How to Scrap Ships and Make Infinite Money and Nanites Fast Early | No Man’s Sky Money Glitch 2020


Look, we can just keep doing this all day. We can do this all day and make a ton of money. Welcome back to no man’s sky. Everyone jason here and in today’s video, i’m gon na, show you how to make a ton of money and nanites using crashed starships. Now, if you don’t know how to get a crash, starship link up top and down below in the description to a ship that i got just recently, you’re gon na need a portal or and the glyphs. But you don’t need to use that one. You can use any crashed ship. You want as long as it costs a lot of money, the more money it costs.

Well, the more money it’s worth, because you don’t have to pay for a crash ship, they’re, totally free because they’re broken but the more money. It’S worth the easier: this trick is gon na be okay, so once you get your crashed ship, all you have to do is go to the space station and remember, don’t fix it too much, because if you fix it too much the game considers it yours and So we don’t want to really do that and you don’t want to save or reload or anything like that. You want to save before all this happens. I always recommend before you do any kind of a glitch or a money thing, make a manual save and then start up the thing, but once you started doing it once you’ve gotten your uh crashed starship, you don’t want to save.

You don’t want to reload until you’re finished, okay, so let’s just jump into it. We’Re gon na go right into the start or space station and see what we’re gon na do there. So, as you can see, i just landed at the space station and this is our uh broken exotic. As you can see, i only fixed the pulse engine that way we were just able to fly it. That’S all i fixed. I didn’t do anything else to this thing, all right, so we’re gon na get out. I think it’s still smoking, that’s okay! So what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na wait for another ship to appear now. We know that this one’s worth 12 million – it’s not worth that much because it’s broken no one’s going to pay me 12 million million for a broken ship, but we’re gon na be looking for a good sized ship, the better class, the better you’ll, be off all Right, so, if we’re looking for an a-class, maybe if we can get one for 12 million, you might not be able to get a hauler like that, because they’re always worth a lot. So that’s a b class.

That’S pretty good, but we’re looking for something like the shuttle is a c now, an s-class look at that. We have an s-class hauler immediately. We’Re never going to be able to buy this, because it’s only two: it’s 20 million units b-class b-class. Okay, so you know what let’s go for one of these b’s and that’s a shuttle, and this one has a little bit more inventory space. So let’s get this one. Let’S talk to our uh a pilot right here, hello friend, let’s make an offer on the life form ship. Now, as you can see, it’s pretty good negotiate the prank. He will. Oh we’re only going to be able to trade in for 4 million units.

Oh, that kind of hurts. So now we know at least or you know, they’re not going to buy it for the full price of 12, because our ship is broken, but they’ll give us four, and so we can exchange it for five, because we get a little bit of a discount. It costs nine million total, but we can get five. I wouldn’t recommend doing that, especially early on, if you don’t have a lot of money, you’re not going to make a ton of money, but let’s do that anyway, let’s ch, let’s exchange, so i want to show you guys something. So we have this one. Now we treated them our old ship, but look at this: we can get it so before we get any farther.

Let’S actually get up here, let’s break down our hauler, we’re going to salvage it now. If you want to make money doing this, you don’t want to spend any money on the ship you’re buying because you’re not going to get it back. So we spent what five we’re gon na get six million back, so we’re making a little bit of money. But if we spent zero dollars, this would all be profit. We would be getting six million in profit, but because we had to spend five to buy it, we’re only getting one million in profit, but the better part is look at this. We got all those parts that we could.

You know that we could sell and make money off of, but we also have a storage augmentation. We got one storage augmentation from that, which is amazing, and we got some upgrades that way. We can sell that for nanites. So we’re making money and nanites, but before you do anything remember you can come right back over here and get your ship again look at this. It is free, so we technically used our 4 million to trade in. We can compare it because we got rid of. We we scrapped our last ship. We can claim it again claim that thing right all over again. This is amazing. You can keep doing that over and over now.

This is my other old ship that came in that’s okay. This one is worth five million. Okay, so and it’s a b-class we’re looking for something, that’s an a-class and we might not be able to get it here. That’S okay! So let’s grab oh yeah, i’m sorry, i’m so used to the old school way of talking to the ship. You have to talk to his captain, okay, so let’s make an offer. This is negotiate the price, so it’s gon na cost us five million, but our trade-in again is worth 4 million for our broken exotics. So we’re only going to spend 1 million 200 000 on it, so there you go boom. We bought that one and our ship is still here waiting for us and we can claim it at any time, but we want to make room that way. We don’t get rid of the ship we just bought, so let’s scrap the one.

We just bought our explorer, and so we bought it for 1.2, but we’re scrapping it for 3.8. So we just made 2.6 million for free and of course, as always, you’re gon na get a uh, the upgrades that come with it and you might get a storage compartment. Let’S see, we didn’t get any storage augmentation on that one. So that’s a random drop it. The more rare a ship is like if it’s an a or an s-class, the more likely you are to get a storage augmentation, and if it’s an ex, you know an exotic like. If i scrap my exotic right here, i’m gon na get a lot more storage. Augmentations because exotics are very rare, but we’re gon na claim it real fast. We can just keep doing this all day. We could do this all day and make a ton of money, and if you want to make money like you’re gon na run out of room like me, all you have to do is come over here and sell off everything you have. So, let’s sell our upgrades.

You can go to any one of these vendors. I usually go to the multi-tool person, but you can or alien, but you can go to any one of these guys at all so purchase upgrade modules. Don’T worry, it says, purchase that’s okay, because you go right up here to the cell and now you’re selling, all the upgrades that we just got so we just made 141 another 60 that makes 200 250. 350 that’s. 380. 480. That’S 500 nanites right off the bat right there boom. We just made 500 nanites and we can go in here and find a terminal and let’s sell some of those items. We just got those ship parts, though again it always goes to the buy first.

But you can go to the cell and we don’t need to sell that any of these things. I wish they had like a different page. That way you could just sell like compressed indium scraps. You can’t do anything with this other than sell them, because these are ship parts that you just scrapped so sell that five million right there we’re gon na get all of our money back from our scrapping. But you got ta remember to sell all the items you just got so recycled, circuitry handful of cog, reinforced piping. Oh let’s sell it now. You can sell your storage augmentation for 92 000, totally, not worth it.

Keep that thing save the storage augmentations, because if you’re ever upgrading a ship, it will cost you millions to upgrade your storage or you could upgrade it for free using one of these storage augmentations so always keep those. Let’S sell the geodesic um. We have any other parts, let’s see what else we got. We know it comes in here, so we need to sell. We have our 1895 cobalt and chlorine. We’Re going to keep this uh storage augmentation we’re going to keep that in our backpack and yeah. All i’m going to keep doing is just buying and selling ships over and over now, in order to make the most profit you want to buy a ship that is less than the cost of this, so this exotic cost 4 million, so you’re looking for a ship That costs less than 4 million after a while. It won’t make sense, because if you want to get more storage augmentations, you want to go for a higher class.

So an a or an s-class and those ships are really expensive. But once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll make enough money to the point where you will be you’ll. Have that extra money, so you can actually buy it. Let’S buy this sorry again, always this is a c class. Actually, you know what we’re not going to buy a c you can, if you need to, but you know especially at first, would you just try to make money, but you could just buy the a’s b’s if you have to and s’s so, hopefully, you guys make A ton of money doing this, you make a ton of nanites doing this and you hit that like button for me, and i will see you guys next time.

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