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NO MAN’S SKY FARMING MASTERCLASS Part 3: Building & Gathering


In part 1 of this Farming masterclass we covered the basics of farming, how it works and why you’d want to do it, and in part 2 we covered the mathematics for planning your farm. Well, in this final Part 3 we will be going over the actual building of the farm largely gathering the resources and blueprints needed. <Part 3: Building & Gathering> So first of all, no matter what farm you are building, you are going to need Bio-Domes, you can purchase the blueprint for Bio-Domes from the blueprint vendor in the default circular room opposite the claiming console. This might seem like a nice easy step, but in order to build one, it will cost 80 Titanium, 5 Glass and 2 Living Glass, the Titanium is easy to obtain from traders in ships or trading posts, it’s easier to buy than hunt down on foot. The Glass isn’t too difficult either, it requires 250 Frost Crystals to make, this is 5 harvests of Frostwort, if you are on a frost planet, you are going to find building these super easy as you can just plant the frostwort in the ground as you build the dome to supply you with the needed crystals.

The Blueprint for Glass is given quite early in the base quests by the overseer and unfortunately, Glass is not sold by any vendor, this is the same with most craftable products, Carite Sheets and Consumables like Power Gel and Shielding Shards can be bought from vendors, but nothing particularly big. The most expensive item here is the Living Glass and you need 2 per Dome. Living Glass is built from 1 Glass and 1 Lubricant, Lubricant is made from 50 Coprite and 400 Gamma Root, this is 2 Coprite Harvests and 8 Gamma Weed harvests, the Lubricant blueprint is obtained early on in the science missions within your base quests, unfortunately, the living glass blueprint is about the last reward from the science terminal quests. Bio-Domes are a big initial investment that requires a lot of work, but they have 2 key advantages over hydroponic trays that make them vital for efficiency, not only are they far more efficient with complexity per crop plot, complexity being the measurement of the building limit but they also do not require charging to grow the crops, Hydroponic Trays require you to charge them with an Isotope regularly and while they are useful in the beginning to get your resources to build the domes, they are not a viable permanent crop housing except for on freighters where bio-domes cannot be built.

To be super efficient you may want to replace your normal doors with Holodoors, this can be a lengthy process and there are 2 ways to go about it. Organic Catalyst is the bottleneck for Holodoors and is a bit of a pain to make, it is a level 2 blueprint that is difficult to obtain as it is a random and rare drop from Manufacturing Facilities, this also requires 2 other random drop blueprints, these are level 1 blueprints Enriched Carbon and Thermic Condensate, both of which require condensed gases, these gases can be farmed in tiny amounts via scanning specific plant life on some planets and then harvesting for the secondary resource. You can farm them in greater amount via the use of atmosphere harvesters which will passively collect a stack of gas depending on the planet biome type they are built in.

This is the slower way to build your Holodoors, but also the most consistent and definite way. The other option which most choose to do is to do high-level guild missions obtained from space stations, if your rank is high enough, you will be able to undertake missions that grant Organic Catalyst as the reward. For those wondering why Holodoors would be so useful, it’s pretty much just that you completely negate the door opening animation, which over many hours of harvesting is a decent amount of time saved, they also look far better. Now we covered how to obtain the seed blueprints in Part 1, but what is the best way to gathering the items needed to make the seeds? Most need carbon, standing planters make a very cheap and fruitful option for funding your carbon needs offering around 70-80 or so carbon per harvest every 5 minutes, they cost a Powergel and Carite sheet to build which can be bought from a galactic trade terminal for pennies, then just delete them when you have your carbon and require the complexity they are taking up.

You can of course also obtain your carbon via the various plants and trees around, but not all planets have plentiful flora and the planters are just generally more efficient while building. Then there is Thamium9, the other most needed item when building a farm, there are many many ways to gather Thamium9, you can gather it from plants on a planet surface, you can shoot asteroids, you can attack freighters for it or you can stand on freighter or trading posts and buy it from the traders. The quickest way of all by far is buying it from the traders, but the amount they sell varies hugely on the economy of the system, you should find a system that is Opulent or Affluent as a general rule and then find a trading post on one of the planets, the Economy Scanner upgrade for your ship makes life super easy here as you can see the Economy of the systems on the galactic map as well as scan for a trading post on the surface of the planet. Trading posts have a very high turnover of ships and while a lot of them share inventories, thanks to a recent update, the inventories do refill somewhat quickly.

If you don’t have many units to start with and or just don’t want to buy it, the next best is Asteroids, you are going to need a bunch of iron when building your base and building just about anything, so why not collect thamium9 and iron at the same time, the rate you gain Thamium from asteroids is pretty huge to. If you’re just after iron, of course, the best way is just caves, the bonus of this is that by scanning the types of rock first will give you a secondary resource in almost all cases, usually an isotope or neutral element which will likely be useful in the future.

Then there’s Marrow Bulb, a number of them require marrow bulb, you will also need a large amount of them for creating vaults and just about every electrical device and marrow bulbs are needed to create batteries as well as in the seeds of some crops. Marrow bulbs can only be gathered from caves and give off a glow making them easy to find. If gathering a large number of marrow bulbs in one go, such as the 1000 required for all 10 containers and such, this being 100-110 or so marrow bulb harvests, I would advise going to the list of rare resources at xainesworld.com/rareresources/ if you are based in the Euclid galaxy, That page hosts a list of rare resources with planets that only require 2 portal glyphs to reach where you can find them, there is one planet on the list that has vast amounts of Thamium, Marrow Bulb, Plutonium, Platinum compared to the norm and so is good for large scale farming activities.

