No Mans Sky How can I make NMS harder? By: m7x7m


I need some help making NMS even harder.

I’ve watched and been inspired by JasonPlays on YouTube to do a No HUD playthrough. The goal was for me to start a new game in survival or permadeath and have to find a ship on my own and try to survive without HUD markers to guide me.

I’ve found that absolutely 0 HUD wasn’t my style because I wanted to keep minimal things like a compass or the ability to know if I’m actually selecting something, like opening a crate or harvesting a plant. The plan is to use only a compass for navigation to move across the planet (i.e., head south). I use my binoculars to find buildings or something of interest in the distance and head that way. I haven’t been using custom markers either.

In addition to no HUD, I want to make surviving be extremely difficult. Things like increased damage, more frequent storms, aggressive fauna, etc is another priority. Basically, I want it to be a struggle and a big risk to travel outdoors and explore.

Mods I’m using:

  • Clean HUD and Roomscale VR – This is mostly a VR mod but I use the “modular version” to remove the HUD and clean up all the HUD icons. It makes it so that you only see N, S, and some minimal items in close range, like a building around 150u, which you are likely already standing next to. It makes climbing a ridge and using your binoculars to survey the area an actual strategy and that’s why i like it.

  • GExo’s Epic Challenge – I use the Epic Difficulty version. This makes exosuit upgrades more expensive, forcing you to find drop pods, sentinels are stronger, no market crashing, changes how activated metals are found/refined to make them harder to get, hazardous plants and fauna do more damage, infinite storms are possible, and a lot more. There are some features I don’t really care to have, like messing with the silos and extractor rates and storage or the solar panel/battery combo, but maybe once I finally find a ship in game and build a base, it will make more sense.

  • Fast Start no TUT – I am using the harder beginning version. This is really a one time use mod to start a new game. I wanted to bypass all the tutorial of going to find the ship because I didn’t want to be able to find it in the first place. This gives you a random ship and multitool, which to me adds a bit of variety to the game. The harder beginning version breaks your launch thruster forcing you to explore in order to fix it. With the ship icon removed, this really doesn’t matter to me but it’s there.

I’ve learned from JasonPlays that going through the tutorial triggers the storms so without doing the tutorial, you will never enter a storm. I have started a new game with Fast Start and encountered storms so that’s a plus. I wouldn’t mind doing the tutorial, but it starts when you find your ship and the way I am playing, it could be a while, making surviving rather easy without the risk of a storm.

Things I’d like to see:

  • Starting the game with a chance to land on a terrible planet with infinite storms. I’m not sure due to recipes if starting in a red, green, or blue system would allow you to travel outside that system without the correct drive installed, but being thrown in an infinite storm on a blue system planet to start things off might be an interesting challenge.

  • Removal of all items on the hud/compass other than your base, if you have one. This makes using the binoculars mandatory in order to find things.

  • Possibly make resources more scarce, or at least limit the amount you receive when mining.

  • Base building could require more resources, making things like AI Farms to produce billions not even possible because you struggle to make a simple wooden room.

  • Teleporting to bases could cost something, such as a high amount of units or some high value resources, maybe even a crafted item.

  • Launch fuel could be more difficult to acquire and the automatic recharging could be slower, or also more difficult to require, making it a game changer.

  • Might sound crazy, but maybe ships require fuel?

  • Also might sound crazy, but….. in 300 hours, my guy has never needed to eat or drink. I typically don’t go this far….

Thanks in advance!

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