Howdy folks and welcome to yet another comprehensive guide, today, we’ll be focusing on every method for gaining Nanites and figuring out what combination you should use to maximise your Nanite gain based on your playstyle. Not everyone likes to play No Man’s Sky in the same way and being such a huge sandbox allows for this better than most. On top of this, along the way we’ll also discuss your income of Chromatic Metal, it’s an incredibly versatile resource used in many things, and today I’ll show you how to get as much as you want in exchange for just some carbon, of which can just farm for free with little effort. Real quick, the obligatory answer to, why? Nanites are one of the main currencies in No Man’s Sky, they are the primary bottleneck with Units being just so easy to farm. You can spend your Nanites on blueprints and technology modules. The Procedural technology in question, I have been investigating for quite a few days now, and am coming to almost enough information to give a good solid overview on them.

Either way, to fully deck out yourself, your multitool and your ships, you are going to need thousands and thousands of nanites, especially if you are buying what you should, which is all S Class, all day, those things are 400 nanites at base value with a percentage extra on top, each. First of all are the sources of Nanites; You can gain Nanites for Discoveries now which is super handy, specifically, uploading your Discoveries. A planet gives 15, a System gives 20, a common Fauna gives 10, uncommon gives 15, rare gives 20, Flora gives 5 and waypoints give 5. These are very small amounts, but that doesn’t matter, as this is passive, passive gains are always fantastic, and they sure build up quickly. Another method that was standard even before NEXT is repairing Damaged Machinery. These tend to give around 26-32 Nanites each maybe a little more or less either way, but the great thing about this is that these ‘Damaged Machinery’ now also have a chance of dropping Tech Modules themselves, which if you think how much you’re paying in Nanites for a single one, is a substantial gain, now of course, they won’t always be S class but they certainly can be, and the drop chances for tech modules actually appear to be pretty good.

XenaSlave, a Veteran of No Man’s Sky and this channel also known as the Wizard Warden. It’s because he’s done things before that we just couldn’t explain… and neither would he tell us… Well, XenaSlave did a little test for me, it was only a small case of 20, but it’s still interesting, in those 20 tried, XenaSlave got 14 sets of between 26 and 32 Nanites, 2 Launch Fuel and 4 Tech Modules. The Tech Modules were 1 Thermal Protection at S Class, 1 Hyperdrive Module at A Class and 2 Starship Shield Modules both at A-Class, and when it’s free, and A class is certainly useful, especially on a ship considering you can have 6 ships, and potentially 6 of each Tech Module if you place them correctly, again, more on the specifics of Tech Modules in a very soon to come guide.

I’ll be performing a much larger scale study on the Damaged Machinery soon as well as seeing if I can find the relevant table in the game files to show the exact numbers to go with this, but at a first look, they certainly seem promising and far more lucrative than ever before. The same could be said about the Crashed Freighters, they seem to work similar to the Damaged Machinery, but I’ve not had a chance to fully dive into those and what they give just yet, but nanites are certainly one of the things. Another method for gathering Nanites is beating the living hell out of Sentinels, it’s good catharsis too, those nosey gits are always up in my grill, and I will have my revenge, and so can you, the best part is you can justify it as they can drop nanites.

This isn’t a method you should pursue if all you want is Nanites, however, as it’s not particularly efficient, but it can quite easily be mixed in with a solid workflow of Nanite gain which we’ll go into shortly. You can attack the small cargo freighters that warp in with NPC fleets, some of these contain nanites, though at the moment, they don’t actually say they contain them, just shoot the ones that say Cargo Pod with no mention of what’s inside. This method is just plain awful really. You get like 30 or so nanites for destroying one, it’s really not worth the effort considering it will call the sentinels in as well as lower you reputation with the systems race. On the plus side, those sentinels can drop a few nice things, they seem to have a better drop rate of frigate expedition bonus items than standard pirates, though I need to investigate this further.

Yet another way to get nanites is from those buried technologies. When you unearth them, you will likely get salvaged technology which can be used in a blueprint analyser to purchase a whole bunch of base building blueprints, but they also sometimes give you 28 or so nanites instead. This method is not at all worth it for gaining nanites, you’d only want to go for them if you haven’t yet got all of your base blueprints, and even then, getting the nanites is a bit of an annoyance, as you want the salvaged tech more. The consoles of abandoned buildings also give you nanites, anywhere in the 25-50 range from what I’ve seen, this is very useful, as when doing a mission to kill monstrosities, you can land, run in, interact with the console, then there is almost always a Damaged machinery in the building to, fix that, then run out, kill the monstrosities and head back up for a grand total of more than 300 nanites for a 1 to 2 minute job. Now the Primary and most efficient single method for gaining Nanites is, of course, completing Missions that reward them, and this is easier than ever at the moment, as specifically Commissions you can accept from the Commissions Terminal on your Freighter give top-tier rewards and do not require a maxed guild rank to obtain.

You see, Missions from the Guilds are locked to tiers, you need a minimum rank in order to accept them, the lower tier give a small yet still usable reward of nanites, around the 50-100 mark, medium give between 50 and 175, high gives between 200-250 and Mega give 200-350. It takes a lot of missions and I mean a lot to crank up that level to max, and while it’s definitely worth getting that maxed, you should do it over time mixing it with other things. The Commissions, as I said before don’t require you to have that rank and offer high-level rewards of 200-250 nanites per completion. As a last little way of getting Nanites, you can extract them from the things on walls, but you get like 6-10, certainly do it when you see them, but don’t actually go anywhere looking for them, it’s just not worth it unless it’s already in front of you. So those are the singular methods before we combine them to achieve a Nanite Farming workflow that has never before been seen, let’s cover that Chromatic Metal method I was on about, as we will use this in our workflow.

