This doesn’t make any sense, but you can swim faster than run on the ground in Noman’s Sky. So i was on my foot exploring a planet with islands and lots of water to discover a technique to actually swim faster than run. You can see i am going to a manufacturing facility and it shows a timer to tell me how long i will be travelling. When i am running, this time passes twice as fast when compared to walking.

One second of walking towards destination takes a second off of that timer. Running takes something between 2 and 2 and a half seconds i believe. Now, check out what happens to that timer if i jetpack to the air and use gravity to gain some speed in the water. The timer eats five seconds of travel time per seconnd. Im swimming like an olympics champion straight from Rio. All you need to do is gain some altitude, look down while falling and gradually start looking the way you need to swim. Turbo mode. Im sure its not how its supposed to be, gravity acts very strange in No Mans Sky though. Anyway, i hope this litle trick will make your long swims more enjoyable, while we wait for Hello Games to fix this little nonsence. Thats it from me, good luck..

As found on Youtube