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No Mans Sky Comprehensive guide on unit capping quickly By: RLutz


There are lots of ways to make units in this game, but if your goal is to unit cap and become galactic Warren Buffet, the only game in town is stasis device farming. You may be familiar with stasis devices, they are the most difficult items in the game to craft and sell for 15.6 million units a piece. The total base items required to craft a single stasis unit are:

  • 100 Cactus Flesh

  • 50 Faecium

  • 300 Frost Crystal

  • 400 Gamma Root

  • 200 Solanium

  • 200 Star Bulb

  • 500 Nitrogen

  • 500 Sulphurine

  • 500 Radon

  • 50 Dioxite

  • 50 Paraffinium

  • 50 Phosphorus

  • 200 Ionised Cobalt

  • 300 Condensed Carbon

Alright, by this point I’m guessing you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, alright I’ll pass. Chlorine expansion is fine, and trying to build a farm that can mass produce all that stuff will take weeks.” And yeah, you’re right, it would! But thankfully for you, people who are both incredibly good at this game, and incredibly kind, have already built highly optimized farms for you which will allow you to produce 64 stasis devices (worth 1 billion units) in under 20 minutes.

You sold? Alright, well here’s what you have to do, step by step.

Step 1: Learning to build a stasis device

You can’t build what you don’t know how, so step 1 will be actually learning to craft a stasis device. Thankfully, this isn’t that difficult to do. You’re going to want to farm Manufacturing Facilities repeatedly until you learn how to make a stasis device and all the requisite items required to build the stasis device. To do this, simply trade navigation data at any space station for “Secret Cartographic Data” (it’s the green one) and keep using them to find Manufacturing Facilities. Just go ahead and learn all the crafted stuff if you want–it shouldn’t take that long as you’ll get usually 2 patterns per facility and there aren’t that many to learn. If you find that using the maps is no longer popping up new things in your current system, just go ahead and warp somewhere else and continue.

Step 2: Gathering the items to build a stasis device

Alright, remember how I mentioned that building a stasis device farm will take weeks? Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, what we are going to do is take advantage of the hard work of the folks over at the UAS who were kind enough to build all the farms we could ever want!

So first, let’s go visit their “Royal Mint”. Before we go though, you should free up as much inventory as possible. If you think you have enough free slots, you probably don’t. Stuff everything that isn’t absolutely essential into your ship or storage (keeping in mind you’ll need at least some items to power up a portal). To get there, first and this is really important–turn off multiplayer. The reason you want to do this is because if you leave multiplayer on, only one person in the entire galaxy at a time can utilize the mint, but if you turn multiplayer off, it’s all yours! So what you’re going to do after turning multiplayer off is simply take a portal while in Euclid to the following coordinates

In this system, there are 3 bases which include the name “The Royal Mint” in them, and they are numbered. You will want to visit them in the order they are listed.

Steps to follow at base 1

In this base, you’ll find 4 silos to loot, as well as tons of plant stands which give carbon, a ton of greenhouses, and some refiners.

  1. Run around and loot all the planters to get carbon. You’re going to want a full stack of 9999 carbon give or take.

  2. Take the carbon and the oxygen you got from one of the silos upstairs to the 5 refiners. Inside each refiner, put 1750 oxygen and 1750 carbon and begin refining.

  3. Take the cobalt you looted from one of the silos and the oxygen to the refiners downstairs on the main floor. You will need to use 3 of these refiners total. In each of the three, place 1750 cobalt and 1750 oxygen to synthesize ionized cobalt.

  4. These will take a few minutes to complete refining, so now is the time to run through all of the greenhouses looting all the plants we’ll need. There is a door on the left which leads to one set of greenhouses, and a door on the right which leads to another. Run through both doors completing the circuit and using the display monitor at the top of each greenhouse to quickly loot every single plant in each greenhouse.

  5. After you loot all the plants, your 5 condensed carbon refiners upstairs and your 3 ionized cobalt refiners downstairs will probably be done (or close to). Wait for them to finish up and loot everything out of them. You’re now done with the most difficult part of the stasis device farm. Go interact with the base portal and port to the 2nd part of the Royal Mint

Steps to follow at base 2

  1. This is simple, just loot the silos and then use the base portal to port to base 3.

Steps to follow at base 3

  1. Just like the last time, you just need to loot the silos and at that point you will have every base item you need to craft 64 stasis devices. Though it may not be clear how exactly to go about that, so here’s what to do

Actually crafting 64 stasis devices

  1. A single stasis device requires 1 iridesite, 1 quantum processor, and 1 cryogenic chamber, and each of these requires many sub-components. So let’s get started. Remember how I told you you needed a ton of inventory slots? Yeah, this is why. One thing that’s helpful–if you have a teleporter on your freighter and starship, you can use their storage just as extensions of your own inventory storage. One last note, you’ll want to craft inside your “Cargo” storage, not your main inventory, as the cargo slots can each fit twice as many crafting items per slot as your main inventory.

Crafting the Iridesites

  1. Craft 64 Aronium, 64 Magno-Gold, and 64 Granite.

  2. Use these items to craft 64 Iridesite.

Crafting the Quantum Processors

  1. Craft 64 Thermic Condensate and 64 Nitrogen Salt.

  2. Combine those into 64 Semiconductors.

  3. Craft 64 Enriched Carbon

  4. Combine what you have into 64 Superconductors.

  5. Craft 64 Polyfibre and 64 Heat Capacitors.

  6. Combine the Polyfibre and Heat Capacitors into 64 Circuit Boards.

  7. Lastly, combine the 64 Circuit Boards and 64 Superconductors into 64 Quantum Processors.

Crafting the Cryogenic Chambers

  1. Craft 64 Enriched Carbon and 64 Nitrogen Salt

  2. Combine them into 64 Hot Ice

  3. Craft 64 Thermic Condensate

  4. Combine the Hot Ice and Thermic Condensate to create 64 Cryo Pumps.

  5. Craft 64 Lubricant and 320 Glass (this part sucks)

  6. Combine the Lubricant and Glass to get 64 Living Glass

  7. Combine the Living Glass and Cryo Pumps to get 64 Cryogenic Chambers.

Putting it all together

  1. Phew You did it! Now just combine all the things we’ve crafted and crank out 64 Stasis Devices. Congrats, that’s 1 billion units.

You can come back and do it all again a couple times a day, or find other stasis device farms and chain them, but honestly if you just do it once a day at this specific farm you’re talking about being unit capped after 4 days with only 20 minutes of work per day.

I should give the caveat that grinding units is the driving force behind a lot of the things to chase after in this game, and quickly unit capping may leave you feeling like, “Well, now what do I do?” If you are someone motivated mostly by chasing carrots in this game, I would suggest you don’t take advantage of this, as you will unit cap so quickly and effortlessly and you will never need units again. If however you really just like exploring and are tired of being a peasant, then have at it.

I should say, I have no affiliation with the UAS or the Royal Mint, I’m just here trying to succinctly create a text guide that actually lists step by step what to do. If you’re interested in more detail on creating your own Stasis Device farm, or on the UAS or the Royal Mint, I highly recommend visiting and seeing the vast amount of content available over at Xaine’s World or viewing the detailed YouTube video by the site’s creator on this topic.

So yeah, a big thanks to the UAS and to Xaine’s World and anyone else I’m forgetting to mention–they did all the actual hard work to make this available to everyone. Any questions, let me know! And enjoy becoming a billionaire!


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