No Man’s Sky, Clean HUD immersion mod. Updated for the pets (Companions) update! Ideal for VR (non-VR users can enjoy too!) By: hilightnotes


For fellow VR players, there’s also a performance optimization guide on the linked mod page. Control-F “Optimizing your VR experience” to find it.

This mod makes a lot of little QoL changes to improve the experience, particularly in VR, facilitating immersion. Among other changes, the static “On-your-face” HUD is removed, with some essential information moved to your binoculars.

Adding a mod to No Man’s Sky is very easy and non-destructive. This mod will not reduce any game functionality and is easily removable if you don’t like it. On the linked mod page, control-F “MOD Installation” to learn how to install the mod (takes 1 minute).

There are three versions of the mod. “Ultramersion” is the standard version I recommend. My preference is “UltramersionPLUS” (even less in-world UI information, for experienced players). There is “Vanilla” for just the very basics of changes, especially for non-VR players. And there is “Modular” if you want to customize what pieces of the mod you use.

I’ve made some small changes to the mod with the new update (full list of changes on mod page):

  • The intro text labels under stars as you zoom through the galaxy when opening the game is no longer clipped!!

  • Your body model can now lean a little bit (in VR) instead of being stuck to a rigid upright position. Fun for photo mode. Speaking of photo mode, reminder that to correct the stretched VR photos NMS takes, you can use this simple app.

  • In the standard ‘ultramersion’ mod version, pet icon only appears when at a good distance from your pet. If you use the ‘vanilla’ version of the mod, the pet icon will be unchanged. If you use ‘ultramersionPLUS’, there will be no pet icon at all (my preference).

  • Journey milestone notifications are shorter

Also a little bonus info about a WIP…

I’m working on a tangential mod that is also geared towards increasing immersion. It is inspired by pre-patch No Man’s Sky… all the way back at the game’s launch. At this time, you could not summon your ship with the press of a button. This limitation facilitated long excursions by foot. Because you could start exploring a planet, find yourself far away from your ship, and decide to keep exploring instead of making the return journey to your ship. Some buildings have beacons or launch pads from which you can summon your ship, so exploring more meant the possibility of finding one and getting back to your ship that way.

With this mod I did not find any way to remove the ability to summon your ship. So instead, I decided to rework ship launching itself. The materials you need to launch your ship are harder to come by with this mod. I believe the way I have made it facilitates planet exploration in a similar way. I also took care to make the changes feel organic to the game universe.

I am feeling good about it, but it is a bit of a ‘bolder’ mod and I’m interested in what other people think. Is it more frustrating or more fun? Did it feel like more of a journey or more of a chore?

If you are interested in testing this mod, especially from starting a new game, please let me know. This mod is intended for experienced players. New players will have an especially challenging time that may be frustrating.

Also there are a couple other fun surprises in the mod.

Nothing in the mod will break your game, it can be safely removed and all the changes will revert back to normal.

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