No Mans Sky [GUIDE] How to force spawn a Settlement on your planet of choice! By: CyberTill


[Repost!] Posted this yesterday and it barely got any traction but I still see a lot of people asking this so I’m posting this again in hope more will see it. Also added a Q&A to answer some questions I found being asked a lot. Feel free to add some more Frontiers & Settlement related questions and answers in the comments so I can put them here!


Follow the steps below if you want your settlement to spawn on your planet of choice!

Quick note: If you’ve already triggered the settlement mission in the system where your planet of choice is located in, this unfortunately won’t work anymore. See if you can reload a backup of the save in which you haven’t triggered it yet.

^ This might not be true, it seems like you can trigger a new settlement and it has a chance to replace the old one. Still proceed with caution and backup your saves!

  • Step 1: Backup your saves! On PC it should be located under: C:UsersYOURNAMEAppDataRoamingHelloGamesNMSst_RANDOMNUMBER

  • Step 2: Log in and IF you’re on your planet of choice already, DON’T fly into space, yet. (As that will trigger the first settlement mission). Use a teleporter and teleport yourself to a station that’s NOT in the system where your planet of choice is located in.

  • Step 3: Undock in that random system and trigger the automated settlement sequence. Just click through the dialogue and ignore it.

  • Step 4: Acquire at least 5 Navigation Data to purchase at least 1 Settlement Chart from the Cartographer at the Station. If you can’t get the Navigation Data on the station you can undock without any issues and get them.

  • Step 5: After you purchased at least 1 Settlement Chart, teleport back to the system where your planet of choice is located and land on the planet (doesn’t matter where on the planet but it has to be on the planet you’re choosing).

  • Step 6: Get out of your ship so it auto-saves. (Important)

  • Step 7: Now you can activate your settlement chart and it should give you a settlement marker on your planet. If not, load the autosave and retry. (Sometimes it doesn’t do anything at all, if that happens just reload)

What I’ve noticed doing this is that if you’re flying around in the system OR are inside your ship when activating the chart (even when landed), the chances seem much higher that the settlement is located somewhere completely random. Only when I was outside of my ship and standing on the planet of my choice it worked for me.

I hope this helps some of you!



  1. Well, it kind of worked. I did get a new settlement this way but not on the specific planet I wanted. At least it was in the right system.

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