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Welcome back to no man’s sky, everyone jason here and today we’re talking about the third expedition, the details on the third expedition for no man’s sky, and there are a ton. So the first thing i want to show you guys is: if you go over to the space anomaly, you can check and see what the rewards are going to be for the expedition. So let’s check this out real fast, hey our quick silver synthesis companion. Now, if you go, the top option is for your quicksilver with the bottom option: the collect your expedition reward. It will show you what the next rewards are gon na be, as you can see, they’re grayed out, because we don’t have the expedition yet, but it is coming soon and the biggest the big thing to realize is they have a lot of like we have a Uh a jet pack bubble trail, that’s what i’m really looking forward to and that is expedition three phase one.

So that’s one of the first ones you’re gon na get is the jetpack bubble trail. But then you have a lot of uh uh base building materials. A lot of like plants and stuff like that you can put down so okay, that’s pretty cool, but the biggest one everyone noticed is that we have a whispering, companion egg. That is gon na, be for completing the entire thing. So keep in mind that is for completing it start to finish.

You’Re gon na have to do that, and so, let’s jump over to some details in the actual uh notes themselves over there. Okay, so let’s do that real fast, so part of the uh notes for the frontiers update. They included a lot of information about the expedition, but a lot of people overlook that because we have settlements, we have towns, we have cities and so, of course, you’re not going to pay attention to that, but farther down in the uh frontier notes. They have a twitch campaign note, and it just says you know: no man’s sky in-game rewards will soon be available to earn by watching twitch streamers play the game. Full details on how to sign up are available here, blah blah blah.

The campaign will reward viewers with an exciting new set of items, including a unique appearance, customization base parts, exclusive companions and ships. Okay. So what we can see from this picture is we have a lot of like the fireplace is a base upgrade like you can base apart. So is the silver anomaly guy you see the uh, the top the guy with a gigantic chin in the center right. There right underneath the twitch uh banner, that is gon na, be a new head.

You can get the uh the hand doing the okay sign over on the right hand, side that is another bass part, but then you have the bottom two. You have the the bottom ship, it looks like a fighter on the bottom left-hand side and you have your flying beetle, which is on the bottom right hand, side. So there’s a lot of cool uh things happening, and i can’t wait for that to happen. But generally it is hey! Look if you watch someone on twitch and you have your uh, your account connected, meaning you have to connect your either your xbox or your playstation, or your steam account connected to your twitch account that way.

They know. Oh okay, you’re gon na be playing you the more you watch, it’ll actually register and it’ll unlock those drops. So the more you watch the more unlocks you will get the more drops. You will get. Keep that in mind.

So, moving on to the next thing, we have the new expedition. This is the new expedition season, it is called cartographers and it’s going to be beginning soon, as you can see, and we have all the cool badges. We have a couple new badges that i’ve noticed in here, so i can’t wait. It’S going to be called cartographer. I think that means it’s going to have something to do with the the cartographer on the space station, the guy who sells you all the maps.

So, let’s get into more details on it. This community adventure has a different feeling from previous expeditions. Travelers will begin their journey with a technologically unique starship featuring an advanced waveform engine and a powerful frame shift catapult. We don’t know what any of that is. That’S brand new: we we have no idea what either one of those things are preparing.

This bespoke ship for flight is a specialized process and traveler travelers will need to thoroughly explore their starting world to escape the toxic atmosphere of the planet. Gisto major so you’re gon na have to it sounds like you’re gon na have to fully explore. Like really pick up a lot of stuff before you can even leave the starter planet and you’re, probably it looks like from the picture. You’Re gon na have to fix the broken technology and it’s a special technology that we’ve never used before. We don’t even have it yet, as with previous expeditions, when the expedition time is up, you will have the option of converting your save data to a normal, save mode.

So once you beat the expedition or once the timer is up it’ll, only the expedition will only run for a limited amount of time so get in there and complete as much as possible as fast as possible, but once the timer is done, you can switch it Over to actually be a normal save, and you can just continue on if you want to use it, i’m probably going to keep this one, because it has a special ship that no one else has that we have technology that no other ship has so far, so That is a huge reason to keep it, and then we have the details on the monster egg. We have the monstrous companion. The cartographer’s expedition will allow travelers to earn a fertile monstrosity egg. Only at the end, when you fully complete it. So you have to fully complete the expedition which may be hatched into a monstrous companion.

Monstrosities have a different voice when communicating and their own unique set of personal personality characteristics. So that’s gon na be really cool. They sound like monsters, they’re gon na even behave like monsters. They have their own unique set of personality characteristics. I can’t wait to jump in, and the last thing i want to say is today’s: it’s friday, they’re, probably not going to put it up.

They’Ve been fixing and patching the frontiers update for the past couple days. I have no doubt that they’re going to wait till next week to drop the new expedition, so i have a feeling, i’m gon na call it now wednesday of next week we’re gon na get a new expedition that gives everyone enough time to. You know get in and get familiar with, the uh frontiers update, and i think that they’re gon na put it up on wednesday, which will give the twitch streamers time to actually stream the game. All weekend. They’Ll probably do some kind of a a twitch event from wednesday till sunday like they did last time.

It’Ll give you guys plenty of time to go in there and earn those twitch drops so get ready. Go pay attention to those people you watch on twitch if you’re on twitch, let me know down below. Are you watching on twitch? Are you gon na be getting these uh drops? I know me personally.

I don’t stream on twitch but i’ll, be watching twitch and specifically i’ll be watching uh survival bob so shout out to survival bob. If you want to watch someone on twitch go watch survival, bob get some drops while you’re watching him. I know i will be, and i i will see you guys next time: [ Music, ], [, Music ], you

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