back, just keep a look out and you’ll get there.

If you have Voltaic cells to burn you could aid your search by creating a grid of beacons. If the terrain is inconsistent, using half or a full tank of plutonium in your Exo-craft could prove a very good measure of distance. Go out from the portal in a straight line using North as a guide, place a beacon after a full tank of fuel. Turn east and go a short distance, long enough that you won’t be overlapping the previous line you just covered, place another beacon and head back south, this time go for 2 full tanks, then lay a beacon, go a short distance east again, lay a beacon and head back north for 2 full tanks, repeat this process until you find a habitable base.

Another less efficient but far cheaper method would be to go 10 minutes or more out from the portal in a bang on north direction, increase your FoV to full and drive with the Nomad Base Marker that you placed next to the portal on the very edge of you field of view, this will cause you to spiral in toward the portal covering a large amount of ground near the portal and requiring no beacons. You could reliably do this 8 times without going over much of the same ground by doing North East South West as starting points and for each one go Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise.

Hope this exhaustive explanation has helped you understand the current workings of No Man’s Sky Portal Immigration. I’m working on another guide that will help you find your perfect base or at the very least give you the knowledge to find a brand new undiscovered planet through the portal without the address exactly where in the galaxy you want it to be, so subscribe and keep an eye out for that in the next few days. Like if you liked, sharing really helps the video get out there, so much appreciated and above all, have an awesome day folks!.

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