For Albumen Pearls they are usually found in caves of specific rare planets, one such planet is on the rare resource list and so I don’t have to keep pointing to the rare resource list I will mention now that there is a planet for everything I’m about to list on that list and you can find a link in the description. Kelp Sacs are found on ocean planets in the oceans and can be identified by a glow seen very easily at night emitted from a spherical orb that is usually connected to a tentacle vine-like protrusion.

Gamma Weed can be found on Radio-Active planets, Fungal Clusters can be found on Toxic planets, Frostwort on frozen planets, Solanium on Hot planets, Cactus Flesh on Barren planets, remember Barren, not dead or Weird planets, Star Bulb can be found on lush planets but also sometimes bought from traders at trading posts in high economy systems. Geknip can be gathered in multiple ways, either bought from some traders at trading posts, found in some damaged containers that are randomly dotted around most planets and found by points of interest or by crafting out of 100 platinum and 50 Plutonium, yes it is weird that you cannot craft Geknip from NipNip buds.

After all that there is just Mordite and Coprite. Mordite can be gathered by killing fauna, it’s pretty much just that really. Coprite, however, is a pain in the behind, you must feed fauna, this food is usually stuff like a bit of carbon or heridium, some cheap element, they will then mince around a bit, as if to mock you and then may or may not poop.

Coprite is animal feces, so you feed them, they poop, you collect said poop and bam, Coprite. It is such a slow process that I advise you gather as much as you can in 20 minutes or so and then plant whatever you can gradually and passively increase your coprite stores using the hydroponic trays as you do other things to forward your farm building goals. This, of course, is the best method for all crops, to plant and passively increase your stores but coprite is the most annoying one of all to actually gather, so with the other crops I would advise spending a little more time on gathering your primary to start planting and more effort on the planting itself with the coprite. The biggest tip for the actual building of your farm I can offer is spacing, you most likely want your base to be aesthetically pleasing in some manner, so when laying out the domes and such, use corridors or cuboid rooms no glass just iron ones to space out your domes and containers and such, containers don’t need to be indoors they can be in or outside so don’t waste valuable complexity of housing them.

Once you have the dome or container in place just delete the cuboid rooms or corridors and such and you’ve got it all nice and neat. Another cool little tip I saw somewhere once, sorry I cannot remember who originally came up with this, but a clever use of the multi-tool to make floating crops on the planet surface, in case you don’t want them getting in the way, is to make a big square block with your terrain editor, plant the crops on top, then undo the block of terrain using the terrain editors undo function and blamo, floating crops that aren’t in your way and can be harvested from below. It looks super weird, but it might be the kind of weird you want in your life.

I would also advice saving before this in case the undo function glitches, it’s impossible to get the terrain neat again after, yes HG, I’m hinting at a flattening function for the terrain editor, or even a function that returns the selected area to the original seed generation… or both! When looking for a place to call home, there are a few things you may wish to bear in mind, some want the view or a planet over there base and so choose to put their base on a moon and that placement can make the portals distance from the base difficult, but unless that is a non negotiable thing, you can best achieve a nice close base by first locating the portal from that planet, then while at the portal use your signal scanner to scan for a habitable base. Now before, I had seen a fully consistent and reliable way to find the closest one, this was by scanning twice, the second base it showed was always the closest, but this now isn’t the case for some reason, so I suggest you save before doing this and remember the closest one as you go through them, scanning over and over, after 10 times you have likely seen the closest, so then reload the save and scan till it located that closest one you saw and head over to it for what will likely be inside 20 minutes on foot, often inside 10 which aint bad going and perfectly acceptable for portal travellers to reach either on foot or via exocraft.

Whether your farm is for you, or others or you and others should affect how you choose to configure the crop ratios, in part 2 we discuss the mathematics behind planning your farm, well, if it’s far-ish from the portal and you want people to use it, having a single harvest cycle might be a good idea, if it’s super close to the portal then more harvests per cycle are indeed acceptable. If you are planning to build above the 2000 complexity limit, this applies to PC only, you should keep in mind that what you build first will be what people see, so the first 2000 complexity, so if you are building a farm you wish others to see, build the farm first and none of the rest of it, once your farm is fully built and planted, you can then build the rest which only you will see.

Remember that if you do this, you cannot make any future change to the farm without the changes being invisible and the crops that were previously there being invisible to all visitors. So build your farm folks and then add it to the Farmers Market Database, it covers PC, PS4, all difficulties, and Galaxies, so if you have a base, it is welcome, hundreds of people have already used the database to visit those submitted bases and reap the rewards of shared farming, but there is a distinct lack of PC bases submitted, there’s not a whole lot altogether yet, but PC is especially low, I am making moves to remedy that somewhat but the more bases submitted, the better this database gets.

You can use the database and or submit your base at xainesworld.com/nmsfarmersmarket/ Links to many resources can be found in the description, if you have any questions at all or think I missed something, please let me know down below, I’d be happy to answer or even do a follow-up video. If this video did help you a like would be much appreciated, subscribe if you haven’t already for more and maybe think about joining on Patreon, a dollar a month is a great way to support the channel and get early access to the videos.

But above all, have an awesome day folks..

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