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No Mans Sky AI Farm Guide (Activated Indium – Billion Units every day By: 466742762



Yes this is overdone, Yes it’s easy for me to say “this is simple”. But trust me it is.

I have overdone this so that any problems you might find are solved here and if you have more just comment and I’ll gladly respond. You don’t need to read everything. Just read the “General Step-By-Step” and if you want more info read the individual sections.


I won’t be explaining the use of B or C class mineral deposits, I would reccomend finding a better spot before you start your farm.

Good News This does apply to farming other minerals, i think.

This works as of the Frontiers (Settlements) Update

General Step-By-Step

  1. Find a planet with activated indium (these can only be found in indium systems (the blue ones) and are not the same as planets with regular indium)

  2. On said planet find an AI deposit (A or S class is highly reccomended)

  3. Find an electromagentic hotspot within ~1000 units

  4. Place base computer between the two spots and claim

  5. Find the center by looking at the percentage underfoot (get the closest spot to maximum (it will never reach maximum)) (the center of the deposit is not the highest percentage all the time)

  6. Build your mineral extractor pillar either by clipping 4-5 into the center spot and then another 4-5 on top and so on as high as you want or by placing 4-5 seperate extractors surrounding the center of the hotspot and then going up layer by layer

  7. Build your power supply in the center of the power hotspot either by clipping or stacking them on top of each other until you have enough power (you can always come back and add more)

  8. make a chain of wires from the hotspot to the depoisit to join all your power to all of your extractors (if you clip well you should only have to connect one wire to each area of clipped objects)

  9. clip or individually place however many supply depots you want in one grid down (I use ~30)

  10. place your second grid down at least one floor tile distance from the first to avoid them joining unavoidably.

  11. If you didn’t clip the storage depots then supply pipe them all together.

  12. Supply pipe one layer of extractors to one supply depot grid. (keep the grids seperate)

  13. That’s basically it, expand to your heart’s desire!

Diminishing Returns Explained

Diminshing returns is suprisingly simple. When you attach more than the set amount of mineral extractors to a grid you will start to benefit less. You can avoid this by making individual grids limited to:

S-Class – 4 Mineral Extractors Per Grid

A-Class – 5 Mineral Extractors Per Grid

DONT WORRY you can simply stack layers of 4 mineral extractors centered at the deposit on top of each other and still make ungodly amounts of AI or whatever you want to mine.

you will make slightly more with 4 S-Class than 5 A-Class extractors

Grids Power and Supply

2 types of grids:



You need to seperate your supply grids but your power grid doesnt really matter

Power grid is everything that is wired to everything else (they all share power) and Supply grid is everything that is connected with supply pipes to something in the grid. (they all share storage)

To avoid diminishing returns we have to ensure that we don’t have more than 4 Extractors connected to one grid of depots. (or 5 if you use A-Class mineral hotspot)

Power Required

“How much power do I need”

C-Class electromagnetic hotspot or better will be fine. Avoid using solar panels for activated metals because you may end up not getting much time to use them with storms and night cycles.

You will need 50 power for every mineral extractor:

S-Class – 200 power per layer

A-Class – 250 power per layer

Electromagnetic generators DO NOT suffer diminishing returns (to my knowledge), but obviously the further from the center of the hotspot the worse the output.

Either clip electromagnetic generators together or stack them on top of each other for maximum power output.

Clipping Objects / Merging

Clipping is optional, but will produce many more minerals per hour.

To clip extractors, generators and depots together, here is a step by step (It’s easy):

  1. Ensure that there is a flat surface to place the object on (problems occur with clipping if you can place an object beneath the surface you want to clip stuff on, so fill the area in with terrain or platforms)

  2. Select the object

  3. Go into flying mode (toggle camera)

  4. Fly into the ground so that you are flat against it

  5. Look straight down

  6. Place as many objects as you want

  7. Exit build mode

Storage Depots / Supply

Supply depots are weird sometimes. They need to be kept seperated by about one floor tile otherwise their grids will join without supply pipes sometimes (bug I think).

Each supply depot holds 1000 minerals

The extractors also have 250 storage each so I like to have 31 supply depots so that when they are full they hold 31000 minerals plus 250×4 = 32000 minerals in each

Supply depots can be clipped like the other parts

It is important that you seperate your supply depots and have one per layer/section of extractors so that you avoid diminishing returns

If you join all the extractors to one supply depot network they will count as one grid and diminishing returns will be a problem.

Tips + Expected Bugs

Build on a paradise ai planet, this avoids the annoying storms.

Use save beacon’s to find distances or mark where your hotspot or depot is

Turn base complexity to ultra if stuff keeps unloading (its kinda unavoidable but this helps)

Move your starship or other starships out of the way if you can’t place cables (even if the starship doesnt look like it’s in the way at all. the game is buggy with that)

If you had to expand the borders of your farm’s base computer and you leave the system and come back you might not be able to edit the outskirts of it. Use a save beacon and reload and you should be able to edit again.


u/WhoDat8491 – By looking at his farm I learnt this stuff and from the comments of this post-His Post

-I also use the paradise AI planet that he found for my own farm


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