No Mans Sky Guide on how to make millions of units quick and very easy. (like ridiculously easy) By: AfuriousPenguin


TLDR at the bottom 🙂

Although there are many tutorials on flipping chlorine out there, i have not found any on flipping salt, i find this method more approachable and efficient and way less of a hassle to setup if you just want to make a few hundred millions in a few minutes without having to commit to creating a farm and stuff like that.

Here are the steps.

  1. have positron ejector installed in your ship with a couple upgrades (upgrades not necessary but they speed up the process a bit, also i use a cargo ship since it has more open slots but doesnt have to be) *you get the positron ejector blueprint from the anomaly.

  2. go to any water planet (mostly ocean surface)

  3. SHOOT THE OCEAN FLOOR WITH YOUR POSITRON EJECTOR just hold the fire key/button down even if it overheats and roam around randomly, preferably in one general direction shooting aiming down as far as possible

  4. make thousands of salt, i usually do this until i fill up my exosuit general inventory and exosuit cargo, but leave none on my ship (because of the next step)

  5. sell to a trade terminal that sells salt. *note you can only sell the salt once at a high rate on this terminal, when you sell from either your exosuit or ship the market will crash and the price will be reduced to a fraction, so carry all of the salt you want to sell with either yourself or on your ship but not both.

  6. re buy salt that you just sold for a fraction of the price in the same terminal *the market in this system will recover in a few hours so you can come back here in the future if you want.

  7. jump to new system that sells salt, usually systems with a water planet in it.

  8. repeat process as much as you want.

  9. if you sell to a system that doesn’t sell salt you wont be able to rebuy and you’re gonna have to go a water planet and farm salt again.

I made about 110,000,000 units in less than 10 minutes of shooting the ocean floor. then just flipped that in a few systems and stopped at 500,000,000 since i dont think i’ll ever need more than that lol.

Each stack of 9,999 salt in your exosuit should be worth almost 3 million so the more slots you free up the more you can carry and flip.

I discovered this by accident. i shot the ocean floor with my positron and got 1,800 salt instantly.

Also im fairly new to the game i’ve been playing for about 3 weeks now and put around 150 hours (dont judge lol) im really enjoying it and would not encourage to break your style of gameplay, if you feel like getting a bunch of units might ruin your experience then simply ignore this, but for me it was super lucky that i discovered this, i wanted to buy an S-class freighter but they cost 150+ million units, so now i can hunt for that s class 🙂 and only had to farm units for a little bit.

thanks for reading this and please let me know if something is not clear or if there are ways to improve this method.


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