Chromatic Metal is super versatile, it’s used in many blueprints, it can be used in higher level refiner recipes to acquire other resources, it is also sometimes a requirement for some of those commissions and missions in general, and often what you need to fix Damaged Machinery. Now we know why we want so damn much of it, let’s look at the best way by far to farm it. This is via Autonomous Mining Units. Using Autonomous mining units, you can essentially set up a mine, I have done so on this planet with absolutely horrendous weather.

What you are looking for is not just any old Stellar Class deposit, you want specific Activated Indium, as Activated Indium gives the highest ratio of Chromatic Metal through a refiner. For Every 1 Activated Indium, you will receive 4 Chromatic Metal, this is usually a false economy, as you seem to mine far less activated indium per space of deposit than normal Indium, but as Mati Lozano mentioned in the comments of the Refiner video, with an Autonomous Mining Unit, you could cut out that efficiency difference, the deposit will not actually diminish, instead it will just mine 250 of the resource per unit in an hour of game time, it will cost you 50 condensed carbon to fuel per hour or 150 carbon. Carbon can be refined from crops at a rate of 2 carbon from 1 crop. So your optimum mine, would be on a Barren planet, in a blue star system, this Barren planet requires Activated Indium, the far rarer form, find a deposit, set up a base and claim the planet so you can just teleport to your farm for quick maintenance.

Plant a whole bunch of Echinocactus which drops a large amount of Cactus Flesh when farmed, refine that to carbon and then again to Condensed carbon uses an array of Refiners, this can be done with even Portable refiners, so you can do this very early on. Then use the condensed Carbon to fuel your many Autonomous Mining units on the deposit. Pick up the Activated Indium and refine it to Chromatic Metal, you should be able to get about 5 thousand per deposit per hour with very little effort if the limit of 5 Autonomous Mining Units is still active, though before, you could loophole your way to fitting more per deposit.

The issue with building Autonomous mining units is the Advanced Ion Battery required. I had great trouble getting even one, you can get the blueprint to build them, and this blueprint is obtained from Manufacturing Facilities, but many many other Blueprints are also gained from them, so it will take a while to get it, or potentially your first Facility. As a quick method if you are on a time crunch is to Barter, find some folks who are giving items for Barter, and an Advanced Ion Battery is a possible gift for that barter. In some very rare cases, they can also be purchased from a terminal, I’m fairly sure at least, this one is very tough to confirm as I couldn’t find one that sold it, but am so very sure I saw it for sale once on launch, but I was very fatigued, so if anyone can confirm this, that would be great.

And yet another way is from rare missions, it can be a mission reward. So yeah, that’s your Chromatic Metal Mine sorted, this Mining method can also be applied to any resource that can appear in deposits, like all of the Biome Specific resources like Ammonia, Paraffinium etc and Sodium, Salt, Salt is the big one with farming and the higher tier farming recipes. Now we’ve covered the majority of things, let’s get into the high-efficiency Nanite Farming Workflow. If you are a passive exploration style player, you will want to pick up every passive style mission you see at every space station, these are such missions like Exterminate Creatures, Exterminate Sentinels, Scan Flora, Scan Creatures, Take Photos, many of them reward nanites, but they are passive and can be completed en masse, so may as well pick up all of them that you see. You will just complete these over time while exploring and having fun. As well as these you can scan and upload all of your discoveries and fix the Damaged Machinery when you see them, seeing the worlds at the same time.

The Damaged Machinery require different resources to fix, so some will need Sodium and Chromatic Metal, some need Cobalt, others Need Pugneum, Pure Ferrite, sodium nitrate, etc etc, so it’s good to keep a few stacks of these base resources in your high capacity to always have what you need to fix and continue. As for the active farming style player, you can go mental and do just about everything. There is a fantastic thing I noticed while testing all this and that is that Monstrosities count as creatures and there is almost always a commission for exterminating Monstrosities and it’s usually for Nanites.

So as with the passives, pick up every mission you see that is passive, you may also wish to pick up some other that offer nanites like Pirate Hunting and the like, they can be quite lucrative for a few seconds of shooting. Just every system you go to, pick up every mission you can that is remotely passive. Then also pick up the commissions that give nanites like killing Monstrosities, Killing Sentinels, Defending Freighter and more, as doing these will also tick off your standard missions.

Sometimes you’ll get one that requires obtaining and delivery 250 Chromatic metal or some other substance for a bunch of nanites, it’s pretty quick if you have a mine set up so check those off too. When you’re going to these various sites to do missions, you’ll often see Damaged Machinery so be sure to have various base resources and Chromatic Metal in your high capacity storage to fix them and go. When you run out of missions and Commissions just warp to another system, where you’ll discover more things to upload for nanites, and refresh your commission terminal as well as have a new space station full of missions to obtain etc etc.

Essentially, you can combine almost every method of gaining Nanites possible and earn absolute thousands and thousands an hour actively farming them, it’s quite ridiculous if you really get the efficiency down. Be sure to check the Technology Module vendors in each system to get your S class modules too. If you think I’ve missed anything, have a better workflow or just your own farming method, I’d love to hear it, I’m always open to new information or just being wrong if there’s evidence to the contrary. More guides are on their way and in the meantime, we have a discord that is rapidly growing in its population, lots of gamers there for discussion about No Man’s Sky and other things, they’re also a helpful bunch if you’re stuck, I’m also happy to help wherever I can in the comments or on Discord.

If you would like to help support the channel, we have a Patreon, only 1 tier that is just $1 or above, there’s also the streamlabs donation link and of course sharing the video is a very helpful way to support the channel. I have been Xaine… and this… Is an outro?.

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